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  1. You are 100% tight and everyone knows it! 😉 What a car that would have been (which nobody would have bought). Seemed very odd at the time but axing it and airbrushing it out makes more sense now. Someone leaked the planned specs a while back and yup 430 motor was on the cards. Pretty much the same spec Emira owners are dreaming about for the 2025 Emira V6 Final Edition.
  2. Since when did ease of getting in and out become so important such on a Lotus forum? Why did anyone who think it’s so great all of a sudden ever buy a Lotus? Also why did the Exige (the hardest car to get in and out of) sell more than the Evora (by far the easiest and most practical Lotus of the previous range). ‘Like a normal car’ used to be a negative around here. I get that car buyers who are into prestige and impressing other people think the Elise is a toy/masochistic/kit car and they could never take it seriously as ‘a proper car’. The Emira has already achieved the near impossible in convincing so many who previously mocked Lotus to consider actually buying one. All credit to whoever is responsible but somehow they’ve gone one better in convincing many even here that the old cars are crap, weight doesn’t matter but ease of use, cup holders and infotainment are what really matters in a sports car - and done it with a car that’s slower than its predecessor. This sort of thing normally takes decades. Seems to have taken Lotus two weeks at the Goodwood FOS. Truly remarkable.
  3. I don’t see why anyone would want an Emira so badly that they’d pay extra unless it’s just to be seen in the latest ‘it car’ at meets before jacking it in for the next big thing. On paper it’s a step down from the last Evora never mind Exige as a fast car.
  4. Funny watching you lot trying to talk Exige prices down while Emira thread is trying desperately to talk them up! I’m guessing a lot have told their other halves that their Emira is going to be an investment, she’s probably booked the holiday already! 😆
  5. The market wasn’t given a chance to buy the Evora it was starved of the promotion the Emira has enjoyed, though interestingly the Evora was much better received by the press. The Evora did become expensive under JMG I guess he figured that if they’re only going to sell a few they need to max the profit on each one. But the Emira isn’t any better than the Evora as a daily useable car, it’s no more practical or easier to get in and out of, it’s less practical if anything. Only major advance is in infotainment which will of course be out of date before the end of the year. However the perception that it’s a ‘grown up’ Lotus is working wonders and probably helped by Lotus dropping the Evora like a hot spud before anyone realised how similar they are!
  6. Funny watching people here desperate to talk prices up whereas over on the Exige market watch they are trying to talk them down! It’s definitely the Exige that’s really ‘for the drivers’. Sure who doesn’t like a sports car without the depreciation but Emira owners seem more preoccupied with ‘turning heads’ and financial performance, Exige owners are more into turning corners and straight line performance! 😎
  7. As with all conspiracy theories incompetence is infinitely more likely to be at the centre of it than evil genius.
  8. Less brash?! Not a word that has been associated with the Evora. Neither are they known for being impractical or difficult to live with, Emira looks less practical in some regards such as less luggage room and 2 seater only. Just goes to show how much styling and hype matters for sports car sales. We still have no evidence from the factory or anywhere else that the Emira offers any improvement in performance over the 2015 Evora 400. The biggest change is styling inside and out and the results speak for themselves. In a more rational world they would have sold a lot more Evoras and a few less Emiras.
  9. How do you know how long he had it for? Or if he sold it? Could have been a loan car from the factory.
  10. Another stunning GT410, if it is the car originally given to Clive Chapman that’s even better 👍 very rare car anyway but even rarer in Empire Green so it might well be.
  11. Essex Blue and Vivid Green cars are stunning. That said I haven’t seen a GT410 that isn’t. And there are still people who say they don’t like the Evora’s styling. They should use them in the next specsavers ad.
  12. Lots of people on other forums think the opposite so I think it might take a bit more than one view from an Emira deposit holder to give that credibility. Each to their own of course but selling an Evora GT410 for an Emira makes no sense to me unless I always wanted a less focused, more daily useable all rounder with more modern interior and found myself owning an Evora by mistake.
  13. S is a fantastic package, especially SR if you can find a really good example that’s the logical next step. Very fast and capable car. Best value option but later GT cars are the ones to have if you can stretch to it. Original Sport 410 an absolute gem and still a complete bargain even if they are starting to pick up in value finally.
  14. @mg4lotus with the amount of cancellations going on and economy nose diving there will be plenty of stock and good discounts too once they get production going. The timing looked so good last summer. While I fully accept that most of the delays due to are industry wide supply problems the way they are treating customers could yet cost them dearly.
  15. You know you’re in for a long wait if Shmee and Harry Metcalfe are still waiting…
  16. How long before the Emira S is announced? I accept production is still a long way off but later in 2023 would have been the likely original plan. I guess if sales of the vanilla Emiras are still strong then it won’t matter if the S is delayed but if the plan was full EV by 2025 the ‘S’ version won’t be out for long or potentially might be axed all together. They will probably want to keep interest in the car high though which could mean some getting their regular Emiras after the ‘S’ has been announced. I suppose strong residuals will save Lotus’s bacon on this one providing they remain so. .
  17. It was never about ‘chucking the keys to anyone without knowing who they are’ it was about long term relationships where trust with a demo car was earned over time to the point where the dealer felt that the person concerned was responsible and experienced enough with this type of car to offer an extended, unaccompanied test drive on the road or in some cases track too. The same dealers were taking a very different approach to some bloke in his 20’s pulling up in a lowered Fiesta ST. Being told by you that I am old and have to get with the new way of doing this is a good way of making sure I talk to other ‘agents’ first - starting with B&C who already have you beaten for manners and professionalism regardless of how many of Lotus’s Emiras you have on your forecourt.
  18. Because Lotus own the demo cars presumably? While this may have some benefits to deposit holders who are already sold on the car it’s less likely to help convert new sales or those with a long standing relationship with their dealer who were expecting to have some keys thrown their way. Presumably Lotus central gather all your personal information and then proceed to hound you for months on end, end up speaking to your Mrs only to tell her it’s about a new car leading to inevitable bollocking and weeks in the doghouse!
  19. What is the idea behind centralised test drive bookings? Who does it benefit?
  20. Exactly, I was trying to offer some consolation to TomE in suggesting that there might be some benefits to having a later car. Very common for early cars to have some bugs to iron out hopefully yours will benefit from the delay.
  21. Totally understand the disappointment at the way customers have been dealt with and frustrations with delays especially but don’t understand the big appeal of having a very early Emira.
  22. I happen to like the Eletre for what it is but please Lord no more about ‘Lotus DNA’. Means nothing to your more usual SUV buyer and is a complete insult to the intelligence of a clued-up Lotus fan.
  23. Buying a Lotus and not driving it is one of the most pointless things a person can do. Won’t do the car any good to sit in a garage for 5 years either. Really a well maintained, correctly run-in and driven example should be worth more.
  24. Must have been the lowest mileage one left so prob had a very high reserve on it.
  25. Only if it sells. Quite a few high profile SUV sales flops out there from sports car brands already and they all thought their SUVs were going to be the golden ticket.
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