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  1. a fantastic send off too a fantastic loyal Queen RIP 😔
  2. F Ferrari's strategy team !!!
  3. if your moving down in value now is the time !!! also the sale price of yours will be relevant to a higher priced house, a fixed deal on mortgages now maybe cheaper than in 18 months so it is kinda swings and roundabouts but do feel things are and will change
  4. is it an n/a or an s? smashing looking car bud 😍
  5. has the dog been in it yet ?? 🥰
  6. sorted !! just added a behind the tv booster with variable gain and boom !!! ta for ya help barry 🥰
  7. nope, i have a behind set booster im gona try that have variable boost, fingers crossed
  8. so new day (no wife suggesting remedies) broke it down as barry said and bingo (ish) splitter booster kaput (new one fitted) one new tv faceplate kaput (swapped) so my little old samsung plugged in gives me 70 channels with great picture quality but plug a brand new samsung smart tv into same outlet and i get 23 pixalated channels 😔 mast head amp needed next ? or behind tv set booster ? or another idea ?
  9. even when i disconect the new points from the splitter i cant get the tv to pick up anything from one of the old points ??
  10. so ive nearly lost thew will to live 😔 short term tenant moving in thursday to what will be a holiday let and i cant get a signal to any tv 😞 existing system to which ive added two points and took those cables back to the existing splitter booster (when i first plugged in an old samsung into an existing tv point it picked up all the channels no prob) now i get nothing on all three tv's. so i bought a little lab gear signal meter with 4 led's, plugged just the ariel in and 3 led's from the output of the old booster 4 led's, at the tv points 4 led's but telly wont pick jack up (set to air and scan for digital / analogue) so i bought another splitter booster, plugged ariel into uhf input and got jack out of the outputs 😔 wtf am i doing wrong ?? now drinking myself to death with cider
  11. daughter got her gcse results this morning, yesterday she was kinda chilled, this morning she was taking deep breaths but has passed everything she needs to get into sixth form and is over the moon !!!
  12. buying a place in the sun on our wish list too !!! go for it and if it doesnt work out sell it !!
  13. as bibs said try something like "advanced compound" by valet pro just with a finger and micro cloth rub in direction of marks back and forth (not circular)
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