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  1. Good review, not having driven the Emira, but having had several 911 and still driving a 981S for the last 7 Years, I am sure it will be tough to beat Porsche's reliability, performance in the twisties, and cultural following (after all I am German, albeit living in the states for the last 25 Years). I still have my order in for the 718 GTS4.0 to replace my aging 981, however, I also ordered the Emira as mentioned before, more or less on looks and specification alone, hoping reliability issues are a thing of the past. As much as I love the handling of my car, I have to admit the styling is getting old. Not much besides little facelifts, which some see as being great and shows Porsche sticking to it's roots. I'm certainly in for something else, more exciting, and the Emira seem to tick all the right boxes. In the end it's not always numbers and single picked out comparisons, it's also about gut feeling, longing for something new and exotic and I'm looking forward to the next agonizing 12 to 18 month of wait....
  2. Happy no such noise regulations at our F1 track in Austin (COTA), but I do drive rather in quite mode on my 981 with a switch of the button. I'm hope once the car hits the states, Soul and Fabspeed will offer a valved exhaust, they have done nothing for Lotus so far, but hopefully with the more popular Emira, they will give it a try.
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    Hmm, not quite agreeing with that statement. I placed an order for the Emira after having 911 and Caymans for the last 20 years. Certainly lots of enthusiast on the Porsche side of things, especially with the Cayman, judging at all those Porsche Club events, from track days to Autocross over the same period. I think the Emira is the first non-Porsche I and other Porsche fan consider by being more mature and not just appealing to the 10% die hard track junkies. It's a car I know I can take my wife on a road trip and she will enjoy it, as well as taking to Autocross and track days.
  4. Hi new here from Texas. Just placed an order ( I know I am let to the party) after waiting for the last 6 month on my Porsche GTS 4.0 allocation and stumbled across this marble of a sport car. Placed my order, of course another 18 month minimum wait, but still enjoying my 981 S for time being and looking forward seeing all those gorgeous deliveries you guys will take way before me, good luck! Dealer in Dalles claims first demo Emira will arrive by September for a test drive, looking forward to it!
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