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  1. There are some great roads around there! Isn’t there an Evo triangle?
  2. Likewise! The configurator on the Lotus website was similarly rubbish so it was a very pleasant surprise when I finally saw it in the flesh. No idea why dealers struggle to get a good pic though but I looks stunning and I’ve had a lot of compliments on it.
  3. Bit of a delay. Originally due June then early July. It arrived at B&C mid July so I asked for the new licence plate given it was only a couple of weeks. I think I was just ahead on the cusp of the Hethel summer break as others are much later
  4. It’s Azure blue, with alcantara trim and same on steering wheel
  5. I collect mine from Bell & Colvill tomorrow! Will post pics when I have it
  6. Looks fantastic! Hope the running in isn’t too frustrating. I hear Jamie is now on holiday chatting to Antonia @ B&C so I will be patient for mine.
  7. Don’t forget to take pics! Please send my regards to Jamie. I am hoping my Azure blue 390 arrives at B&C next week
  8. Lucky you! Enjoy. Which dealer are you with?
  9. Sounds like you all had a good time. @Greg | ValetPro would you be up to re-run this another time as I’d love to learn more about how to look after my car
  10. Sorry not me. My Exige is due in July so I’m now doing a triathlon that weekend. Plus I don’t think a lumbering diesel Volvo SUV would keep up on your run out!
  11. Did you not like the blue one at Oakmere? Bell and Colvill had one in grey but that may now be sold
  12. I have an Azure Blue 390 on order due week 27 which is start of July I believe
  13. All the best. I doubt I will have my car by then though so I will have to decline.
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