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  1. I've just fitted the new Bridgestone Potenza Sports. Haven't had a chance properly try them however I have donnington booked soon so will feedback. Initial impressions are quite pointless as they are completely new, however the reviews seems to be very positive. Will be able to give you more details next week.


    Forgot to mention, there is a chap who gave his feedback on the bridgestones in the wet during a bedford trackday.



  2. Thanks, I've ordered the bridgestones. I'll be sad to see the cup 2's go however I'll stick the cup 2 connects on next spring and the bridgestones will get me through autumn / winter. Michelin have awful stock issues at the moment. I've got Donnington and Snetterton booked over the next month so should be able to report back on how they perform on track.

  3. Thanks, that's really helpful to know and a good alternative to the PS4. Also they seem well priced at around £500 for a full set.

    How did the wear look after the trackday? I've read a review on tyrereviews, someone complaining about terrible tyre wear after a trackday (obv. they didn't provide any specifics that would be helpful!!).

  4. For those who may be in a similar position to me, I spoke with Michelin and a couple of tyre suppliers. The cup 2 connect tyres in both 215/45/17 and 265/35/18 are currently out of stock with no date set for when stock will be replenished.

    I will likely get some ps4 tyres all round and use them on my upcoming track day and through winter. And purchase a set of cup 2 connects next year.

    Has anyone had any experience with ps4 tyres on track (such a shame the ps4s are not available in our sizes).

  5. Hello, I've got a sport 350 currently on cup 2's (215/265). Looks like the rears are at 3mm and I've got 2 trackdays booked so I'm looking to replace the rears like for like but impossible to get hold of 265/35/18 cup 2s at the moment! Someone prove me wrong pls!!

    I was wondering if the 285/30/18 cup 2 tyre would fit the oem wheels or would there be fitment issues? 

  6. Brought myself a sport 350 and picking it up next week, and blown away by your build, however worried about the toll it may now take on my bank account given all the ideas your build has given me!!

    Would be cool to data log some differences vs a stock 350 both straight line and track.  

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  7. 51 minutes ago, tactical lizard said:

    I did the spacers as detailed, I had to Dremel the top column cover slightly to get it to fit back on. Also the key barrel surround no longer fits. But I did gain 20-30mm height on the steering wheel Definitely try this before buying a spacer. 

    You're luckier than me though, I have no knee room or headroom! 






    Cheers, is it a plug and play option or is any drilling required? Any change in bolts required, if so what size? 

  8. 1 hour ago, stephenwhyte said:

    I made the exact same move.......although I had an Evora in between for a few weeks to make it happen....long story!😂 My Z4M was a roadster (pictured below), and is the best car I’ve ever owned......apart from the Exige. The Exige is much rawer as you say and every journey is an even bigger event than the Z4M, which was fantastic fun too. I used to love taking the roadster out and would buy it back tomorrow, but the drive in the Exige is better still😎

    I look forward to seeing the photos when you pick the car up. Enjoy and welcome - they’re a great bunch here and that’s probably the biggest difference between the 2 marques - Lotus is an institution, whereas BMW are really just another Manufacturer😉  

    Here’s my Exige👍



    Both beautiful cars! 

    This is my Z4M


    Point Blur_Mar192021_133118.jpg

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  9. 29 minutes ago, Techyd said:

    Congrats - fabulous cars those 350 sports! Looking forward to pictures and first driving impressions 🙂 

    Thanks! Yea it had me in the first few minutes of driving it. Its basically what I always wanted the Z4M to feel like, but couldn't get there with it. 

    14 minutes ago, pete said:

    Don't think so. See they had sold it,we took it out a few weeks ago lovely car and surprised it didn't sell earlier. We couldn't come to a deal on it and ended up buying new. Are you in Essex


    Yea was a lovely car, seems like the previous owner was also quite meticulous with it. I'm based in Watford so not too far. 

  10. Hi guys, I've done a deal on my first lotus moving over from a BMW Z4M Coupe. The Z4M was a very special car but I wanted something a little more raw and connected. Lotus did it for me and I made the move to buy one last weekend. Just waiting for the car to be prepped and hopefully will collect it in a couple weeks.

    I'm a proud owner of a black exige 350. Looking forward to some forum chat, learning and banter and hopefully meeting some fellow petrol heads! 

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