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  1. Hey Justin Thanks for the the info. Yes, as you pointed out maybe its a premium atm, maybe because they see that there is so few and far between. I came across Harry last night, I have watched a few of his videos, and will go through his library tonight to see if i missed any. Will keep you all posted on my outcome and thanks all for the advice and links. Cheers. Mark.
  2. Hi Justin I have watched every lotus video on youtube now i think, i am also working my way through the forums as you suggested, but didnt really find anything re buying guides, i guess its not really something that can be accurately/fairly documented. Not planning to use it as a daily drive, hopefully Sundays only and maybe 3000 miles a yr. Its mainly to enjoy and pass something worthwhile onto my son. My dad bought a 57 Ford Anglia brand new before me and he regretted ever getting rid of it, and i would loved to have taken over it one day too 😉 . Yes, Pauls one is on my radar
  3. Hi Barry, thanks for sharing your views. I should have added I have had plenty of cars over the years, maybe 30 plus and 10 plus bikes too. My first car was a 1978 Cortina with a 2lt Pinto ( i put on an IHI turbo and had a 2bbl 500cfm Holley with metho injection to stop it pinging... Oh and it ran much faster on LPG back in the early 90's. Loved that car and will buy another when i have a big garage... Also had 2 x Datsun 180b's, Holden panel van (yep im Australian), 2 x hilux's, swb 1990 maverick with a 3' lift kit (best 4wd ever). and I currently own an Audi Q5, A3 and 2001
  4. Hi All I am a brand newbie and hoping to get some wise advise from the community. I am keen to purchase my first Lotus, i am considering a white one for sale atm. However i am certainly dont claim to really know what is a fair market value when it comes to Lotus, so i was wondering if there is some sort of up to date buyers guide, links or magazines etc? The one i am considering is an 1981 Turbo Esprit. Appears to to be in quite good condition and low mileage. I have not made enquiries yet as i thought i should try and prepare myself as to values, things to be caution of etc.
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