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  1. Hi Kyle, yes the new tip would need to be welded after cutting the old tip off and yes existing tip is straight and long enough to attach the new tip to the existing pipe. But if you wanted to just fit the exhaust as it is with the existing tip this would be fine too as it is not too bad. Exhaust is easy bolt on fitment too.
  2. Hi Kyle, here are the pictures mate. The last pic shows the exhaust tip finishers I will include too (the one in the blue protective wrapping is the same style as the one on the exhaust itself- this was included originally as per the first post in this thread from original seller). Very lightweight compared to the original NA exhuast. 👍
  3. No problem Kyle👍 It is the actual exhaust that was in the original video clip posted above in this thread. It fits any Evora NA or Evora S, I was going to fit it to my NA. I will post pics later for you mate. Leon
  4. I have the exhaust if you want it. It’s in my loft, I didn’t attach a picture, but can later when I’m home from work this evening. If you want it, you can have it and to extra new exhaust finishers for £60 posted?
  5. I have this in my loft. 😅I never got round to fitting as got larini decat on mine instead. You can have it and 2 extra exhaust tip finishers for £60 posted mate.
  6. Can understand everyone’s frustration with the delayed delivery, especially if you had trips/events planned. The magma red will look nice next to your Ferrari tbh, I have seen a magma Emira in the flesh on the M1 last month and it was gorgeous. It will be my go to colour if I get one.
  7. Do you not have 2 Emiras on order? Congratulations on the Ferrari.
  8. I think these stickers are the ones I put on mine a few years ago and are still holding up very well. HTH
  9. @Leon Ads go on please
  10. What a good day for Evora-ing!
  11. According to this review, Top Gear’s Flintoff has ordered one on the back of the episode we’ll see on Sunday.
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