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  1. seems at the mo any excuse to put up prices mean they put up prices, either its brexit, driver shortages or covid etc "true" inflation is way way above 3.2% 😒
  2. this whole inflation boom is a disaster waiting to happen, all businesses especially manufacturing are energy dependant and of course will pass on the increase so its a double whammy 😒
  3. how on earth will the elderly and poor cope with a 50% increase ?? bonkers 🙄
  4. did check out the flexible deal (which is bound to go up in oct) and its around what we will go onto when the eon deal ends so i think its sit tight with the lights off till some new deals come out next year but hey its all to combat global warming !!!! 🙄
  5. will have a look bud, confused dot com are now not doing energy comparisons and advising ppl not to switch until deals come back on offer 😒
  6. jeeez just had my electric renewal through with a kind 40% plus increase !!! anyone have any recomendations to switch too ??? this will really help the economy and the poor / elderly !!!! 🙄
  7. the amtech alarm padlock came today and its quite impressive (inc 6 spare batteries !) so mower has been moved to the mancave, padlock on and its back to clearing space 2 in the garage !! 🙄
  8. so the mancave is around 60m from the house and out of sight, i have mains out there and a wi fi extender plugged in to use that power cable for data, ive bought a garage grenade (audiable alarm tied via a cord to mower / motorbike) that goes off if pin pulled out and a padlock that again has an audiable alarm built into it if its tampered with rather than be unlocked
  9. so its just the ride on mower going in the man cave which is someway from the house (clearing more space in garage for another car ?)
  10. no i cant stand geese and we have foxes too !!!
  11. bless i did have a bag of skinners lite and senior in the footwell saturday and thought yea gods is this how it starts ?🙄 (we have two labs both getting on abit so apparently they are allowed to sleep indoors 🙄 but during day they are out in the run and go ballistic at anyone)
  12. anyone have any recomendations ??
  13. very bloodshoot seems ive knicked a blood vessel so looked much worse than it was but dare not risk getting it looked at, got anti biotics and have to keep contacts out for a time bud
  14. if you get anywhere nr us pop in for a coffee bud !!
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