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  1. now fifa want special dispensation to bring in 2500 vip's without having to isolate for the euro cup final or they state they will hold it elsewhere !!!
  2. christmas day no 2 when its fixed though, im on my third xmas day with the evora lol
  3. been several times to this and yes a good day out beautfiul house and gardens / park land too
  4. followed you through to north lopham nice turn of speed there !!!!!
  5. got a txt from "hermes" today sating i wasnt in blah blah (i was in all day) click here etc started to fill in the form then errr hang on re direction fee ?? ah no its one of them scams 😒
  6. wheres charlie and titchmarsh !!! looking good bud, funny ive not been allowed to take the kids to school in the evora !!! 🙄
  7. prob posted by me b4 but an interesting watch on inflation
  8. sadly prices dont seem to drop when they can as the supply chain just pockets the additional profit blaming brexit or a warm winter or covid etc etc etc but this inflation on prices (and not just building materials) isnt good for any of us sadly 🙄
  9. the BOE tend to use interest rate to curb inflation but according to "their" figures there is no inflation and i doubt if the economy wud take kindly to a rise at the moment so end of line goods will continue to rise including houses 🙄
  10. so how does matt adress those historical issues of loads of trouble usually serious (id like to think today that has been changed to "silly") or do they want to keep that image of the hand built quirky english car ? guessing there is a fine line between financial viability of the answers
  11. so my biggy car fund is in junior copper miners !!! weird tho but despite the "obvious" copper need / bull run its just kinda sitting there waiting to go which it will do and has to do but yes inflation is going to hurt and is not being reported atm
  12. exactly now take on board a post from a few days ago eco therm / celotex going up 14 to 17% as of today, given the green criteria we have for new builds and extensions etc insulation plays an important part and so companies like celotex for sure produce in the uk so how do they justify 14/17% rise ? because that will just be passed on to the house owner, government should at least step in on important items like insulation and try to curb the increase because it again leads to fuel poverty but i guess greta has that all sorted
  13. certainly the way under lying inflation is going sticking it in the bank long term isnt an option !! 🙄
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