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  1. Beautiful renders. My Elise was certainly a heart over head purchase. Life is too short to have regrets though. Despite the pleasure it brings, it is an expensive toy. The young family should always come first. Life is better without clouds.
  2. So … I’ve got my details from the Archive team at Lotus. There were 59 Sport 240 Final Edition Elise built. The first was given to Norwich City FC charity and the last went into the Lotus museum. Both yellow. So only 57 cars for retail. Of these 9 were yellow so only 7 yellow ones for retail. Who else is part of the ‘Yellow Magnificent Seven’? 😁
  3. What a Wally 🤭 He ordered the wrong colour & trim combo. Not the fault of Lotus. He didn’t read the stereo instructions so couldn’t use his phone or play music. Not the fault of Lotus. He’s a little bit chubby and struggled to get into it. Not the fault of Lotus. He wanted to use it as Grand Tourer instead of a Sports Car and struggled with luggage space and long drives on motorways. Not the fault of Lotus. But hang on … after the run in mileage service and when he got it on proper roads he loved it and described it as superb.
  4. Bringing this thread back to life… I’ll be putting my Elise away for the winter and need advice on current chargers that I can leave on for what could be months. What’s the best out there nowadays in everyone’s opinion? Thanks
  5. My poor Lotus had to slum it next to these bangers in a hotel car park today😂
  6. Wahey!!! Run in service done today and finally made those new little lights come on in Sports mode 😂 Never grow up and never get old 🤟
  7. Absolutely no regrets other than my Elise 240FE has been in storage for most of the summer due to building works. The times I’ve used it have always made me and my family smile….which was the plan. It’s having it’s run in service today so I will finally be able to have a proper play. Let’s hope we have an Indian Summer 🤞🏻 As for the Emira. Great looking car. Not why I bought the Elise though. I wanted something analogue.
  8. Another great review. What ever flavour of the final edition people opt for, I’m sure it will be a good choice. does anyone know the FE build numbers yet?
  9. I’ve ordered a certificate of provenance which should tell me what number my car is in the final run. Won’t be getting it for a while though I’ve been told. It will be very interesting to see how many FE’s they build. I was told by the mechanic at Central Lotus at their open day that all the build slots have now been sold. He also said that of all the Elise variants, the FE 240 is the most complete car for road use. It’s a shame that the Emira isn’t going to be a hybrid and the FE’s won’t be the last combustion engine Lotus. I am hoping that the Emira will be a larger and more expensive car than the Elise.
  10. Yes... Ice cream in the Dales 😁☀️
  11. I must admit I’ve never washed a car so many times as I have with this one. The novelty must wear off soon?! Car cover arrived today from the forum shop. The wife thinks I’ve lost the plot!😋
  12. I don’t believe you can. A good dealership should be able to sort this for you though. They do look good against the wheels
  13. Central Lotus painted my callipers
  14. Yes. It’s the solid yellow. I was the same about not wanting a flashy colour. I decided I wanted something bright and fun though yellow and orange were my two favourite colours in the end. Good luck choosing!!
  15. One final photo after the first weekend... I may have to hide the keys from myself or I’ll never keep the mileage down 😁
  16. I’ve just driven three hours into the Yorkshire Dales and back to buy Wensleydale cheese in the new car. Essential 😆😆😆
  17. Great idea. I no longer use Facebook though. Maybe we could create a group on here too?
  18. The yellow just works so well on the Elise. It’s such a fun colour. Maybe we’ll have to have a Final Edition meet at some point 😎
  19. Today was the big day!!! My solar yellow 240 FE was delivered. Looks fab. Drives fab and it’s put a smile on mine and my daughters faces. Central Lotus in Nottingham were great. Even though it was a stock car they swapped out the fabric seats and door cards for leather with yellow stitching. They also body paint matched the seat inserts and other bits of trim and the brake callipers. A breath of fresh air compared to other car dealers I’ve dealt with over recent years. I would thoroughly recommend them. Family owned. Nice people. Delivered the car in a covered trailer for me too. Bring on the sunshine!!!
  20. I’ve also put on weight but haven’t lost my youthful spirit 🤣
  21. Looks fantastic @AstonGoes!!! Every time I see a picture of a yellow Elise it makes me smile. Go spread some sunshine ☀️
  22. Review in Top Gear Magazine... 9/10 I’m very pleased I’ve got one on the way. The Elise screams fun and for me after such a shocking year I decided it had to be a fun colour. I was unsure though if I’d like a bright colour but seeing a yellow one in the flesh just works. Orange was my second choice. On a practical note with so many SUV’s and cyclists on the road... bright colours for such a low car makes sense from a safety perspective too. Good luck!!!
  23. 8 m 35 s he talks about the shift indicators
  24. Yesterday he showed me his new Audi and the massive Union Flag & GB on the plates that have replaced the EU flag. Couldn’t help thinking ‘That’ll look superb on the lotus’ 😎🇬🇧☀️ The new dash seemed pretty simple. Analogue style dash until you hold the Sport button and then it changes to a digital mode with gear change indicators. Didn’t look like there was any other functionality, but I didn’t play with it for long.
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