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  1. I can’t see how it’s penalising a dominant maker to suggest that those seeking variety should also consider some of the alternatives. Regardless it looks like Lotus are having a proper go at taking some sales from Porsche. I hope it works out well, some proper competition will result in better Porsches too.
  2. After some YT research it looks like later Evoras were geared for 78mph in 2nd. 104mph in 3rd. So only a little lower. That’s on 20” rears, might be a little lower on cars with smaller wheels.
  3. Should add that buying a GT430 does get you a pass though, just the one Cayman though mind!
  4. Trouble is buying a Porsche is an anti-variety move. Most fast car buyers think you have to be raving mad to spend the same or more than a Cayman GT4 on an Evora. Porsche’s dominance has come at the expense of several smaller sports car companies, not all of which were British, some were German too. So you’re either fuelling the overs madness, contributing to Porsche’s success or taking a stand against it (insignificant perhaps but at least not making it worse). The press won’t support the underdog alternatives, that’s left to buyers.
  5. Isn’t the Evora gearing actually quite similar to the Cayman?
  6. A nice oasis away from Emira hype, happy to keep this going. I heard that Lotus were planning to do an Evora FE. I don’t know why it was canned, but the 430 engine was rumoured so perhaps they decided against putting out an ‘old’ car that upstaged the new one, perhaps understandably. To be fair sales of the GT430 Sport were almost non-existent so that probably didn’t help much either. That car had an incredible spec for £104k but no-one saw the value in it at the time, 1 single UK sale I believe. Spec for Evora FE wouldn’t have matched it but price would probably have been close, then what do they call it?! You can see why they might have decided against it. Shame though the Evora deserved a sign off. As it turns out US Evora GT is effectively now the FE and not far off in terms of what was being suggested. I think the Exige S2 also had a Final Edition that was only available in the US.
  7. OK understood. Clearly one of the special ones! I tried to private message you but I don’t think I am any longer able to. I caught a glimpse of something in one of your shots that might be of interest to someone I know, so was hoping to see another shot to confirm. All that aside those Plum Crazy clams look amazing on their own. Finished car will be quite a sight! Congrats.
  8. @David Standing do you have any more pictures and who sent them to you please?
  9. Unfortunately delays are industry wide problem. I agree that it would be nice if there was an industry wide response in offering some form of compensation. However Lotus we’re pretty blunt about the FE being a take it or leave it price so I guess they are sticking with that approach. I know some had plans for their FEs this year but with the last ever car there is an element of the later the better isn’t there?
  10. I really can’t see that at all. The Sport 410 was Lotus’ attempt to make the Evora more of a Lotus by adding lightness. Seemed to work well for other car companies, take stuff out, charge more. Well worth a punt and it resulted in a uniquely brilliant car. It was both a more engaging Evora, better sports car and bigger sales failure than any previous Evora. Even now they are unappreciated, you can get a barely used one for £65k these days, probably less. I think the consensus is that anyone wanting a lighter or more track focused Lotus would buy an Exige so it became the Lotus nobody wanted. It should have been the Lotus for those unable or unwilling to go as extreme as the Exige but still had an interest in trackdays and a more visceral, responsive experience on the road. But my goodness it’s some car, beautifully judged to nudge the Evora further towards the sports car end of the sports car-GT scale. For my money a better choice to have alongside an Emira than an £85k Exige.
  11. Sorry just meant that I don’t think Lotus will be shouting from the rooftops about the V6 FE’s actual weight and might well gloss over it altogether. I think for people that haven’t previously cared a great deal about their car’s weight before (let’s face it, most buyers) it’s quite reasonable to not care greatly about their V6 FE’s weight. Still lighter than a modern 911 and most don’t think of that as a particularly heavy car. Taking a more casual approach to weight has won Lotus many new customers and the package and pricing is so strong the Emira seems to have won over most Lotus diehards too. The car has already proven itself to be exactly what Lotus need to be doing right now. Worst thing they could have done is listen to someone like me. Same with Porsche when I genuinely thought the Cayenne would irreparably damage the Porsche brand and was the beginning of the end for them. Thought Bentley were playing a very dangerous game going after footballers too. How wrong can you be?
  12. Thinking about it they have no choice but to quote lightest possible weight but we all know that no-one drives a car in that spec and dealers discourage anyone from ordering one. At least Emira has a lot of stuff as standard, very few options and none that would add weight apart from auto box. But I will expect them to keep quiet about what it actually weighs. The few, if any, owners that care will have to find out for themselves.
  13. Yes did notice the suspension, definitely looks like AI had a hand in refining the design to those organic shapes. Great to see some ambition for a traditional Lotus area of expertise.
  14. I believe most Evora 400s that were actually weighed came in over 1400kg. GT410 Sport with all the carbon options should be similar to original Sport 410 at 1325kg (lightest possible) but they didn’t have the carbon buckets and were later revised upwards to a more believable 1360kg wet. When it comes to Emira I don’t believe the 60kg of added stuff includes everything you get in a First Edition. 1405kg was another lightest possible figure, presumably for the base i4. With 12-way electric seats and Kef hifi among others I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the total kerbweight for a V6 FE is close to 1500kg. Doesn’t matter though clearly when the car proves how little buyers care about weight, even Lotus buyers going by comments on here. But one or two Evora Sport owners might drive home with a bit more appreciation for their cars after a back to back test drive.
  15. Represents good value when you look at the spec, FE cars are fully loaded, very few cost options to add. Impressed things like forged diamond cut wheels are not extra also that all paints are the same price. Seneca blue must cost more than solid yellow! Don’t get why black pack should be £1200 but most colours look better without it anyway. I wouldn’t bother with any of the cost options personally. Would have liked to see some carbon and other ways to add some lightness but I guess that is to come.
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