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  1. buying it at 25k gives anyone some cash to get a few things like that put right, presented well that would surely make 27,995 every day of the week ??
  2. to be honest its reasuring to be given the all clear, its not a great procedure but prevention is better than cure in this instance 😔
  3. wow thats is cheap !!!! wasnt there a guy looking for a white / black one on here ??
  4. so after a long wait for my endoscopy, today the consultant rang me, still no biopsy results but he seems happy wityh everything and unless symptoms change im good to go another two years till next procedure due 😃
  5. windymiller


    ditto here on my isa's , the last couple of years free for all have come to an end
  6. out of interest how many from the uk are now registered / accounted for ?
  7. kinda put it in their hands as to which service to apply as although car is a 2009 it has done no miles so they opted for a "c" service to be sure but can only repeat what i was told about belts !!!
  8. yup, had a c service minus the belt change with a view to adding it into next service instead
  9. was due for belt to be changed at last service but garage said they couldnt get one from lotus nor could lotus tell them the length so they could source elsewhere
  10. so this is now fixed, seemingly the rubber being pushed right into the door gap allowed a wind noise to manifest itself now i just have the slight rattle on the exhaust to fix and jobs a good un !! 🤣
  11. surely cant be a LE as its a 2+0 ?? great entry price though
  12. sunday 1/5 around 2pm anyone on here ??
  13. round a friends today nibbling some peanuts and broke another tooth 😔
  14. have to say tho ive never anything wrapped but if or when the black pack on my evora gets damaged or tired i wont hesitate to replace like for like as it looks soooo much better for it
  15. managing to get an appointment with my osteopath friday ! 😔
  16. these are the prices from es motorsport where ive been taking our evora Exige / Evora V6 All Models A Service £199 (Dealer price £280) B Service £299 (Dealer price £430-£680) C Service £699 (Dealer price £870-£1270) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Additional Labour Rate £55 / hr + VAT Optional items when carried out with service Brake Fluid Renewal £49 + VAT Coolant Renewal £49 + VAT Geometry Road Car (Non adjustable dampers) £129 + VAT Track/Race Car (Includes ride height & corner weight) £229 + VAT MOT £49
  17. whilst fixing heating system totally screwed my back up 😔
  18. fixed the central heating this morning dead chuffed, one actuator had gone closed circuit and system kept pump and boiler running even though no room stats were calling for heat !!!
  19. not wishing to detract from the thread but my ppf had been removed on one side by previous woner due to stone chips etc (rear quarter) but then had the black pack added so sills are black, the original and replacement ppf part is £80 for a pair and its the sill and rear quarter, if i want to just do the rear quarter any ideas ? or would it be best to got to someone that does ppf ? ta and again sorry dont mean to detract from thread 😚
  20. so i tried taping the a pillar to window screen gap up and no noise, peeled the tape off and ..... no noise ???? but then sussed the rubber seal under the trim (pictured) had been pushed right deep into the back of the a pillar and had virtually no adhesion, would that cause a noise ? so ive fixed it using hippo 3 clear (ct1 equivillant) and will see if it works but certainly would of been a water ingress point me thinks
  21. kids first day back at school today and they asked to be picked up so for the first time i picked them up in the evora and the scowling look on their faces as they walked to the car made me happy !!!🤣
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