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  1. On 28/01/2022 at 15:54, JohnnyMiller1000 said:

    Sytner were a little odd to deal with weren't they on the gold one.  Still, it was a cracking deal for someone looking back now as long as they didn't have a PX, like you I had the same experience of a poor PX....

    I enquired on the JCT car, but it got reserved before they came back to me. The first buyer then had a funding problem so it came back on sale, then while I was talking to them about it and getting details on condition (pics they sent me attached when I asked about the carbon), the same buyer then reserved it again with his own funding, and then pulled out again, so they came back to me again!. No idea if its him again, but it was all a bit odd. I'd mentally lost interest in it by the time I'd done the sold/available Hokey Cokey twice anyway to be honest so didn't go back to it. They were firm on price on their blue 20th, they only offered £600 off after I'd already said I'd pass on it.  

    Completely agree with you on the used prices at the moment, that's what pushed me to consider the 420's while they are still there.  The used prices are getting ever closer to new ones especially when you consider new vs. used APR's if you are funding on finance, was even closer when 50/50 was an option,  and when there eventually isn't the option of a new one, what are you left with....

    The orange Oakmere car that we seem to have all missed out on was the last 410 I would have definitely bought but was too slow on :)  I wanted a new 390 ideally, but I underestimated the demand for them and the low number that would be built so failed on that front too.

    In a bid to do at least some interesting driving this year I've decided to save £20k+ and put a deposit on a used 350 which seems to have been a garage queen from the pics and description, going to look at it tomorrow.  Not what I was originally shopping for, especially when you consider the prices this time last year, but I decided I need to suck it up If I want to do some driving this year, and maybe I'll use some of the 20k on some upgrades....




    These pics make me so pleased i had my car ppf’d before i collected it from new. Those chips can and do happen when following other cars. Worth factoring this into the cost of any exige you are looking at buying?

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  2. Thanks for the update Andy. As you mentioned you are moving away from the marque but many of us (myself included) have just invested a lot of money into the brand and want to know about all aspects (good and bad) of Parks Lotus. Funny you mention but a lot of lotus owners will take their car straight to the track after visiting a garage, i did it myself this month after i had the running in service done i went straight to a track night at Knockhill

  3. 5 hours ago, Paul_D said:

    I did another little job at the weekend which was partly cosmetic and partly practical. The number plate mounting arrangement was different on the later Exiges and didn't have a mounting plinth. This meant that a) You have to drill holes in the number plate and screw them on, and b) you need to unscrew them at a trackday to fit the tow hook. Whilst neither of these are a major issue, I thought I may as well improve things where I can.

    This is what you have if you unscrew the number plate - a couple of silver spire clips behind the grill


    Found a bit of bar and chucked it on the pillar drill, then cut and cleaned up.



    A quick test fit


    A lick of paint



    And hey presto, new mounting pads





    I decided to use Velcro to mount the plates, to give me the ease of removal. It still looks very subtle when the car has no plate on:


    And then just some velcro on the plates.


    Now I can quickly whip the plate off on trackdays with needing tools, or easily swap between the show plate for photographs and stuff...


    Or the fully legal plate for normal use...


    This looks very nice and OEM

    Any chance you can make another set of these and post out?  Happy to pay for the privilege................??

  4. 2 hours ago, C8RKH said:

    So, next January I will be 55.  I have the opportunity to retire on a similar standard of living to what I have now (without the bonuses and obviously not building my pot further) and whilst it is really tempting, I'm not sure what to do to be honest.  Is 55 too young to retire?  

    So for those of you who have retired early, how has it gone for you?  Have you ever looked back and asked yourself why you retired so early? Or did you miss work? Or........   

    It's a big decision and one I really don't have a clue about.  I've worked since I was 15 (part time till I was 18) then non stop, and pretty full on, for the 36+ years since then. I love my job. I work hard and long hours and don't resent it. But.......

    So fella's (are there any women on here?) is early retirement a great new start, or, endless days wondering what to do today?

    Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

    I deal with these type of discussions for a living and have helped many people with the same dilemma. There are a few things which i can share with you which will help. Feel free to message me and we can arrange a chat about it.

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  5. On 19/03/2021 at 18:00, C8RKH said:

    Went to Parks today as the Evora was due its 3 year end of warranty service.

    As suspected and a seemingly common problem the DRLs had failed. New ones ordered under warranty. hope Lotus have stock of these for the future!

    Service guy was great, Davey. A biker. we had a cracking chat about some great roads.

    Also caught up with Laura who talked me through the last of their new car stock. Think she said 3 new car handovers tomorrow which is great to hear.

    So great service to be honest and felt like a valued customer.

    Clear blue sky and 17c so took a 100 mile detour home (170 miles) along the stunning Loch Lomond and through the majesty that is the hills and valleys of the Trossachs. Heaven!

    Days like this really make you appreciate how lucky you really are.

    Have a great weekend everyone.



    I picked up my new car on Saturday, was the laser blue 20th in the showroom, you might have seen it.

    The workshop and lifts are top drawer, sales showroom a bit small and needs to get bigger if lotus want to shift more new cars when type 131 starts. Hopefully back soon for 1000 mile service

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  6. 3 hours ago, EliseExige said:

    Same here, although I am still unsure which of the 2 is the better choice. If the TFT offers a lot less than the original AIM it is maybe the wrong choice?

    I just feel the new tft version looks so much more OEM, which technically it is now of course.  Wanted to keep my Exige fairly standard spec so think its the right choice for me, although once I’ve picked the Exige up and driven with the clocks and needles i might just decide to stick with that

    2 minutes ago, Robjo said:

    Mine works fine, it was installed by the dealer and I haven't really touched it, the data logging for TD is great and having a speedo I can read "in the moment" is license saving...I have no complaints and there are have been a large number of these being installed now.

    Reading through the comments it appears to be the early adopters and those that like to fettle that appear to have the issues...which I think is entirely unsurprising and to be expected.



    Nice to have a ‘no problems’ counter in here again. I’m waiting primarily due to the look of the new version

  7. 3 hours ago, MrD said:

    Same here to be honest. The current item has too many bugs for my liking, especially when you pay top dollar for it.

    If the "Road approved" dash is faultless then it'd be a much more promising solution, albeit without the lap timer - hopefully lotus will be offering this option as an upgrade. 


    Hope its not too long, and maybe an upgrade version with some lap timing etc could follow. I decided to use the dash part of the deal to get lotus to send up the carbon diffuser finisher instead, all clouds and that

  8. On 20/02/2021 at 19:07, MAG said:

    No, it's to do with getting the dashes approved for production vehicles. As an aftermarket product the manufacturer can just put a disclaimer for track use only but it has to have certification to be an OEM product.


    I’m now holding off getting the AIM dash and will wait for the new TFT approved dash, dealer thinks it will be sometime after the FE cars start getting delivered, work in progress but hopefully for me not too long

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