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  1. That must be the case unless you have been sent new Ts&Cs which supersede the old ones. As (repeating myself, yawn), the paperwork was explicit that what has happened so far was not an order, Lotus are not obliged to sell and the customer is not obliged to buy an Emira. The refundable deposit simply secured a place in a queue (which in itself has not meaning if Lotus choose not to sell you a car).
  2. Have I understood correctly that October delivery is now the earliest customer car delivery month?
  3. I moved my batch 1 V6 to an i4. Latest was delivery in December, got the sometime in 2023 email with context e in the new year. So that's Feb delivery at the very earliest.
  4. If it's ok to say so speaks the one man band lotus pr dept. I don't see it anywhere near as positive!
  5. Great news, then. Looks like they are very close. Must look and see if there is a thread with feedback from the LDA session.
  6. But thats the whole point, they take the risk and get the reward or not. I don't get the the hate. Back on topic, has anyone got their 30 day notice of delivery yet and sorted out the payment for the car? If not we are pretty much in September for first deliveries.
  7. As I may have said before, I am not bothered in the slightest about buying a thing at one price and selling it at a higher price. I am usually in the minority view when it comes to cars/overs/flipping, but it really doesn't bother me at all! I think it's often called capitalism!
  8. So my u turn, as it were, is very specific. It's really hard to bring a car to market right now and we recognise that. But if customer service says theyll ring you and they don't that's nonsense. It's easy, not hard. To deliver a consistent message is not hard. So not doing it, is a bit rubbish.
  9. As I said before, I'm ok with it being hard to bring their car to market, the delays, not knowing when things will be there and stuff. Things outside their control and difficult to do. Even if they are having build/quality problems. I don't expect them to broadcast that news. But when they promise to call or communicate and don't do it that's customer service 101, simple just need to do it or get a lot of stick. Mind you as part of the supply chain issues there's probably a global shortage of customer service. It'll be on back order!!
  10. Why don't they just tell us that then?
  11. even I'm finding it hard to defend Lotus' competence any more!
  12. Very good point, but it might be slightly longer than a week!
  13. It feels like I am the antagonist on this thread, must be a mid-life crisis I am happening, apologies, but it's just a car and it's delayed like every other new car!
  14. Yup! Hope my reply wasn't too argumentative!
  15. Well I guess we are going to have to agree to disagree! Perhaps you can show me someone who has canned their old model line, launched a completely new car on a brand new manufacturing facility, with the most colossal supply chain shortage ever seen to modern manufacturing who is acing it? By way of a comparison, what about Toyota trying to get 400 GR86s to UK customers? Nothing from Toyota, the dealer says his info is contradictory and he has absolutely no idea. They might get a demo car, but then again, they might not. He has no idea. And that's the might of Toyota. Or perhaps ask my mate about the Defender he has on order? No info. Doesn't know the price, the spec, not even what model year it'll be. But, hey show me who's really nailed it!
  16. It's anything but basic shit. It's the most difficult time facing car manufacturers. It's very naive to think otherwise.
  17. If I may, that just sounds like you are over-reacting to me. I just think we have no idea how challenging it is to build a new car.
  18. I do get a sense of some over reaction here. We don't have a sense of the actual challenge lotus are facing. They are trying to gear up production of a new car in a new facility for very ambitious volumes. That's hard in itself to solve the inevitable problems even when they are within their control. Also hard to predict when those problems will be solved. Then add in the huge supply issue and trying to solve those problems. It's not just the getting of stuff, but the rework needed on the designs to use what they can actually get. That all adds up to an almost intractable problem to predict when cars will actually be made. So for all those demanding, more info, perhaps they isn't any. Perhaps lotus just don't know what they can say apart from sorry, no news. So I suspect they are really scratching their heads about what to say when. If I may say, all those saying they don't care, or they are completely incompetent and they can just do a mail merge (as if that were the issue) are being perhaps somewhat unfair. In case anyone thinks I've just got rose tinted specs, I've been quite critical of a lot of the things of the new lotus company, but maybe we should just give them a break? And to compare, my mate is waiting on his new defender and the flow of info has been non existent. He's just had a message that it's gone into build. But nothing else is forthcoming. Which model year it is, what the spec is, what the price is, when it'll actually turn up, nothing! Sorry for the long message. tl;dr lighten up and give lotus the benefit of the doubt in extremely challenging circumstances!
  19. Looks like sloppy reporting and PR from lotus. No new news there
  20. I hope I can say this without offending. The delivery date is being talked about is if it's a fine steak that needs to be served just off medium rare for perfection. Just wait, get, enjoy!
  21. Awesome, thanks, very happy!
  22. Off the topic... how was the yellow? It has looked a bit flat in the vids. That's what I have got ordered and can't decide if it really stands out or not!
  23. I'm ok with it actually. I think the delays are extremely hard to manage as the whole car industry is finding (along with many other industries). Matt made the vid, said be patient, we're doing our very best and we love you a lot. Feels ok to me. It's not really been a sequence of delays so far.
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