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  1. Now, I moved to add few touches to interior and exterior of the car, here are the things that I have changed; I ordered carbon fiber pedal shifters and exterior side air scoops Also got myself on these wheels badges and steering wheel badge because my wheels badge were worn off and scratched a lot Lastly, I replaced tail lights to GRP V3 and all interior light bulbs and license plate bulbs to led ones to give sharp look better than yellow color
  2. Right after I bought the car, I had to do major service to the car since the previous owner did not drive it much and left it in the shade for too long. First I changed engine oil and oil filter Then had to change transmission fluid as well After that had to change the spark plugs also break fluid, brake pads, new tyres, pollen filter and K&N air filter (sorry did not have any pictures on phone😁) Finally had to do wheel alignment and wheel balance
  3. Ok so first of all, I had to get rid of the beige interior color and redesign the seats. It took me over two weeks to get it done but it is totally worth it. First, we had to remove the seats and removed all the panels and everything that can be painted. That was a hard work to be honest and we had to read through lotus service manual notes to figure out where are the clips and screws And the end result are;
  4. Alright, Tonight when I am free I am gonna write down and share with you guys the pictures on how it all started πŸ₯°
  5. Hello my fellow brothers and sisters. I wanted to share with you my story and all my work that I have done to my Lotus Evora 400. I have always been dreaming of owning one since I was little kid like even when I pay car video games, I always choose Lotus cars to race with. Recently in 2020, I spotted my eyes on a clean Evora 400 almost factory state and the former owner didn't drive it much since he bought it in 2016 it only have been driven 10,000 KM. You can even smell the leather seats fresh. Luckily for me, I had some money saved up in the bank and so I have bought it after checking all of it with Lotus dealership that we have here and they have told go for it. Now the fun part begin. 😁 I will show you how I went from this... To THIS.. And much much more stuff have been done to this beautiful car. If I see more interaction in this topic, I will keep posting the details. πŸ˜‡
  6. Hello everyone, I really don't know what this plate called but I am missing one on my other side. I think one of the mechanics forgot to reinstall it when he was fixing my wheels or it fell off for some reason.. Anyone does know where to get one or can I just cut any metal plate same size and install it instead of buying online? Does it serve a purpose tho? like does it protect the shaft rubber cap behind it from heat?
  7. Can you please provide me with the link to where to buy this? I need to replace mine soon..
  8. Updates: Apparently, the button works (once only) when the car immobilizer is on. So if i put the keys in and turn to II position and press the CDL switch it will lock and press again it will unlock but if pressed third time it won't work at all for some reason... I tried other methods and nothing works at all. Also tried to replace the key fob battery just to be sure the issue in not from the key fob and still same scenarios... Does anyone have the same problem?
  9. I tried this method and still no action happening when I press it while in II position... Even when the engine is running or car is running nothing happens. Only when I hold it for 5 sec it will make beep sound and activate auto lock
  10. Hello, In the handbook it mention that if you press the CDL switch single press it will lock the doors from inside and press again to unlock. However, in my lotus evora 400 it does not work at all... ONLY when I press and hold for 5 sec to make it automatically lock when start driving but I like to do it manually whenever I want to lock the door or unlock. Does anyone have this problem too or know the way to fix it?
  11. Hello everyone, I am not sure if this have been posted before on this forum or not but I couldn't find anything related to my question. My question is : which part of this headlight is the alignment adjuster? can someone put a circle on it or highlight it? I would appreciate it! Regards
  12. Anyone knows how to access the rear camera in the Lotus Evora 400 ? I found the wire but it goes to behind the rear bumper, can anyone also explain what are these colors wires each for ?
  13. What are the dimension of this plaque ?
  14. Thank you all for great replies and quick replies as well! I am happy that I have joined this forum. 😁
  15. Hello everyone, I have Lotus Evora 400 model 2016 and It is amazing car to be honest. However, I noticed that other lotus cars has this unique plaque signature badge about who built it but my car doesn't... Anyone knows why my car doesn't? It is limited thing or you need to order it or get rewarded? Also can anyone tell me how big is this plaque? like dimension wise please? Thanks all!
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