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  1. I’ve recently spoke to someone who would love to know who currently owns their old S1 Elise registration Y201 OGV (Described as midnight blue). The plate is no longer in existence unfortunately, all we know is they sold the car to a man on the Isle of Skye some years ago. any help would be much appreciated!
  2. I’ve not taken that many shots of the Exige this year, too busy driving when I have been out in it!!
  3. Not long until I can enjoy nights like this again!
  4. They are that, I do a lot of winter driving and some routes are other worldly when the hills have snow on them. I used it last winter as I hadn’t had the car long but only during the very mild periods we had, this winter it’s been far harsher. Brilliant climbing conditions though!!
  5. That is true. It’s just too cold this far north to enjoy it properly in winter.
  6. I’m too OCD about the mess grit/salt makes on the car. The bells etc were all cleaned, painted and other bits protected before winter and hopefully get some more mountain biking and winter climbing done with no Exige distraction!! It’s also tucked away in a specialist storage facility, out of sight out of…..
  7. Lovely 350 that. Let’s be honest, no matter what variant you go for it’ll still be an incredible car. They are brilliant and utterly addictive. I cannot wait for my first blast in spring with the roof off.
  8. Thank you, I can't ever seem to get it bang on like the pro's do!!
  9. I enquired about a couple of similar 380's last year but they sold within hours of being advertised, in fact one didn't even make it that far as it sold from an Instagram story post! In the end I bought a stunning 410 and after having many long trips around the Highlands my partner and I have never found it uncomfortable. Boot space isn't as bad as you might expect either, you can fit a couple of soft holdalls in there and minimal room behind the seats for a jacket or two.
  10. Multiple owner cars are not uncommon for cars like this, so please don't let that put you off
  11. They look superb with the roof off in my eyes!
  12. Thanks Nick! First time using the drone to capture the car, I really should do it more often given the scenery up here.
  13. Hope you enjoyed your trip!
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