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  1. Supercar? No, but then again it maybe in some people's eyes. Supercar to me is the F40 etc. Hypercars are the latest ultimate performance machines. To me, the Exige is an incredible sportscar.
  2. A very short Christmas blast along the banks of Loch Ness today. A wee Merry Christmas to me run you could say!
  3. Welcome, lovely car that but I'm clearly colour biased....
  4. That is lovely! What mirrors did you go for? I've just installed carbon ones too, magnetic Allen keys & blue tac are your friend if installing yourself
  5. The brackets, David. I'll get in touch with Lotus and see if they have any available.
  6. Slightly off topic but mine have started to corrode slightly and would like to replace them. Anybody know where I can get them?
  7. Definitely! The Esprit is a stunning shape regardless but for me the addition of a wing just adds so much more drama.
  8. Welcome! What a stunner, that colour and wing combo.
  9. Of course not Bibs, share away. Aye, it looks rather lovely indeed. Yeah that was one of the reasons I wanted it ceramic coated, I pick up more grime and dirt than stonechips up here for some reason so PPF seemed a bit excessive especially when you factor in the cost of doing the whole car v ceramic.
  10. Thanks Bibs, someone has since said I should take a moving shot with the leaves kicking up behind the car. I may try it next week!
  11. A rather fine afternoon for a drive.
  12. I'm a bit pleased with it mate! I thought it best to get it protected, I will be having the occasional winter blast (When the roads are salt free).
  13. Full ceramic coating today by Highland Polishing in Inverness.
  14. Aye, I plan on doing the same. I see a lot of people post how they have now tucked theirs up for winter already, there's no way I could resist a crisp winters day blast if there's no grit on the roads. There's too many empty Highland roads on my doorstep for that!
  15. How are you finding it, constant smile on your face I bet?! Are you storing it over winter?
  16. Some recent ones I've posted. Not really had much time to head out with the camera but with it being Autumn and some brilliant light to be had on the hills I dare say I will be out a lot more.
  17. Thank you Bibs! I've got myself a driver, insured my partner, so I can fly my own drone as there's some brilliant locations I'd like to film the Exige driving through.
  18. Thank you I need to get someone to fly a drone so we can get some on the go shots, there's some epic locations up here for that in the Highlands.
  19. Always carry a traditional compass as back up, technology can always go wrong, unfortunately. Buy a suitable sleeping bag, staying warm is vital to a good nights sleep as well as a decent sleeping mat. An inflatable one was my choice but very light weight and it packs down small so it takes up little room. I wild camp a fair bit up here in the Scottish Highlands and the tent depends on the season and conditions
  20. The Ratagan, a road that goes from Kintail to Glenelg on the Scottish West coast 🙂
  21. Thanks John, it looks way better in the flesh! I haven’t been brave enough to take the roof off yet like yourself though!
  22. Welcome John. Having not long bought an Exige myself they really do blow you away, they are just sublime.
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