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  1. A slow report back, but here we are. I also had the traction control warning light on problem as well. First visit to B&C and they changed the brake switch and thought other stuff was to do with a low battery voltage that had happened (left off the charger for just over a week). Problem still not fixed. Traction light came on on the way home. It went back again yesterday and they diagnosed some wiring issues with the MAF sensor and the ABS unit. They remade the connections and the car is completely different. I hadn't realised how badly it had been running, although I was frustrated by what felt like lack of power. I thought I was just used to it! Anyway, hopefully all fixed now and power delivery and clean running transformed. Thanks B&C!
  2. In conversation with B&C I reset the codes and took it for a short test drive. The code didn't come back but it isn't running right. The exhaust is very black. So it's booked in next week when I am back from hols. There's also the traction control warning light problem to attend to as well. As for cleaning, I think you can but you have to use the right cleaner for the job from what I have read. But I'll leave that to BnC as it's still under warranty. I'll report back next week.
  3. Ah, I was expecting it might be a standard part as it has quite a lot of wiring going in and out. I'll ask the PO.
  4. So I'm setting about making my 410 seat better for me. Not sure this is enough of a project to go in the projects section. I quite like the carbon buckets and am getting used to the upright position. However I now have the brackets to try the more canted back position. The problem with the seats is that there is no lumbar support and I am quite small framed! Now being used to doing this in race cars, my instinct is to make a seat insert out of expanding foam. That would give me lumbar support and fill in the "gaps" between me and the sides of the seat. However, alcantara and expanding foam is not a good mix should some get spilt in the process - seems to happen about 1 time in 3. So not going there just yet. So step one is to try a simple foam lumbar support as illustrated below. I'll "upholster" it with alcantara once I know it work. Feels very comfy on first sitting though. Ideally I would find an unwanted bare carbon bucket to make an expanding foam insert for. But I doubt there are any of those around and it would be very antisocial for anyone else who got to drive it. And also I am making a simple cup-holder to bolt to the seat bolts on the RHS. All a bit home brewed, but keeps me out of mischief! Graham
  5. Anyone know what this box is under the dash? It has a bright blue LED on it (unhelpful) and seems to have a power knob. Does it turn up... a/ the supercharger boost b/ the sub woofer (which doesn't seem to work anyway) c/ the bright blue LED d/ something else? Cheers Graham
  6. Can the emira convince me it's better than my 410 sport enough to change?
  7. So we have: P0101: Mass or Volume Air Flow Circuit Range/Performance Problem P0175: System too Rich (Bank 2) I presume the first is a dodgy sensor an the second is as a result. The exhaust is pretty black. Running rich is marginally better than lean I think. Anyone had this before? (doh, of course they have!)
  8. Thanks Bibs, will report back if I have any joy getting a code out!
  9. Got an engine management light come on. Haven't got time to get it back to B&C for a couple of weeks so thought I'd plug my code reader in and see what it says. It's probably obvious to find , but where is the port to plug in? Cheers Graham
  10. Had an email from Jamie at B&C today about getting a build slot reserved which I have just done and had an email back from Lotus. Like the look of the car a lot even if I did post negative comments on the launch event! Hopefully it'll convince me that it is better than my Evora sport 410!
  11. The thing for her me is that I've been really enjoying the whole new lotus strategy piece. I feels like it's really well thought through how they are going to build their next gen of sports cars and compete. It felt to me that hardly any of that came through. You only get one go to launch that for the first time. The interview on here with MW was far more compelling. Anyway I'm really looking forward to the car and it being a meaningful step forward. And seriously who takes a 72 out and doesn't look at the weather forecast and bring along some wets!
  12. The ghastly wall of fans The huge disparity of the quality of the interviews The immense lack of engaging content. The female interviewer and the dogs comment Matt who I am a big fan of, looked and sounded truly terrible Any actual info about the car. Jenson button driving it. And on and on. I am not a negative cynical person. But Lotus' stated aim is to compete on the world stage against professional looking competitors. Completely changing the buying experience for the mass buyer. It was cringeworthy. For the cottage industry Lotus of old it was exactly as you'd expect. They are going to have to work much harder to make progress in their stated trajectory.
  13. Well the car looks great, but the event was truly shocking. Unbelievably amateur. Good job we all have different views!
  14. It's head pad and the next one down. I've not really looked further yet.
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