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  1. Thanks ramjet. I'm counting down the days until collection .... Photos will follow
  2. Had a good look around that (or one very similar) in the showroom a few weeks ago, before they did the interior updates. Thoroughly agree with your comments on Central Lotus too, really nice people, proper Lotus enthusiasts. Mine should be coming in early August 😃
  3. I’ve seen several people work work work beyond retirement age only to pass quite quickly after they do finally retire. I’ve also seen people retire early and just vegetate in front of the tv from getting up to going to bed. I’m not planning either of the above! if I could afford to retire tomorrow I would, but my plan of 55 looks less likely with how things are going at the moment, maybe 60?? just hope health stays OK as that’s a big thing we don’t necessarily have any control over.
  4. I started properly looking at retirement options when I was in my early 40s. Increased my pension contribution, thought I had everything planned to retire at 55. I have plenty of hobbies, none of which involve sitting in front on the TV, so will be more than busy enough . Combination of things like COVID have significantly impacted my pensions, work are proposing to significantly reduce pension contributions due to economic reasons, government committed to changing minimum retirement age from 55 to 57 right when I'm 55, so not sure on impact of this .... BUT doesn't look like its viabl
  5. @PR35H I’m in a similar position. Never had one but thought about it a few times. Have now ordered Elise Sport 240 FE in a July build slot and chosen similar spec: Red with red interior pack, stereo, air on, cruise, mats. Do like yellow lots but just sold my yellow Mitsubishi Evo V so though a colour change was due. Test drives are legally allowed now if you have paid a deposit for a vehicle; even though I had secured a build slot with a deposit I drove a Sport 220 last week just to convince myself I was doing the right thing. Needless to say I didn’t walk away with my deposit b
  6. Trebor_UK


  7. My spec is Red, red interior pack, stereo, air-con, cruise and mats. Rest as standard.
  8. Goo to hear, looking forward to meeting some fellow owners - I'm late to the party so have much to learn !
  9. Hi, Been a Lotus fan for some 30+ years, since I saw a Lotus Esprit SE as a teenager. Never quite managed to own one though, although that is changing soon as I have a placed an order for the Elise Sport 240 Final Edition. Build week 27 I think, expecting to take delivery early August and can't wait. Rob
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