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  1. I did some very minor scuffs to the underside of mine. Driveway which was fine on the way up but caught me out going down. Probably couldn't see them unless I pointed it out. I'm also tempted to order a plastic one.
  2. I haven't used these guys so no idea on quality but they do list the parts you want. I'm in a similar situation. I think I will do the front hatch first, then maybe paint the roof. Would really like to do something about the 390 wing as well.
  3. There are an estimated 1 million undiagnosed cancers across Europe secondary to the stresses but on the health system and cancellation of normal screening programs. This will also start to add to the stress when people start turning up with late stage incurable tumors like they did in the 1920s!
  4. This was down under. I will order a switch though and revert back to having a choice. Means I can sneak it out early more often.
  5. The one I test drove was similarly "adjusted" and I mentioned how good it sounded so they took the liberty of sorting mine pre delivery.
  6. Took the car in for a service today. Turns out a wayward zip tie found its way around the hose 😂 I'll leave it there until I get a switch.
  7. Awesome. We got married in Wanaka. Would be great in the summer around there with an exige. Worth the wait. I was looking at logistics of putting my car on a boat for a holiday when borders eventually open.
  8. 2. Yes the speakers are there. I'm sure they aren't great. I also like your bt idea without headunit. Running in, vary revs, don't load it up for too much and don't do hours of highway running. North or South island? Everytime I go to NZ I'm very jealous of some of the mountain passes!
  9. I have a 390fe. The wire is there and when I make the 2 pins contact the dash shows ex open and ex closed but no change in sound. The funny thing is though that my car has been loud since day 1. There is no change at 4500rpm and it definitely wakes the neighbours even trying to get out of the neighborhood quietly. This leads me to think the vacuum hose is kinked or not hooked up correctly. interestingly when I test drove a 410 at the dealership they had done disconnected the house on the demo so I am suspicious they might have done the same on mine. The upside is that the wiring is there and seems to work if I were to get it sorted then fit a switch.
  10. I haven't got past run in miles yet but I feel like my exhaust valve isn't set up. It sounds consistently loud everywhere and doesn't get exponentially louder at 4500rpm like others describe. I don't mind but I can't go out in the morning without waking up the household and neighborhood 🤣
  11. My neighbours have a good laugh at me too. The shape of my driveway makes it really tricky to get in forward and I really try park as close as possible to the wall and out of door reach of the Volvo to save the wife accidentally opening it into my car. Means I have to jump in the passenger side and climb over the hand break and around the gearstick. Again glad it's not a daily drive.
  12. Looks great. Inspires me to get more carbon bits!
  13. I haven't tried to change that setting but I do find it's really accurate compared to my other cars. The roadside signs which tell you of your speed are always within 1kmh either way.
  14. That must have been the same day I got mine because I saw that there under the covers. Mine also went to the same place for ppf a few days before 🤣
  15. I recognize that dealership and saw the video of them on the truck. Congrats, good to see a few more around seq.
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