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  1. Picked my soft top up on Friday, was 7 months from delivery of car.
  2. I used a couple of coats of pva to seal my floors (dusty concrete) then the big dug tiles. Very impressed with them so far (been down 8 months)
  3. At last, some 6 months from car delivery to dealer, my soft top if finally on its way to them. Can't wait to experience the car with roof off as the weather gets better 😀 Don't think I've seen any of these for sale, so be very interesting where the market is. Selling private or through dealer ?
  4. Hi and welcome. I was at a small local meet today and somebody asked if they could sit in my FE. Once in they were like ‘wow’ 😀 Just seems to attract conversation and usually starts with ‘how small it looks’ compared to nearly anything you park besides! It is just a feel good car. What’s your spec, get some pics up. I picked mine up in October but still waiting for the soft top to come, got 2000 miles covered and loving every minute of it.
  5. Yeah, think so - mine was October. I was like no real rush when I picked up the car but I really want it before the April timeframe as will be wanting to experience the car without roof on by then ... fingers crossed it appears soon.
  6. Must be enough members around these parts to get a meet organised as the weather gets better ??
  7. Got my Certificate of Provenance through too. Number 41 of 59. 1 of only 2 in solid red and the only one fully solid red (the other had the black pack). ... still waiting for the soft top though
  8. What bulbs did you get, and are you still pleased with he results over the stock halogen candles?
  9. Likewise - after putting posters of the Esprit up on my bedroom wall as a teenager, having a neighbour with an S1 Elise in 2000, it took me until the start of last year to finally decide that the time had finally come to get one .... then as I was trying to sort it the news broke about the end of production and the Final Editions. In Feb 2021 I secured a 240FE build slot and picked it up at the end of October. Absolutely loving it. Still occasionally open the garage door, stare in, smile and pinch myself to make sure its not a dream. The excitement is there every time I get in and fire it up. What colour/options have you gone for ?
  10. I also moved from Evo's to my Elise 240 FE late last year. I went Evo VIII FQ300 (had it 3 yrs) to Evo IX FQ-360 MR (had it 7 yrs) to Evo V GSR (had it 7 yrs) Loving the Elise, totally different experience .... but every drive in the Elise is an experience. I did get a GR Yaris too though as a sensible ?? daily so can still have the 4wd feeling if I want.
  11. Reached 900 miles on Saturday so booked in for the 1000 mile service this Friday 😀
  12. I have a switch in the line from the solar panel to the charger unit. I have this OFF plug it into the car, the charger shows charge status on LEDs then I press the switch to connect the panel and check the charger then shows charging. I also put a 5A fuse in the tail to the battery terminal in case of any electrical issue.
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