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  1. On 25/10/2021 at 14:07, electro_boy said:

    My car is currently very poorly.  What started of as an intermittent misfire ended up in a constant misfire with one whole bank of the engine not firing at all.  This was traced to low oil pressure so the VVT-i was not operating correctly and the timing was totally out so the    .  At idle the car was only producing ~7psi when Toyota's spec for the 2GFR engine states minimum of ~12psi.

    This was diagnosed by a local car garage, the car is now at my preferred place ES Motorsport awaiting further investigation to figure out what the root cause is and hopefully get the car fully running and zooming round the roads once again.

    Just wondering if anyone else has seen anything similar and what the cause of the issue was?

    Did you have any fault codes and limp mode? Was the timing too advanced also giving rough starting of the engine? If so check the vvt solenoids. When i replaced mine, this solved my problem. The vvt solenoids are oil fed/operated and can get clogged up leaving them stuck in position and not freely flowing oil.

  2. Interesting and exciting to say the least!

    I am happy with my Evora that I have had almost 5 years now, and have not thought about replacing for at least that same period again plus...However, I have a feeling this may change after Goodwood!! Roll on!!! 

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