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  1. Everyone is in favour of Lotus making money. Seems very odd to argue that part of that process should be poor customer communications. Ignoring loyal customers wont help them reach the new audience that they need. Simply doesn’t work like that and is not what successful competitors do. When they do finally get the new customers they will surely need to communicate well with them if they are ever going to reach any of their ambitious goals. In my personal experience Aston Martin has been head and shoulders above any other for treating customers well, great attention to detail and always looking for an opportunity to exceed expectations. The experience of owning an Aston Martin was much more than the car itself which was already fabulous. Audi sadly has been very disappointing in my limited experience, they are always looking to upsell some corporate con I don’t want which is very typical of the industry and pales in comparison to the courteous service I got from Lexus. I have had mostly very good experiences with Lotus dealers, never bought a car from Silverstone but they have been outstanding to deal with a number of times but that’s individual dealers not the factory and exactly the people Lotus are seeking to distance themselves from and to upset for no reason that I can understand. I don’t see who it benefits, certainly not the customer, just seems short sighted and short term. I have seen first had some really crap antics from other Lotus dealers, thrashing new cars for sale stone cold and driving aggressively away from shows and the like. Just puts me off them for life instantly. I am now being invited to reserve my Eletre all over social media. I really like the look of it for an eSUV but why would I or anyone else do that? I have been told nothing about the car, no idea about price or spec or how long I would have to wait. What is this weird world where people just throw deposits at everything panic buying cars they know nothing about? Seems old fashioned fact based persuasion has given way to empty hype fuelled mania around all new cars. Latest ‘ad’ says ‘who I will become is up to me’ - seriously what the actual F are they on about and how on Earth is that supposed to inspire someone to buy an Eletre?
  2. I very much doubt it will ever see power like that from the factory but going fast isn’t such a big deal these days, you can wind an Evora 400 up to nearly 500bhp already, modded Emiras will offer similar. Matching the Evora GT/Sport series cars tactility might prove more challenging.
  3. Emira and a GT430 is fair enough, I would probably favour the i4 in that situation. But baffled by anyone trading in or selling up a 1 of 60 GT430 for a 1 of 5000+ Emira. I don’t think Lotus will ever go as hardcore or focused as the Evora GT430, GT410 Sport and original Sport 410 again. The softer, easier, more rounded daily driver approach has already proven to be successful. Adding lightness to the Evora didn’t seem to convince many dedicated Lotus fans never mind anyone else. No doubt there will be faster Emiras but I don’t think the term ‘raw’ or probably even ‘pure’ will be used to describe Lotus cars from here on.
  4. Curious how an Emira could appeal to a GT430 owner. Clear step down imo
  5. much cheaper to buy direct beware of cheeky resellers, good stuff
  6. All kinds of leaks on Instagram I’ve seen the car inside and out. Looks great if very reminiscent of the Urus, possibly intentional as it’s likely to be both quicker and much less expensive.
  7. Toyota V6 is a very good unit despite the sniffy comments it attracts but Porsche have been developing and racing flat 6s since the 60s and the current GT3/GT4RS could well be their best work to date. It is exceptional and an all time great NA unit up there among the likes of the 458 Speciale V8 and Lambo V10. However Toyota we’re willing to let Lotus use Lexus LFA V10 in the new Esprit, unbelievable in itself but Dany Bahar chose to build a V8 instead before the whole plan imploded. Might be the most tragic loss of the whole Dany Bahar saga.
  8. You’d buy the GT4RS if you just for the engine alone. Rear wing is very questionable if it only makes 25% more downforce than the regular GT4 and manual box sounds like it would suit it down to the ground but all of that would soon be forgotten at 9000rpm. The issue is getting one if you want one. The car is brilliant I’m sure but Porsche or anyone else asking for ‘overs’ can do one. Too many other great drivers cars out there to enjoy to be putting up with that crap. Love how we’re hearing all about the regular GT4’s shortcomings now, we were all told repeatedly that it was perfection! Still, never thought we’d see the day when the Cayman would get the GT3 motor. For what it’s worth I’d take the Cayman or better still if they did a Boxster version. Motor was always the best thing about the GT3.
  9. Fuel readings are always problematic on track because of surge due to cornering g, depends where fuel sensor is but Exige V6 drinks heavily on track in any event. Easy to get caught out if you push your luck.
