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  1. he built that windmill when he was 21 using a saw bench he had built too !!! if you look at the facebook page youll see the 91st bday suprise that didnt quite work !!! starting a twin flywheel blackstone engine !!!
  2. yes whered you dig that picy out from ?? it was his 90th and me and my father in law rebuilt dads model windmill as a suprise, sadly since then my father in law has had a massive stroke and his fixing days are over 🥶
  3. lol no its pakenham windmill on the a143 to bse been in my family for 134 years and currently ive been trying to help the farm shop as dads been quite ill, there is one on victoria rd yes but no top or sails
  4. ta kimbers, ive contacted guy and will look at b/c (thanks for explaining who bc is as it was posted earlier and i had no idea lol) looking forward to meeting up with anyone lol and if the club is interested i have a fab venue you guys could drive to one sunny day (it may involve a windmill lol)
  5. ta tom, ive registered interest with stratton will look up the others you suggest, did wonder about the trade ins for newer models too
  6. i think your right but im abit of a if its meant to be guy so !!! any ideas of valuation for a 40k miles launch edition private or dealer just to give me a guide or any other limited editions i could look at if the le doesnt appear ??
  7. pete that was the one i had enquired about when it was advertised for 30k then price went up to 32k (still showing for sale on website and piston heads tho?)
  8. hmmm i slipped up about 18months ago and didnt go look at one then when i contacted them it had gone 🥶 but hindsight a wonderful thing, i had spoke to a company (not stratton) who had one for sale but put the price up by 2k which just switched me off on the deal so if its meant to be it will be !!! we spent ages looking for the wifes jcw (she gives me a list of specs !!) then just the one came up so it was a no brainer deal
  9. hey all just joined, i live nr diss which is not far from long stratton lotus and me and the wife are looking for an evora hopefully a launch edition this year, we did the lotus factory tour a couple of years back and well ive longed for a lotus for far too many years now !! wifey has a v6 tt and a jcw mini and i get to drive around in a vivaro van so thought it time to make some room for an evora, anyway hi all
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