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  1. Takes away the performance anxiety? If you get it a bit wrong, there's a plastic post in the way, not a wall!
  2. We're just trying to be helpful! 🤣
  3. I was surprised test driving an Evora IPS (GT410 I think). Even interested in getting one, but not interested enough over the manual box. For the Evora, I think the i4/DCT option will be good. Faster than the V6, cheaper (what?) and a fantastic driver's car. I'd want to go for it. However, I don't want to wait for the time it takes to get to the i4 FE. I doubt it'll actually arrive in 2022. The V6 manual will be brilliant which is what I have plumped for, but there's a big part of me that says it's the wrong choice. But I want it as soon as poss. But it's the wrong choice Graham. But I can't wait that long. And on it goes my precious!
  4. Lotus will make a proper Lotus noise for it just like they did for the V6 which sounds a little bit better in the Lotus config than the original Toyota one!
  5. I too am a bit conflicted. But I have had the sports suspension described to me to be like the suspension on my Evora 410 sport which I loved. So that's what I am going with until I change my mind!
  6. Yes, as I understand it, it was in stock, new and unregistered at B&C before the PO bought it. I hope the Emira is good enough to replace it!
  7. It went and is now on the Rybrook website. If anyone's interested, I can answer questions/vouch for it. Although there's nothing to say really, it is all as it should be and fab!
  8. This is the essence of what Lotus have to get right. Selling their attributes successfully. I don't get the modern obsession with big bhp. Perhaps I've missed a trick. But driving fun (esp on road) for me is not defined by big acceleration figures. Where on earth do you get to use it? Such a fixation on revving out. Tape over the rev counter. Just see if it's fun to drive as the Evora certainly is! The trick is that Lotus have got to make what they have appealing in today's world. That means having something better than BHP to be their USP.
  9. I've just never noticed it! Amazing!!
  10. Makes sense. I never feel the v6 has that much torque anyway, so probably tend to use more revs. Well that's my excuse!
  11. That's not a problem that I noticed at all in my Evora sport 410. Perhaps I never labour it at low revs!
  12. Just agreed a sale to trade for my Evora. 60k, same as I paid for it in the spring privately having added another 3k miles. Paid my second Emira deposit today as well. Let's hope it comes in 2022
  13. There's no way that logistically anything will happen by 5th Nov. However for me, that's not too bad as the spec can be changed before the order commitment date. But will I commit to buying come Jan time (if that's when it is) without having a better idea of how the car will look? Will I be able to convince myself to buy, certainly without a road test and maybe not even any proper reviews. Mind you for me the colour inside and out will probably be ok. Its the decision between touring and sports that's the really tricky one for me. I think the car will look great in any of my 3 shortlisted colours, blue, red and yellow. But I wouldn't want to regret the suspension choice.
  14. Curious about the gap from wheel to arches question!
  15. Mrs Ridg said red made me look like I was a Ferrari wannabe 😁
  16. The Hendy showroom is a very nice light and airy place in the daytime! Another question you might ask is whether my wife is right with the choice of yellow or whether I am right with the choice of red!
  17. Be interesting to ask the differences between sports and touring. How firm Touring is in comparison to other Lotus models (like the Evora 410 Sport). How much too stiff is Sport for the road and how much too soft is Touring for the track.
  18. yep, carbon seats which I love. The driver's seat even has two recline positions which only takes an hour or so to change! I do keep wanting to keep it, but can't have the Emira if I do, so it'll have to go some time.
  19. Good question. Not quite sure what was optional versus standard. But grey 410 sport with yellow stitched alcantara and yellow highlights inside. Got AC, stereo, sub and reversing camera. Yellow calipers, 6,500 miles second owner.
  20. WBAC gives about £58k for my 410 sport. I've just been "bid" 60k by trade for it as I am contemplating selling with the Emira being in the garage by late Spring (hopefully). Rightly or wrongly, I don't really get out to use my fun cars over the winter, so I was exploring options to sell.
  21. Obviously my mistake. User error!
  22. Nope, the seats are not moveable and just show items. I can't see any way of knowing that the Emira is a comfortable place for you. There was very little tech info available last night, although I may have just not asked the right people.
  23. Not controversial, but I have a very different perspective in two ways! They have an unprecedented 2700 strong expressions of interest in the UK who can get their deposit back and walk away. There should be every focus on converting those people into committed buyers. Being slack and amateur is a shocking waste of opportunity. If you go back to Matt Windle's strategy video (probably there were a few) it is really compelling about the car, what it stands for and what the new Lotus is going to be. Having humbly been in charge of a much more modest company than Lotus that wrote and sold software, we ran launches and events. Customer events akin to last night's roadshow. If me and my team had put on an event like last night I'd definitely be wanting to do a lot better. It's ok, not a disaster, friendly forgiving audience. Russell Carr's pitch in person was awesome of course, super compelling. Matt Windle from his pitch super compelling. Gavan Kershaw super compelling. It's not beyond the wit of man to find ways of distilling those compelling narratives into an event surely? We could have been blown away. I'm not comparing with Porsche, never done the posh Porsche dealer experience having only owned old ones. Perhaps I'm just in cloud cuckoo land! I just want them to do so well and use this fantastic opportunity to its max.
  24. There's really no point in using the show car to judge the fit and finish. It's not a car and not representative of the final model. But I think we can be reasonably confident that the interior quality will be up to spec. Overall though I expect being in the Emira to be very similar to sitting in my Evora. It's still very plain inside. A tiny storage area below the middle screen for a phone, a glove box and two door bins plus cupholders. I'm very happy with that as I like minimal. I can't see a leap up from my Evora inside really. But then I can't see that it needs it! I'm completely at sea with choice of V6 summer next year, or i4 probably early 2023. I think the i4 will be better for me. More responsive at road speeds, faster (I think) 0-60. It feels like the V6 with its limited life is a stop gap. I think that's what I learned last night that the V6 won't be in production for long and the i4 will be the mainstay going forward. I think I'll spec up a V6 and pay the next part of the deposit and see how I feel when it's time to finalise. Then bail out to the i4 if I feel that way! Never decide today what you can put off for a few months!
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