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  1. Sunset at bovi sands 😁 Hms Portland ! Who needs TV ??
  2. she said my godness you have the body of a god !!!! then went on to say "pity its budha" πŸ˜’
  3. on my way home today thinking i need some milk so either i stop at this petrol station or bp garage m&s, almost past turn in on first station i see's thia gorgeous blonde just wearing a shirt with a belt so disc brakes put to the full test hand brake turn in front of lorry i decide to get my milk from this station and she didnt notice the car at all πŸ˜†πŸ˜„πŸ€£
  4. britain to follow eu in banning small garages from being able to use parts that are not manufacturers branded parts in 2023 !!!! wtf
  5. so 3 n abit years ago had to take whats left of dads business on (134 years of family history so no pressure) dad at time in papworth with 4 thingy heart bypass at the age of 88 πŸ™„ poor mum goes too with pancreatic cancer and then well oh dont forget the family windmill !!! (oh the one no one has maintained or raised money for ?) so thats ok it only needs well into 6 figures to fix πŸ˜’ uh ?? so today i had a fantastic meeting with a national grant funded organisation that have just taken a huge weight off my shoulders 😊 its not going to be a quick fix but seems help is there 😁 jeez i needed that
  6. so with farting cows apparently the answer is to feed them garlic tablets !!! problem solved no need to be vegan etc etc so synthetic petrol being developed by porsche ?? given battery life isnt good still on ev's and the whole process of mining lithium copper etc blah blah blah isnt synthetic petrol the garlic of the car world ?
  7. had lots of air dried oak planks left over from the conversion and neaded to clear a space in the man cave and provide a new secure home for the ride on which would then allow anotherr car in the garage 😊 so made a pair of doors, my first doors ever !!! (my friend set up his machines and held my hand tho!!!) (top and bottom to be cut on site)
  8. id been booked in for a school leavers drop off and pick up but poor lad has had to self isolate due to covid in the class room so is missing his last 2 days at his school and the end of term bash πŸ˜’
  9. so at the end of sept in order to enter a crowded event i.e a nightclub youll have to have proof of double jab, why the end of sept ? surely that would of been better in place as of today ? but wtfdik !!! πŸ™„
  10. my nephew lives up there so do get weather reports, usually when its raining here lol πŸ™„
  11. welcome and indeed pics please but how does one drop across a barn find ?? i need an s3 !!!
  12. just watched and indeed very interesting !! so isnt it mad though that for years lotus have been at the cutting edge in inovation, design and performance but so so sadly that just hasnt turned into profit !! now i love "business" and will never stop learning but how can such an inovative company struggled for so many years ? fingers crossed the emira is a turning point ok its not quite the ltd edition models of the past but without a volume car lotus has an un clear future
  13. so in clicking on the incubation period q/a i come across a q/a section of the WHO and there is a section on covid and the link to climate change !!! wtf πŸ™„
  14. about fooking time we saw the sun its nearly august ffs !!! πŸ˜’ climate change ?? πŸ™„
  15. there is a thing that in my youth and naivity i assumed if your a dr or a solicitor or A.N. other professional all would be good in safe hands etc because youve all passed the same exams etc ?? but having dealt with supposidly the best legal practice in east anglia for 3.5 years ive changed my mind and now watch you tube clips before i talk to anyone lol
  16. so the opposite today, drove to the dr's to get ma pills (that is of no consiquence to the story) litterally 150m straight before turning in silly old pratt walking on side of road looks and shaqkes his head at me, so i look down 33mph πŸ™„ its just loud and "looks" fast, why is so many pedestrians these days have speed cameras built into their head ?? πŸ˜’
  17. god knows what it was luckily we sell fiine wood shavings and soaked it all up with that πŸ™„ Where the age, condition or method or operation of the switchgear results in a significant risk (see ID para 5), appropriate enforcement action may be necessary. Under such circumstances FCGs should be consulted at an early stage. When enforcement action is taken, the NIG covering that sector and FOD C2, Room 708 Daniel House, Bootle, should be informed. bloody hell good job ive removed it all πŸ™„
  18. took down some old electrical equipment all cast iron, dc starter unit ancient v heavy so put an angle grinder through the feet and pulled it to floor to see oil pouring out everywhere and it was too heavy to lift back up πŸ™„ i guess the label on the front that stated "oil fill level" should of given me a clue !!! πŸ˜’
  19. spot on bud and mean while someone thats paid their taxes and nat ins etc cant get a bed πŸ™„
  20. the thing with copper is the chinese have seen they will be dissproportionally shafted over the rising copper price so they have started to try and cap its price (i feel that wont work) but they do tend to buy junior miners and own the copper at source as they are clever buggers
  21. Really !!!! apparently some of the patients felt hurt they had been asked for payment ?? huh ??? is it just me or should the wokeness be removed and common sense take precident ?? what happens if we go into a spanish hospital (or any country other than ours (appologies if that makes me sound a nationalist πŸ™„) ) with or without medical insurance ??
  22. friend of mine that cuts ma hair has a brand new nissan thingy suv whatsit she parked on a pavement the other day just to drop off a bereavement card to the daughter of a customer and time she went back to the car someone had keyed the drivers door πŸ˜’ so i used some g3 and took most of the scratch out giving her that and some s20 with a micro fibre towel and some instructions but what a world we live in 🀨
  23. bugger fell straight into that one !! πŸ™„
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