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  1. Looks like sloppy reporting and PR from lotus. No new news there
  2. I hope I can say this without offending. The delivery date is being talked about is if it's a fine steak that needs to be served just off medium rare for perfection. Just wait, get, enjoy!
  3. Off the topic... how was the yellow? It has looked a bit flat in the vids. That's what I have got ordered and can't decide if it really stands out or not!
  4. I'm ok with it actually. I think the delays are extremely hard to manage as the whole car industry is finding (along with many other industries). Matt made the vid, said be patient, we're doing our very best and we love you a lot. Feels ok to me. It's not really been a sequence of delays so far.
  5. Agreed. I took from what he said that some models or combinations would have a significant delay. That's my words and I have no idea what that means other than don't be surprised at a long wait for some people
  6. These are not further delays I think. They are the delays that MW spoke about.
  7. That's quite a strong sentiment. The "worst" can only refer to the financial plug getting pulled and us all ending up as creditors. The only way to prepare for that is to get your deposit back so aren't a creditor surely? Is that what you are thinking?
  8. You may just get your wish!
  9. Interesting, what are you thinking?
  10. That is not yet clear. Lotus customer services contradicted themselves in answer that question for me. But on asking further questions, they said I would be contacted direct about the latest dates and when I need to fix my spec. They had said end of June for that, but they implied that was no longer the case, but I would be contacted. They didn't really know to be honest! I was a first batch/december delivery i4 deposit holder. I assume I am still first batch, but no longer Dec 22.
  11. Ah yes, I have been through this and am still there. I'm unconvinced that it'll be the car for me. I changed to the i4 so at least I can get a drive of the V6 and see how the car pans out. I quite like raw and probably won't value what the Emira brings to the party. I thought the V6 in the Evora was uninspiring apart from the sound-track which seemed to be a main feature for excitement in reviews. I fact it annoyed me. I am probably the only one that felt that way. But we'll see how it goes.
  12. I'm curious about what else you'd like really?
  13. It will be interesting to see how it transpires. Matt said they are struggling to ramp production as they are starting at 0 cars (obviously). I twitched a bit there as it sounded like some big delays coming. It is what it is but I am very much prepared for quite a few month's delay from the previously quoted december i4 date I had.
  14. I imagine they are determined to get at least one car delivered in June!
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