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  1. Looking to swap tyres and have narrowed it down to the Michelin PS5 or Bridgestone Potenza Sport having looked at what can get in right sizes. Car is generally used just on the road but may venture onto track a few times. PS5 is brand new so presuming will be a step on from the PS4 which from what I can see is what Lotus fitted to the 350 in its last years of production. Anyone have any experience with either of these or thoughts?
  2. Hi All, Had the great privelage of picking up a V6 S from Bell & Colvill yesterday thanks to the great service from Jamie. This for me is dream car, I would need a budget of nearing 6 figures to step away from wanting an Exige. Love the rawness and how they are purely about the driving. Can't wait to do road trips and experience the car to its full! Anyway, wanted to say hi and look forward to meeting some like minded owners at some meets over the coming months and years. Roger
  3. Hi, Looking at this big aero 250 cup that's for sale, Anyone have any info or history or knowledge of this car? Thanks
  4. By doing some math with ground clearance to underside of splitter being 13cm and if angle is 11 degrees then distance between middle of wheel (where tyre meets road) to front of splitter is equal to just under 67cm.
  5. Thanks. So is 11 degrees the angle of the slope which an exige can go up without hitting splitter? Or is 11 degrees the angle between the the fixed points of where tyre meets and tarmac and front edge of splitter?
  6. Hi, currently in the market for a V6s and have found that they're ground clearance is 13cm which is fine for the speed bumps. However, the dimension I can't find is front overhang. Could anyone advise on what the distance from where the tyre meets tarmac to front of splitter is? This hump into driveway is quite steep. Thanks.
  7. Ah ok, this was something I was wondering. So the hard top roof on a coupe V6s is designed to be removable? This then would make a difference to the insurance issue as worry that by saying it has had a conversion would scare insurers off or if didn't tell them it would then be grounds to not pay out.
  8. Hi, I'm about to start the search for a v6 s and would ideally like a soft top for that open top motoring experience. However, like most no doubt, prefer the look of the coupe with spoiler etc. I've seen quite a few for sale previously that have had a soft top conversion and if bought a coupe I would want to get the conversion done. However, have a couple of questions: 1. Has anyone noticed any adverse affects of running a coupe/hard top car with the soft top on? Does it drive any different on the road? 2. How about insurance, my guess is this would class as modification. How have people found the impact on insurance? 3. Read somewhere that might need to get the v5 changed, is this true? Many thanks
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