  10. jimichanga


    Wordle 265 6/6 ⬛🟨🟨⬛⬛ 🟨⬛⬛⬛🟨 🟨🟩🟨⬛⬛ ⬛🟩🟩🟩🟩 🟩⬛⬛⬛⬛ 🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩 had to get tactical on the 5th go to rule out the other 4 words it could have been. 4 possibilities, 2 goes left.
  11. I certainly don’t consider 0.9 seconds ‘a lot of time’. Just usual internet exaggeration. Tyres, geo set-up and dampers can all make up more difference than that on their own. Driving tuition could easily find over 10 secs a lap for most of those claiming DCT is ‘massively quicker’!
  12. If the 430 makes more downforce and therefore more drag then you need more than ‘marginally more power’ to go 3mph quicker down a straight. What is the basis for believing that PDK saves you ‘a lot of time’? I don’t believe that’s the case with skilled driver. Your average joe will of course be quicker in the easier auto but the milliseconds saved in shift time does not add up to much. Just another internet myth. Car magazine laptimes have become very political and manipulated by car makers, Ferrari have cars specially prepared for track tests, Porsche use prototype tyres and stripped out cars for laptimes. Nissan did eventually offer the same spec GTR as their Nurburgring laptime car for sale it was massively changed and hugely expensive (six figures on top of the base car purchase). Nobody bought one. God knows what Lambo have been doing to get such crazy laptimes. Lotus have probably been a bit more naiive and given stock press cars for the comparisons having neither the budget nor inclination to cheat which is ironic given how well that worked for them in F1! Heavy cars need only be fast for one lap too. Lotus real world advantage is being fast all day. On trackdays the most capable driver will be fastest in either of the three cars you mention.
  13. What are people here expecting and what are they hoping for from the Emira? The two are not the same. I’m expecting it to be great to drive and the best Lotus for long journeys since the Lotus Carlton. I’m expecting exceptional ride quality, especially with the touring dampers. I’m expecting it to steer, feel and sound very much like an Evora (V6 obvs) but more refined and of course a more modern interior. I also think driving like an Evora is a good thing but I was hoping for more, a real step forwards in performance and dynamics but spec sheet says otherwise. I accept it’s a launch spec, equivalent to an Evora NA and that faster and hopefully lighter versions will come. But faster version might well be an i4 if they don’t just fast forward to EV version. I’m still hoping that it’s the best built Lotus ever and that it can at least match rivals in terms of interior quality and tech but it now seems unrealistic to expect it to drive better than an Evora - a Lotus design launched in 2008.
  14. Just watched Chris Harris video on his new M2CS. It’s very clear that he has deals and special treatment from BMW, Akropovic and Litchfield. The number of times he mentions Porsche is beyond a joke too. It’s likely that a less glowing review of the Emira would please his German masters especially now it is a direct Cayman competitor. It will be interesting to see how that goes. But I would never buy anything based solely on his recommendation as it’s for sale to the highest bidder.
  15. Forget reviews, irrelevant really what anyone else thinks of the car, reviews are another form of paid promotion no really bad reviews anymore. Sounds like it isn’t inspiring great confidence in you which is understandable if you’re not particularly impressed or interested in interior tech. Main change over Evora is styling and you already know how you feel about that. For most here it appears to be enough on its own. If you are into the interior and tech and you think the Evora is already plenty fast and capable enough but wanted a bit more comfort then the small step dynamically will be no issue. If you are expecting a revolutionary ground up all new 2 seater from Lotus and next level dynamics, the new Esprit we were promised then it’s probably going to struggle to impress. There just isn’t anything we’ve heard about regarding suspension design, weight distribution, V6 drivetrain that can move the game on significantly. For what it’s worth I think the reviews will be encouraging there’s genuine excitement about where Lotus are heading but ultimately the Emira will be considered a small step forward. Dynamically at least. Journos might not say it but I think they will see the Emira as a stop gap. Ironically I think an electric SUV is a bigger story for them as it’s such a radical departure for a Lotus.
