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  1. I thought I'd let you all know that my car passed its MOT yesterday even with the damaged suspension bushes. I asked the mechanic who tested the car about the damaged bushes and he said that as long as there is no significant movement then it will not fail the MOT. The bushes on my car are badly deteriorated but apparently they are still doing their job. I am still going to get them replaced when I can.
  2. No. But it looks 100% identical apart from the number plate. Looks like a beauty 😊👍
  3. Thanks. My handles are ok but if they ever disintegrate I’ll let you know.
  4. Perfect! Thanks. For some reason I didn’t think SJ would have them. I should have checked 🙄.
  5. Hi Guys I drove my car for a couple of hours last weekend at night in heavy rain. When I got home I noticed one of the tabs that secures the front of the glass roof had disappeared. Any idea where I can get a replacement? And how do they attach?
  6. That's precisely why I started this thread. Flooding the engine with fuel before starting it is going to do more harm than good. Yes, it will probably start quickly but that's not the goal. Our goal should be to preserve these engines, especially as rebuild costs are high and these cars become more valuable. I will be cranking my engine for a good few seconds before even thinking of touching the accelerator or choke. That will circulate a decent amount of oil at a low engine rotation speed before the thing starts up and runs at ~1500rpm. I didn't consider any of this before watching the video. I knew that letting the car idle for 5-10 seconds before driving off made sense but I didn't think about preventing the wear being caused on initial startup. My car recently had an engine rebuild so now would be a good time for me to make sure oil is getting circulated before getting it to burst into life.
  7. Thanks. That's exactly what I was hoping to hear. My car seems to behave in exactly the same manner which is a relief.
  8. Some great tips there guys. I’m still learning a lot about this car. 👍
  9. Thanks again. I already have the new oil and a proper Lotus filter to go on. I may try your recommendation next time 😊👍
  10. Thank you. I have no idea what oil is in it although I know the oil and filter were changed less than 1000 miles ago (I've only done 300 miles or so since I bought the car 3 months ago). I do notice that the oil filter isn't a genuine Lotus filter. Did I read somewhere that a genuine Lotus filter should be used due to a valve or something in the genuine filter?
  11. I saw this excellent Youtube video today. Basically, we should be starting our cars with the choke fully in and then gradually pulling out the choke until the engine eventually fires. That gives the engine a good few seconds to get oil circulated properly at only approx ~60rpm before the engine starts and idles at ~1500rpm. Apologies if you already knew this. I just think it is an excellent tip, especially as approx 70% of engine wear occurs during startup.
  12. Hi Guys, I have noticed that the oil pressure on my car (84 Turbo) registers beyond the halfway mark and stays there until the engine is fully up to temperature even when the engine is only idling. Is that normal? Once the engine is properly up to temperature the needle shows an oil pressure of just over 5 at idle which I believe is what it is supposed to be. Obviously the oil pressure increases up to around the halfway mark when motoring along at a healthy rpm. It is the oil pressure that is showing when the engine is cold that I am concerned about.
  13. Thank you. I don’t think there is any alternative switch. The new switch was purchased from SJ Sportscars so it’s almost certainly a good quality one. In any case, I will keep an eye on it. Thanks again.
  14. Thanks Viz. That’s very helpful. The car doesn’t have an additional brake light fitted but I will check the wattage of the brake lights. Would changing the brake light bulbs to LED bulbs reduce the load on the switch?
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