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  1. Thanks Dave, will give this a go later!
  2. It turns no problem, it just doesn’t unlock the car. I read a post saying that you can only manually open the car if you manually locked it. Not sure how true this is but it seems to be that way in this case.
  3. Hey Guys Slight issue - the other day when I turned the Elise off the radio and dash lights were still on. I started the engine and turned it off again but the lights stayed on. I thought it odd but figured it was just something I hadn’t noticed before. Turns out it wasn’t right - I now have a flat battery to the extent that the central locking doesn’t work. On top of this the manual key doesn’t open the car. The only way as far as I know to open the engine bay in order to get to the battery is the release from behind the passenger seat but have no way to get in the car. Anyone have any ideas?
  4. Ah cheers for that, I suspected as much but thought I’d check. Yes probably a good idea to keep the number plate as it is for advance warning
  5. Hi all, Apologies if this has already been covered but could only find info relating to exiges or older elises. I am in the market for getting a sport 220 and I will soon be moving to somewhere with underground car parking. This means there is a ramp. Just by eyeballing it, it looks similar to, maybe not quite as steep as a standard multi-storey car park ramp. My question is has anyone had any issues with the front (number plate) scraping in multi-storey car parks. I know the angle of approach of the cup 250 is 8 degrees. Is the 220 sport roughly the same as the number plate sticks out a fair way forward and low. I also believe (but I could be wrong) regulations generally state that parking ramps shouldn’t be a greater angle than 6.67 degrees. In theory it should be okay but has anyone had any real world experience. I was also wondering whether anyone has come across a smaller number plate plinth (mount)? The one on the Elise seems very chunky and forces the number plate forward a fair amount.
  6. What do we all think of this colour?
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