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  1. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm under the impression charge cooled. See in this link.
  2. Mine will be May build and about July delivery. Fortunately we drive on the correct side of the road in aus too (the left, hence rhd) 😉
  3. I tried to add an alcantara wheel today (May build), a big nope. Not a big deal but would have probably been a nice touch. Mine is 390fe. Fire red with black pack. Black wheels. Cruise control. Floor matt's. Aircon is fortunately standard on the Australian cars.
  4. I have an exige on order here in Australia but honestly didn't even go into the Porsche dealership. Not because of brand, image or quality concerns but purely because of the price! A Cayman gts 4.0 starts from about £115000 here before any options. It's more than £30000 more than an exige 390 and I wasn't going to settle for another 4 cylinder (replacing a 4c). I just can't see value in spending that little bit more. Don't even ask what a 911 starts at here!
  5. I'm also getting a fire red exige 390. It will be built in may. Don't worry though, mine is coming to the southern hemisphere. Stephen Whyte fortunately reassured me of the colour 😀
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