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  1. Older post but saw that it didn't have an answer. While the intake is manifold is under vacuum (turbos are not making boost) the vent from the EGR manifold pulls vacuum on the crank case vent. Once the turbos spool the intake manifold is under pressure. The one way valve in the EGR manifold prevents the turbos from pressurizing the crank case. That is when the other two crank case breathers start to work, they connect to the air filter which will but pulling vacuum with the turbos spooling. This allows the crank case to vent pressure (and mist your air filter in oil). Since the air filter is before the turbo it doesn't get pressurized from the boost.
  2. Looking for a shift assembly for a 1998+ Lotus Esprit. Item A082F4183H from the parts manual
  3. Awesome stuff for a small operation Alex. Ready to make my deposit. Any chance details could be provided on how to modify the charge pipes for those of us in the US vs shipping back and forth across the pond?
  4. Also interested in getting added to the group buy if I didn't miss the boat on it.
  5. SCCFE33C1VHF65080 97 Calypso Red Esprit V8 Phoenix, AZ Plan on owning this Esprit for a veeery long time and no intention to ever sell at this point, but if something is to happen a couple notes for the next owner. First off, i'm sorry about whatever yours scratching your head over right now, I tried my best. P.S. the interior is the previous owners fault. (unless I do something about it before you buy it, then you're welcome) P.P.S. Yes, the paint code under the hood is a type-o, Lotus confirmed. P.P.P.S. When I was working in the back I did drop a 10mm socket down in the fuel tank area, drivers side. If you happen to find it please PM for mailing address. Will gladly cover postage.
  6. My most recent favorite photograph of my Esprit... Need to put it back together to shoot more!
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