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  1. Update to provide reference for those in the future who may come across the problem - The car is again working flawlessly, eventually I just pulled the plunger of the new sensor out as long as it can go (as I wasn't happy with the brake light sensitivity with my initial attempts) fixed the unit back into position, released the brake pedal and allowed it to set it was the easiest for me, no TC light, no engine cutting, I've done around 1000 miles (long and boring drives for meetings) so since then, loving every moment of it!
  2. Just to additionally add my input and experience : TC light would almost come on immediately 5 mins into the drive. I bought a new switch and replaced it and it was a total DUD, replaced it back with the old one. Pulling the plunger in and out a few times initiating the ratchet mechanism. I set it for 6 clicks, though I recall the manual says 5, but 6 works well for me. I did all of of this with the car off and key out when plugging back in the part. Locked the car, and waited a few minutes, turned it on and after driving roughly about 30 miles in the last couple of days everything seems to be fine and no lights - Waiting on a brand new sensor to install just incase, I remember when my car just completely cuts out I don't recall seeing the TC light on the dash or any symbols, so this requires some time to see if it will do it again and whether or not its a completely separate problem which I am hoping its not. Also as its quite a primitive and mechanical machine its not really hard to take apart, I've taken apart many cars in my time - all the sensors and wiring components are quite generic and easy to undo. Used the OBD2 dongle and a couple of apps to clear any codes to make sure there's nothing bugging the ECU.
  3. Can indeed confirm its the brake sensor with some adjustments, everything is working properly now, but waiting on a new switch just to be sure
  4. Thanks Dave, I will get under again and see, I've followed the instructions from all over the web, adjusting the plunger etc, sensitivity for the brake light seems good (something like 1-2mm depress lights come on) last resort was to make a thread on here to see if there are some recent experiences with the issue
  5. Hi Guys, replaced my sensor but the problem still exists, and even more now than it did with the TC light coming on almost immediately - I've ordered another part so I'll see how this goes, any suggestions to what else it can be?
  6. Thank you for clearing that up for me! puts my mind more at ease with it being just the switch. I am not surprised about Lotus either, as an OEM they really should issue a recall on this and adapt a newer and more modern part, its severely dangerous
  7. Thank you, I ordered a new part - did you also experience the total power loss?
  8. I had the feeling after spending some hours researching, however I didn't find anyone with a complete power cut in addition to the problem, I will adjust and reinstall the switch and also buy a new one. Do you have any additional details to share / to look out for? much appreciated thank you
  9. Hi all, I seem to be having some issues with my 430cup, its only done 3k miles. I am getting a TC error/fault message that randomly comes in, it seems to clear when I turn the car off and back on (with they key out) I suspect it could be a brake sensor issue? The more dangerous thing is recently it randomly just loses all power whilst just cruising, no response on the throttle whatsoever, I drove on the A1 whilst overtaking a lorry and all power was completely out, restarted the car as it was rolling but I had to pull over whilst it was decelerating, it didnt feel like a fuel cut out (whilst pressing the throttle) there was simply just no response, it was an extremely dangerous experience for me as there were cars around and I only managed to squeeze into a very slim hard shoulder. Stopped the car, took the key out and restarted and everything was normal... I do no wish to drive the car with this issue, can someone perhaps shed some light if you've had a similar experience? would be immeasurably appreciated, thank you.
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