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  1. only the most smartist and trooly moist inttelegent / handsoime peeple are born on the 24th!!!
  2. guessing greehouses will fall foul of the eco mob next !! 😑
  3. whilst conducting the interview from her ?????? sanctimonious p**ck
  4. watched the new james bond film last night, it couldnt be ??? they wouldnt of ?? nooooooo 😔
  5. st edmund was slain in hoxne and oldest pre glacial site in europe here too and one of the biggest roman hoards ever found was the wrong side of the road to my house 😒
  6. litteraly half the signiture is over the white bit and over the account number too 😒 reckon its an over the counter job ?
  7. may have to resort to that, technoligy hey !!!
  8. ive only used the app twice before and it worked ish ok then but this time melt down
  9. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh waited from pre xmas for a £240 cheque (customer dont do bacs) finally turns up today with a please send me a receipt !!! spent an hour trying to pay it in via barclays phone app and nearly smashed my phone to bits just wont take a pic of cheque 😒 tried rebooting phone and deleting app then re installing but nowt ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  10. i was obsultely intent on finding a launch edition when i was looking and after missing out on one early days in the search snapped Barry's ex car so looking at daves le, again if i was looking i would of snapped that one as obviously youll do well even to equal it, good luck with the sale and im sure it will be hard to part with her 😒
  11. as in window doesnt go all the way shut ? weirdly same happened to mine (barrys) at the weekend without a flat battery and yes wind all way down and hold then all way up and hold
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