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  1. What does that actually mean for dealers and what difference does it make for customers?
  2. jimichanga

    Emira GT4

    2020 McLaren 570S GT4 cost £180k new
  3. jimichanga

    Emira GT4

    That’s the price for the customer GT4 race car in which you can compete in British GT and other international endurance race series. The equivalent Cayman GT4 Clubsport costs £157k including VAT
  4. Does it really doesn’t matter whether it’s an Evora tub, modified Evora tub or all-new tub of near identical dimensions? Unless Lotus can show us increased torsional rigidity numbers or explain where the chassis has been improved and what benefits it brings it’s near irrelevant. Is it stronger in some places, safer, lighter or were the changes focused on ease of entry? We’re still waiting for that information. The few that care are anyway. Most people just like the way it looks and that’s enough for them.
  5. If that’s your idea of an all-new car then your ambition for Lotus is sorely lacking. 991 and 992 are indistinguishable to 99% of the population. Classic case of people here only seeing what they want to believe regarding how much Evora is under the Emira. All-new is quite a stretch and certainly not how Chris Harris sees it. Lotus need to convince him otherwise (they should put an Evora and Emira chassis side by side and go through the differences) otherwise this rehashed/reheated/warmed over/reskinned Evora will stick.
  6. Matt Windle is getting an Elise not an Exige. The Emira is much closer to an Evora but has gained weight and lost power. It’s intentionally nothing like an Exige which is uncompromising, prioritised driver involvement over ease of use and deemed of limited appeal as a result. The whole point of the Emira is that it’s a car for those who thought the Exige was too hardcore, too small, too basic.
  7. I’m old school I’d prefer to see a new sports car proven and promoted by Motorsport success, movie product placement for reaching the masses and endorsed by people I respect and admire, ideally those with recognized driving ability not passed around online for clueless self-appointed car experts to tell me how insane it is. True though that Harris slating the 911 would make little difference now. People make money on new GT cars whether they are any good or not. But if Chris Harris’s influence is limited in reality then it beats me why car makers are giving so much to self-appointed youtubers with zero car journalism experience and no credibility as drivers.
  8. Following that logic 911s should be excluded too. The only significant changes to the new GT3 are front wishbones and improved aero. The Elise 240 is a new model, obviously the last version of the Elise so this year was the only chance to get in the contest. A number of other car mags featured one in theirs. If the same car was released next year as a new car it would win hands down. No doubt hailed as a return to what really matters, breath of fresh air, purest drivers car, antidote to heavy huge bhp madness, most relevant sports car for our time and so on. It’s only being overlooked through familiarity the same thing that seems to work in favour of the 911 according to Richard Meaden.
  9. Travesty was no Lotus in ECOTY. If it was all about fun behind the wheel as they claimed then any Elise would beat any M5 any day of the week. If the test involved hours of autobahn driving with 4 other people then fair enough. But how many here would honestly grab the M5 keys first? Plenty of other obvious omissions. No Alfa Giulia GTAM? Ferrari 812GTS? Maserati MC20? GR86? I think there’s a degree of making do with what’s available. They had nothing good to say about the SF90 or Vantage so why even bother taking them?
  10. Be careful what you wish for… he was happy to slate the Evora at every opportunity so it would be highly inconsistent if he was super positive about the Emira. Hopefully his expectations are in check going by his ‘not a new car underneath’ comment. Hope no-one mentions it’s an Evora! If Lotus have succeeded in making the Emira easier to live with then the main benefits may only be obvious to longer term owners, not car journos thrashing one round the block or showboating for the cameras on track.
  11. jimichanga

    Emira GT4

    Love to know more about the 440bhp Emira GT, please make up some more stuff about it!
  12. Future of Lotus anyone? I don’t see much of a future for this thread if this pitiful nonsense continues much longer. No wonder Lotus are after new types of customers. Must be torture dealing with you lot!
  13. there are still people waiting for final editions to be finished are those the last cars by chassis number or something then?
  14. Harry has a thing about getting his big three 80s poster cars. He used to have a 930 Turbo but said it was disappointing and sold it. I think the Esprit was his alternative route to create the ultimate 80s threesome. For whatever reason he’s gone back to another 911 Turbo after he found out they did an ‘S’. It’s ultra rare and I guess a more impressive threesome for him (they are all red too) and the circles he mixes in. It’s all in a recent video. Can’t see why his new 911 Turbo would suddenly be much better than the last one but there you go. No idea why he wants an Emira with the other cars he has but I like his videos and it will be good for Lotus that he’s getting one. You have to hope it will be a good ownership experience, he’s not afraid to criticise a car if he doesn’t like it!
  15. Wow. Really thought it would do better than that. Worth more on looks alone. But who beyond places like this have any idea what a Stratton GT is?
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