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  1. Bit of an update: Looks like I've got a bucket handle minescal tear. Probably caused by an overenthusiastic return to running after a slightly sedentary year in lockdown... Physio says car won't have caused it, but will have made it worse. May even need surgery, so I'm not sure what the future holds for the Evora! 😭
  2. Has anyone else experienced quite bad knee pain after transitioning from auto cars into a manual Lotus? Does it get any better with time?! A week or so after buying my manual Evora at the start of May, I started to get some mild discomfort in my left knee. I assumed I'd done something to it whilst running, but don't remember a specific impact or twist that could have been the cause. I'm in my early 30s and consider myself relatively healthy and fit. After a few more weeks of driving the Evora, I'm noticibly limping and driving the car is becoming rather painful. Even just walking around the house is an unpleasant and painful experience. It's severe enough that I'm considering selling the car! I've got a physio appointment booked, but wanted to see whether any other members had had similar issues, and hopefully stories of how it all magically got better as your body adapted to the new driving position. I can drive my wife's manual Polo with no issues and have only been driving an auto for the last three years and owned a manual Focus before that.
  3. All, The wire from the front access panel release lever was disconnected when I bought my car recently. (See attached) Is it fairly straight-forward to re-attach? Do these break? I pulled on the cord to see if I could manually release the bonnet access panel, but nothing has happened. I'm now worried that by pulling it, I've generated too much slack so the release lever won't work if I reconnect it. Any help or guidance appreciated! Day 8 of Lotus ownership, and I'm already starting to repair bits 😄 Though to be fair, it was like that when I got it...
  4. Did anyone else notice that the matte black one in Scotland (previously called Dexter) disappeared off Autotrader this weekend? You reckon some idiot was mad enough to travel an approx 500mi trip to buy a car unseen and drive it all the way home? ... On an entirely unconnected note. Does anyone have any recommendations for cleaning products for matte black paint? 😉
  5. I've been in touch with the chap who was selling @Barrykearley's Lotus, who has confirmed he took a deposit this afternoon. Proof that sub-£30k Evoras don't hang around long!
  6. Was that back in Nov? How much did it sell for at the time? I think I saw someone else post recently that he's trying to sell it for more than you sold it for?
  7. Couple of new listings on Evoras: £39k, 2014 Manual Sports Racer wtih 25k. Recently bought in Feb 21 from Will Blackham, but the owner is looking for an Auto due to health reasons. £28.5k, 2009 Manual Launch Edition with 21k. New&onesearchad=Used&radius=1500&sort=price-asc&include-delivery-option=on&make=LOTUS&page=1
  8. I live a fairly short hop for Bell and Colville, so unfortunately ES aren't too local. Tbh, I think I'd be much more comfortable with an unmodified car, but always good to keep an open mind.
  9. I've dropped them a line about it, but haven't ever bought a modified car. It's definitely something I'd need to fully understand before committing.
  10. Posts on here and the Lotus Forum suggest that the white Evora IPS at Silverstone has been there a while (1yr or more?). What's wrong with it? Is it poorly spec'd? Or poorly priced? Is it the fact that it's an Auto, rather than a Manual? Sure, the price has gone up by £2k recently, but even when it was £30k it wasn't bought. Have Silverstone just got the pricing wrong on this one? Or is it that undesireable?
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