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  1. Dave and Megan, as others have mentioned, thanks so much for steeping in and saving the day feeding us all. Also thanks to Chris for arranging the meeting in the first place. O and cheers Peter for the spirited drive and leading the way to Dave & Megan's place, don't think I would have found it without you leading the way. Thanks all, Roy.
  2. Cool that's nice and close. What time shall we meet, I think there is a small parking area next to the green if I remember?
  3. Not to far from me then. Where would the best place to meet up? Roy
  4. I'll meet up with Peter if you like? I'm in Broomfield Essex.
  5. Ya, the Evora passed its MOT so I'll be there.
  6. So long as my car gets through its MOT, ill be there too.
  7. Thanks agentdr8, so its not as straight forward as I first thought. Still, will give it a go at removing the tweeter (even if I have to drill it out) and replace with a new Focal unit. Can I ask where you got the info regarding this from? Thanks Roy I take it the A pillar cover in the 410 sport would be the same as the 400?
  8. Hi all. I'm about to change out the all the speakers in my Evora 410 sport. I've already replaced the Sub Woofer and amp for a Focal unit, but now want to do the door speakers and tweeters. I've managed to work out how to remove the door cards for the door speakers, but can anyone point me to how the tweeters are removed? I take it the internal A pillar covers need to come out? Thanks Roy
  9. Can you count me and my son in please? Roy Sorry Chris, won't be able to make this now. Just been told by my lovely wife she is off to Ireland this weekend so I'll need to look after my young daughter.
  10. Is there any protocol for when you turn up? If your in a Lotus, is there a particular group area you should head for, or is it a matter of parking where your told too? cheers
  11. Yep I've registered for the show now too. See you guys there.
  12. I could be up for this, hopefully will get to meet up with you guys again.
  13. Ok ta, I'll do just that it's only about 6 miles down the road from me, but 80 miles for you WOW the breakfast must be good. I'll have a white coffee no sugar ta see you there. Roy
  14. Hi. Sorry for the very late response, but I've only just seen this post. Would it be possible to add me and my son to this list for tomorrow? I can bring a 14mm colortune with me if that sings it? I'll look first thing on Sunday morning to see if I've been added? Ta Roy
  15. I did enquire about having them removed when buying the car, but once I had seen the car in the flesh I've started to like them now. I think they break up the yellow, but thats just me.
  16. Hi all. After waiting for nearly a month, I finally collected my Evora Sport 410 from Silverstone. Only had it a couple of days and now the weather has turned to [email protected] Can't wait until the sun comes back
  17. Hi, yes that's the Yellow 410 that I'm buying, hoping to be able to pick it up next week.
  18. Hi all, I'm new to this forum but am considering purchasing this Evora 410 MX17 BDV, just trying is anyone can shed an light on its history? Ta Roy
  19. Put a deposit down on this car around a week ago, hoping to collect is in the next couple of weeks.
  20. As the title says really, anyone on here know or have owned this Evora 400 in the past, Reg GV67 VHE? Or shed any history on the cars past life? Thanks Roy
  21. Hi all. I'm now on the hunt for an Evora -400 and have found a couple of cars I could be interested in. I've done a little research regarding the 400, but would really appreciate any input from you guys on what to look for when buying a 400. Would love your input concerning the following cars, or even better if someone on could shed light on the history of either car. I don't have too much details to go by, but out of the two I would prefer the car at Silverstone. The Silverstone car was a trad in for a 410. Its running in service and first service was done by Snows Lotus in Southampton, so I assume the owner came from the south? The second service was done by Silverstone. The Hendy car was originally sold by them and has had 3 owners, each time the car went back to Hendy as a trade in ,the last time it was for a Aston. Any details would be a real help, thanks. Used Lotus Evora 400 for sale | PistonHeads UK Used Lotus Evora EVORA 400 for sale | PistonHeads UK
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