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  1. Only if that emoji represents your actual height above a sofa.
  2. really surprised by this hardly any views but quite unlike the clueless youtubers this reviewer actually did his homework before driving the car. Clearly an old review but one of the best I’ve seen for the Evora.
  3. Strange to think that anyone here would want a terrible review about a new Lotus. If I’m being honest it came as some relief given Harris’s previous utterances. Everyone I’m sure wishes Lotus every success with the Emira but not everyone wants to buy one in its current spec. That’s all there is to it.
  4. Makes no difference whatsoever to me if Chris Harris loved it or hated it but many were hanging their hopes on his review. He is very influential sadly but it’s refreshing to see him giving Lotus a break with a very important car for once. Some short memories here regarding what he has written about Lotus in the past. I don’t agree with what he wrote then so I’ll wait to make my own mind up about the Emira now. Unlike Chris Harris no offence intended.
  5. First car you see on Top Gear has been a Porsche ever since Chris Harris started. White GT3 is always in a prominent position on stage next to the presenters. Something going on for sure but given that, surprised he gave the Emira such an easy time. He has previously accused any British journalist of giving the Evora a favourable review of being dishonest, jingoistic and ultimately damaging to Lotus! Still, his view does nothing to change my own but it’s good news for the more easily influenced.
  6. Having just seen it, it was very inconsistent from Harris but a good boost for Lotus, they will be pleased with that.
  7. He has been brutal about the Evora, too close in spec and price to his sponsor’s 911. Maybe the cheaper 2 seater Cayman rival will get a pass but it would be pretty inconsistent if he likes the Emira. We’ll see either way soon enough.
  8. Castle Combe is no issue on a 105db day. B&C have done several trackdays there, loads if Lotus making loads of noise. There’s another one coming up in August.
  9. ‘Supercar looks for sportscar money’ seems to be what has really captured the attention of the new to Lotus buyer who don’t seem to be bothered or perhaps not aware of what the same V6 was putting out in 2017 or that Lotus have docked 60bhp from the AMG turbo 4. Price and styling have been critical up to this point. Any decisions taken by Lotus to alter either could have cost them the wider market they desperately need to reach. The power levels offered seem to be considered ‘fair enough for 60 grand’ even as they write a cheque for £75k.
  10. It will still be an amazing car in isolation it’s just those of us who have seen what Lotus can do on a shoestring might be expecting a bit more from a big budget. I suspect it will be more of a slow burner for some in that it might shine more brightly as a longer term ownership proposition than on a 20 minute test drive. It’s got to be the most comfortable and capable long distance Lotus ever, or at least since the Lotus Carlton. I can’t see it matching the thrill of the Exige, not much does, but most see it as an improvement over the Evora even if I am yet to be convinced. It’s done very well for Lotus already and the only way we’ll see faster versions is if they sell a lot of launch editions so it’s all going according to plan. Doesn’t look like anyone’s going to be out of pocket if they do want to sell any time soon so best to enjoy it for what it is and rack up some miles in the last petrol Lotus.
  11. Low to midrange performance is not what I want from a sports car on the road but all decisions taken by Lotus have been justified by the full order book. You have to wonder what might have been had the Evora been a 2 seater… it’s ingenious 2+2 packaging put it too close to the 911 and it made the unfavourable comparison inevitable. I don’t believe an Emira in a spec to please everyone here would have sold better and would likely have been more expensive so likely to have sold less as a result. So Lotus were right and I remain surprised by the reaction. Better this way round for once. Beats making inspirational drivers cars that too few appreciated.
  12. So here we are again making more excuses for ‘the Lotus that needs no excuses’. With a vocal V6, another 200 rpm adds a lot to the enjoyment of the car, particularly in the car billed as the last ever ice Lotus. They have held the Emira back for future models as per standard industry practice but if it’s true that the Chinese i4 has 400bhp then it makes the 360bhp figure we get look arbitrarily under-nourished. It also supports the speculation Lotus did it so as not to show up the ‘flagship’ V6, in China where there is no V6 to embarrass they get the fastest Emira of all. Doesn’t seem right. In either Emira if the power tails off in the upper reaches of the rev range then so will my interest in having one. Plenty out there who prefer to shortshift but I for one would miss the way the outgoing cars rip through the final 1000rpm and crescendo right at the limiter. Such is the intensity, mechanical fury and accelerative thrill that you really notice the lower limit in ‘Tour’. For a moment it feels like there’s something wrong with the car, back into ‘Sport’ and that first run to the limiter is especially satisfying. All is well again and it’s the crazy, howling lunatic you know and love.
  13. Agree 7000rpm is a minimum for a sports car engine. What’s the betting the Emira S gets the missing rpm and bhp. The V6 always felt like the cut out was too early at 6800, you really do notice it. Being stuck forever in that would definitely take the shine off it for me.
  14. To quote the much maligned Matt Prior from Autocar: ”the best weight for a Lotus is the one at which it sells” A fair point but governments aren’t to blame buyers vote with their feet and there has been a stampede for the Emira!
  15. If quality really has been improved then that is what they should be shouting from the rooftops and focusing on in their marketing. Not waste money on wishy washy pretentious lifestyle crap. The car has succeeded in spite of the marketing which deserves no credit at all. That belongs almost entirely to Russell Carr and his team. A proper revolution in quality is what will build the brand and finally shift brand perception. To reach people who couldn’t take Lotus seriously before or ever really consider buying one it does make some sense in axing all the previous cars and change the logo and have a clean break with the past. But You better offer something radically different to what has gone before with an ambition to not just match your rivals on quality but beat them. They need to tell people what they’ve done to improve quality, how they’ve done it and prove it. They won’t get another chance to really challenge preconceptions. Your typical Porsche owner will make up his mind within a few seconds about the interior of the Emira and he will be looking for things that feel cheap. For a proper cart blanche, line in the sand moment it probably would bar been better to launch with the AMG I4 and taken another year to make sure quality was the thing that all sounds the journos we’re writing about. ‘A Lotus with better build quality than a Cayman’ is a story that can shift perceptions. The take out so far is more like ‘Lotus have a go at the Cayman and get pretty close’. The familiarity of the V6 has not helped sell the message that ‘things are radically different now’. They only did it to get it into production faster under pressure from Geely perhaps, but I think the overall message now is ‘Lotus are trying bless them’ rather than ‘f me you won’t believe what Lotus are making these days’.
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