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  1. Ease of use has helped sell more cars, unskilled £s are worth just as much to car makers as skilled ones. Ease of use will help sell more Emiras to those who always fancied an Exige but just couldn't get on with getting in and out. The looks will help convert those who liked the idea of the Evora but never lusted after it sufficiently to write the cheque. I fear Mr Cayman buyer will remain wary of Lotus and what his friends might think. Mr 911 will no doubt consider it a lesser car. Mr Boxster won't be interested until there's a soft top version. Mr M3 couldn't give a toss for power/weight cle
  2. Promo code HEIDI gets 15% off. I tried, it worked. Got 4 sets for £215 delivered. One chancer was flogging these on FB for £95 a set!
  3. Cause for celebration if that was the case but will keep the champagne on ice for the time being.
  4. Are you being serious? The 'cover' is made of pixels. It doesn't look remotely real. Both are CG. Beyond dispute I'm afraid. Hate to break it to you but they didn't hatch real Dinosaurs for Jurassic Park either.
  5. Pixels. All CG renders. As everyone knew some time ago. They will be bringing prototypes to GFOS obviously.
  6. "Today we're building our first prototype vehicles as they come off the line" That was 'we are building' not 'we have built'. So testing hasn't even started yet. Gearing up a production line for mass production on a scale not seen before at Lotus won't be a simple or quick job either.
  7. Lotus haven't even built prototype Emiras yet.
  8. Yes longitudinal engine would be amazing for Emira, something 'old Lotus' would no doubt have considered. Very much doubt we'll see them bother to change the Evora underpinnings that much. Big cost, not enough people care. Cup holders it seems are much more important to buyers.
  9. They are still building Elises up to Nov no way Emira will be early 2022.
  10. Evija is very compact especially for a hypercar. The car under the cover would be Elise sized. Emira will definitely be bigger than that but it’s just a CG render and not especially accurate. Clearly no bolt on aero parts on Emira which does suggest electric ‘active’ aero. Not the lightest way to do it but I have been told Chapman believed aero parts should be integrated so might approve of that at least!
  11. Love the way the Evora is a luxury GT to Lotus. Sticking point for the cabrio was that they thought it needed electric folding roof to compete in its segment which added hugely to weight, complexity and cost. Finished car would have been very expensive and lacklustre sales of the coupe didn't encourage them to take the risk. Numbers didn't work out basically. Two sticks and a roll of cloth would have been preferable to me. Heck Lambo got away with it with the Aventador. You can't axe 3 models, two of which have a removeable roof and replace all three with a single 2 seat coupe. Especially
  12. Makes a lot of sense to carry over one of the Evora's best attributes. I hope that's the case but it will limit some of the tech applications that Geely are so keen on. EPAS is essential for stuff like self driving - something that would deliver against the promise of unprecedented usability. Geely were talking a lot about autonomous driving tech back at the 70th Anniversary event at Hethel in 2018. Their ambition was to be world leaders in it.
  13. Interesting but you should expect them to be closely matched especially with the same wider tyres. The Sport also makes more downforce than any previous Evora so you're not comparing the GT430's downforce with zero. Claim for the Sport was 100kg of downforce - about the same as the 911 GT3. Gain in high speed corners could just come from more confidence due to feeling of increased stability. It very much depends how the cars are being driven and if the driver was able to extract all of the performance advantage from the GT430. I would not expect your average sports car driver to be able to exp
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