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  1. my trusty air to air source heater had gone wrong (lost signal between inside and outside unit) i was a trained sparky but in industry / oil n gas and havent dabbled much with pcb's etc but thought it was a start run capacitor as it appeared out of range, swapped that and nowt, swapped the board for a spare i had (id mended what i thought had blown being a thyristor) and boom away it went !!! upon closer inspection the latest board seems to of suffered the same fate and in blowing the same thyristor a jumper link had been blown nearby !!! chuffed to bits and so money super market !!! total actual fix was pennies !!! 😁
  2. she is fine !!! but vet bill was Β£440 πŸ˜” just hope her insurance will cover it !!!
  3. daughter left a nearly full box of after eight mints at eye level to the latest lab pup and is now at the vets after eating them all πŸ˜”
  4. did one of those cryptic escape rooms today with the family in a harry potter style set, was abit reluctant to go but had a fantastic hour and solved the room with 40 seconds left on the clock !! 😍
  5. locked my keys in my van whilst on a customers driveway πŸ˜‘
  6. theres a yellow one on auto trader lol πŸ˜†
  7. wet dog feet ?? 😚
  8. used this little palm router yesterday (only used a few times b4) and i thought ouch a shock ?? as i touched the shiny part of the body so today i put a meter on it and 81v to earth !! its double insulated too ! , cheap flea bay purchase but !!! πŸ˜”
  9. so after a few months of testicular pain i finally had an ultrasound yesterday, although the dr said he didnt think there was anything serious wrong it struck me on the way to the appointment just how serious it could be 😞, the nurses were fab as i was worried, she asked have you had a vasectomy ? i said ive been married for 34 years its the same thing !!!! but long story short all clear on the plums !!! 😍
  10. in fact most public bodies lol
  11. thought id fire the heating up today just to check all ok and a newly installed grundfos (last season) stuck cant turn it via impeller screw 😞 so lit fire instead as i cant be arsed to fix it today !! 🀣
  12. so the "next" set of elections in NI set to cost 6.5M, at a time when mr and mrs average are seriously skint, winter and christmas coming and 73% increase in lecy in april, wudnt the 6.5m be better spent elsewhere ?? 😞
  13. tested positive for cv19 for the first time ! 😞 apparently i have a new variant the manocrom strain is much much stronger than ther lesser femicrom variant
  14. same dealer that we bought the wifes jcw cooper s from
  15. i have EM14A GT on retention !!!! πŸ₯°
  16. Wow first time ive seen one in the flesh !!! just missing one thing tho............ A private plate such as EM14A FE which i just happen to have on retention !! offers invited !!! 🀣
  17. bibs do you know how many sets are available and is there a cut of date ? ta muchly
  18. i have a cardale remote thats playing up, 4 button 868.3 mhz but the are Β£50 each and was wondering if any one had used a duplicator that could be recomended ? i coded the evora 's buttons to work the door and i guess these duplicators work in a similar way
  19. Did anyone read the article below ? as monday was world mental health day i thought the author was spot on with the article !! well done him
  20. a pint of aspalls draught !! πŸ₯°
  21. fab example bud id be sorry to let that go 😞
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