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  1. Some recent ones I've posted. Not really had much time to head out with the camera but with it being Autumn and some brilliant light to be had on the hills I dare say I will be out a lot more.
  2. Thank you Bibs! I've got myself a driver, insured my partner, so I can fly my own drone as there's some brilliant locations I'd like to film the Exige driving through.
  3. Thank you I need to get someone to fly a drone so we can get some on the go shots, there's some epic locations up here for that in the Highlands.
  4. Always carry a traditional compass as back up, technology can always go wrong, unfortunately. Buy a suitable sleeping bag, staying warm is vital to a good nights sleep as well as a decent sleeping mat. An inflatable one was my choice but very light weight and it packs down small so it takes up little room. I wild camp a fair bit up here in the Scottish Highlands and the tent depends on the season and conditions
  5. The Ratagan, a road that goes from Kintail to Glenelg on the Scottish West coast 🙂
  6. Thanks John, it looks way better in the flesh! I haven’t been brave enough to take the roof off yet like yourself though!
  7. Welcome John. Having not long bought an Exige myself they really do blow you away, they are just sublime.
  8. Welcome, another Exige in the North
  9. I do run on super unleaded but most remote filling stations which I’ll be using on longer runs don’t have it, they only have the normal unleaded. The manual states that pinking will occur if this is used, is it better to add additive in this case and if so what are the best ones.
  10. After some advice please! As I live in the Highlands a lot of remoter filling stations don’t have E5 fuel at the pumps. If I fill up using the standard E10 petrol what additives do you recommend I use alongside it? Its for a 410 Exige for reference. Many thanks in advance
  11. I do like a bit of Astro especially as we get some incredible skies up here in the Highlands. Here's the Milky Way with a slight reflection on Loch Ness.
  12. They look stunning but more so from behind I think. Thank you, I do like that blue too and how it pops in certain lights. That’s a stunning 430 btw 🙌🏻
  13. I think this may be the first of many car pics.....
  14. Welcome and that's a lovely specced Emira
  15. Thank you Bibs! Still can’t believe my first Lotus is going to be an Exige 410, I don’t think it’s sunk in yet.
  16. Thank you. Its ticked all the boxes that’s for sure!
  17. Thank you! I seem to be attracted to blue cars!
  18. Rather than start a new topic, things escalated quickly over the last week or two. I’m now waiting to collect the lovely Essex Blue 410 that was for sale at Oakmere. Excited is an understatement!
  19. I camp quite often, mainly on summits so I'm there to enjoy sunrise and sunset.
  20. Spotted a wee while ago in Inverness heading towards the Kessock Bridge. Looked stunning!
  21. That is a lovely machine indeed.
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