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  1. Hi all. My wife come back from short trip with no problems.We have to move the car after that and the car suddenly stalled .The engine will start but with very rough and low idle for two or three seconds and then stops.I decided to live it for about an hour and tried again but the engine did not fire up anymore.Next day we called RAC to help.The guy tried the inertia switch and check the 20A fuse but nothing happens.He said no faults coming out from ECU.Maybe problem with fuel pump.So I need to find garage where to find and sort the problem.I am living in WD6 area.Can you please help me with finding a garage. Thank you
  2. Hi all I am a newbie here and with no experience with Lotus cars. I have just bought a Lotus elise 2015 reg. Everything is great except when I have to start the car. The start button will not engage if I don't lock and unlock the car again with key remote. Once I turn the engine off I have to do it again to start the car(lock unlock)Is anyone had this experience? Please help me to understand the problem! Thanks
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