  16. Great place to start for a resto mod though.
  17. jimichanga


    Wordle 247 2/6 🟨🟨🟨🟨⬛ 🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩
  18. You are all forgetting that there was an agreed overarching principle to ‘let them race’ that was correctly allowed to influence decisions throughout the season. We had a better season as a result and it benefited LH several times not least in Abu Dhabi when he took the lead by cutting the corner and didn’t have to give it back. ‘Let them race’ was agreed throughout the sport at the most senior level. In this regard Masi was consistent and correct to try to find a way to let the championship conclude under racing conditions. Your collective outrage is disingenuous because it wouldn’t exist if LH had won. I don’t expect any of you to admit now that ‘let them race’ is an excellent guiding principle for the sport and for entertainment which is important to anyone who remembers how boring some of the F1 processions of the past could be. F1 has never been a pure sport. Just ask Senna and Mansell about politics. Masi cracked under extreme pressure being human as I’m sure many of us would in that situation but his intentions were for the good of the sport and the spectators. The safety car 5 laps from the end was a nightmare scenario for him. People here still going on about how unfair it was that a leader loses his lead but that’s what always happens with every safety car and LH has benefitted from it many times. Masi wanted to let them race. I am very glad that the championship didn’t end under the safety car. Had Merc pitted LH they’d have won anyway. Having led more laps than anyone else all season (by far) having been shunted off by Mercedes cars twice depriving him of the chance to bag the title earlier, Verstappen did not deserve to watch his title handed to LH on a plate in the ultimate anti climax. I wish Masi well in his new role and given the amount of brainless hate online these days you really have to be hard hearted not to feel for what him and his family must be going through. It will be very interesting to see how LH gets on with a more competitive team mate. Hilarious how quickly he recovered from covid when Russell looked like winning in his Merc! As with any close title battle there will be controversies and 50:50 calls. Really hope the cars are closely matched would really like to see more drivers getting wins.
  19. Have to respect Mercedes and Hamilton’s achievements but his behaviour since has been unsporting and disappointing but nobody’s perfect. I understand Lewis’s emotion but he has to see the bigger picture and not seek to control the sport. He will win plenty more races on his on merit with or without the help of the officials. I get that he’s trying to influence 50:50 calls next year and also that such tactics can be the difference in a close title battle. But I liked to think he was a pure racer and above that sort of thing. But if he had won the last lap race there would be no complaints from anyone, that stinks too. It can’t go from ‘appalling’ to ‘fine’ just because of who wins. If what Masi did was appalling then it should be considered that regardless of outcome. They had 108m people watching Abu Dhabi, Masi was under pressure from the FIA to let the epic title battle be concluded by racing, we can all agree that is preferable. The intention was right, the execution a mess but hellish difficult decision under the circumstances. Assuming it was all a big conspiracy against Lewis is just childish and ignores the reality of the situation.
  20. So if Lewis had kept Max behind him on that last lap to win the title Masi keeps his job and everyone’s happy? Not cool. Mercedes and LH are being the ultimate sore losers.
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    Wordle 243 4/6 ⬛⬛🟩⬛⬛ 🟩⬛🟩⬛🟩 🟩⬛🟩⬛🟩 🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩
  22. You want PPF, often called ‘clear bra’ in the US, it’s good stuff these days and protects the car from scratches and stone chips.
  23. Never heard of this but not many Evoras in Europe with front vents. Might help to post some pics.
  24. R34 is epic drive. It’s like an over engineered M3 with 2 turbos trick 4wd to put big power down efficiently and a load more track proven performance tech. Very famous for its tunability obviously so king of the modded ricer thing which is a car culture all of itself. The RB straight six was proper race engineered it took big lift in power without any mods needed and the rest of the car was up to it too. US market influence is big picture stuff but lots happening outside of their influence. Ford RS already mentioned massive UK following, Mk1 and 2 Escorts at prices few outside that world understand. RS500 has been Ferrari money for years and most owners wouldn’t swap theirs for any Italian exotic. Denial and last chance to by, enjoy while you can is supporting values at the moment. Very strong prices for early Elise Cups, quite a few have sold for more than they would have paid for a few years ago. Good for them at least the Elise is a unique driving experience. Japan you’d think would be obvious market for used rhd Exige and Elise but they have a weird thing for lhd cars and old cars get very expensive to keep on the road, imagine an MOT test that got more thorough and harder to pass every year for some idea. That’s why we take so many of their older rice burners and Integrales over here. Lots of love still for combustion cars but the clock is ticking. There will be quite a few Exiges as garden ornaments in 20 years time!
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