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  1. Thank you both stratosboy and Bibs, you'vetold me more in two lines than I've found in a week of searching. It's interesting that the part was replaced by G111A0057F, this is the first really information they are the same or extremely similar. I do need to contact Junks, I've had parts from him before, he's always been very reliable. Yes Bibs, anything you can find on the difference would great.
  2. Thank you for your reply and I thought the same, but the rover S1 subframe is listed as F11A0057F and the rover S2 subframe is listed as G111A0057F. They seem to look the same but I need to know if they are the same as my rover S2 subframe is twisted and needs changing.
  3. I'm trying to find information on if there are any difference between the Rover S1 subframe compared to Rover S2, but i can't find any on this subject.
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