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  1. Last week I moved it to a friend's place, we'll probably going to work on it a bit before importing it in the Cayman Islands.
  2. I wonder if the LHD Evora GTEs are eligible for import to the US without an exemption (I would guess #9 needed it because of the body being entirely carbon fibre). Anyone have a VIN of one of them to look up? North and South Dakota allow you to start driving at 14, and a full license by 16! Not sure if I'd trust a 14 year old to drive an Evora GTE though..
  3. Dang, you’re holding out! Did you at least let him take the Evora for his road test? 😂
  4. Is he getting the car for his 16th birthday?
  5. Haha, well the good news is if you ever decide to let it go, you now know Americans can import it easily!
  6. Ah, there you are! 😄 Was it you who applied for the Show or Display exemption? I'm wondering how you found the process (if you were the one that did it).
  7. Are all of the GTEs technically 2011 cars? I noticed UK folks tend to use their DVLA registration date interchangeable with with the model year. I'm surprised that there's more LHD cars (12) vs. RHD cars (8), yet none ended up in the US. I would have thought the market value would be higher there too? Oh I wasn't trying to ask what he paid for it, just curious about Lotus was asking for it. This is the old listing: Another way of confirming, is if either of their cars is also a 2011. =P
  8. I haven’t confirmed it myself yet, but some sites are claiming it was recently added to the Show or Display list. What was the list price on #9 in July 2015? (Not trying to make a claim about it’s current value, more curious about the historical value.) Is domguy’s car technically considered to be the same spec as #9 by Lotus (i.e. Evora GTE F1 Special Edition)?
  9. Did you end up selling yours? I see it's on the "Show or Display" list, but I'm not sure if it ever made it to the US?
  10. The government manages to keep the island "tax-free" by collecting taxes. 😂
  11. But some are a bit more unique and filled with great quirks. 😉
  12. Single, no kids as far as I know, in my 20s, and I live on a beach. And I bought an amazing Lotus. It’s hard to be miserable. 😉
  13. It's even more of a car when you realize which car I bought. 😛 I'll try my best to park it in the shade, though it is sunny all year around everywhere. The worse is how every time I try to search for information online about the local car community, I get Porsche Cayman results..
  14. Grand Cayman, so it’s still staying in the British family! We drive on the left too, so works out well. Funny enough trucking it from the seller’s garage to the Port of Felixstowe seems to be the hardest logistical hurdle. I live and work within eyesight of the Port of George Town, so that’s going to be easy to pick up.
  15. I figure I'd rather walk than drive a car I don't find interesting.
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