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  1. My neighbours have a good laugh at me too. The shape of my driveway makes it really tricky to get in forward and I really try park as close as possible to the wall and out of door reach of the Volvo to save the wife accidentally opening it into my car. Means I have to jump in the passenger side and climb over the hand break and around the gearstick. Again glad it's not a daily drive.
  2. Looks great. Inspires me to get more carbon bits!
  3. I haven't tried to change that setting but I do find it's really accurate compared to my other cars. The roadside signs which tell you of your speed are always within 1kmh either way.
  4. That must have been the same day I got mine because I saw that there under the covers. Mine also went to the same place for ppf a few days before 🤣
  5. I recognize that dealership and saw the video of them on the truck. Congrats, good to see a few more around seq.
  6. I have the same tyre on my 390. Also about 185mm wide, rears are 265s and measure 265 mm across. My daily fiesta st also has 205 (in an 18) pilot sport 4 which measure 205 mm. All a bit odd and something about that particular tyre. I have noticed out of the box a fair bit more understeer than I expected.
  7. TTim


    This looks exactly like what is badged a breville barista express here in Australia. I have had one for about 5 or 6 years and once you get it dialed in, it's pretty good. No issues to date. The English price seems a little more up there (about £350 here).
  8. I think it's very hard to drive quick. That and the stress of not binning it or destroying something expensive.
  9. My brother drove my exige 390 on the weekend and was pretty amazed, in particular how quick and well behaved it was compared to his car. His has aftermarket turbos, ecu, injectors, exhaust, r34 gtr 6 speed, coilovers, aftermarket control arms and r34 brakes but the Exige does everything so much tidier. While his is building boost and wheelspinning, the exige is gone. We have done a few short track events (his gtr, my fiesta st daily) and he is always having to watch temps, oil pressure etc which is one more thing to think about instead of just driving.
  10. Another comment that's probably a bit to late... I didn't spec the radio because I didn't really want it, nor did I want to pay for such a basic headunit which would probably get pulled out anyway and replaced with the track. Well it turns out, if you option or not the wiring loom and speakers are all still there regardless.
  11. Thanks that's perfect! I tried to search the B and C site some time ago with no luck.
  12. That's a stroke of luck. Hoping mine is one of those. Anyone have a link for the switch part / part number?
  13. R32 gtr seem to still be in their appreciation curve so it might not yet be time. Also consider it might cost more to buy back in down the road. My brother has a really nice R32 gtr which he has spent a fortune on but it's now gotten to the point he is afraid to use it due to potential risk of damage or failure. Each time he tries to drive it hard it finds a new minute fault or problem. He ends up tracking his wife's Tesla instead. The lotus on the other hand, you will be able to use it reliably and drive it hard without concern of failure (as often).
  14. I'm doing the front ppf along with sills and rear arches. Ceramic is being applied over the whole car including the areas with the film. It's advised to coat over the film to try reduce the rate of fade. The Australian sun isn't particularly friendly to anything.
  15. Fire red. They have really good lights in the show room. Here is a solid red and mine outside to compare.
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