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  1. Lovely Sunday afternoon drive around Oxfordshire and Gloucestershire
  2. Ahhhhh, wellll, I'm not especially good at waxing lyrical or taking pictures of my nice things. It did cross my mind to take some pictures of it in the countryside on Saturday afternoon while I took a leak (against the offside rear wheel of course) on my way back from a drive to Salisbury as it looked rather saucy sat there but decided against it 😬 Suffice to say I love the thing, very different driving experience to the hot hatches I am used to - quite exhausting with the top down in the sun, but incredibly satisfying. I'll try to get some money shots the next time I take it out! Thank you for the welcome, Michael!
  3. Really weird mate, no idea what that is about! Still you got a better deal in the end and sheesh what a beauty you ended up with!
  4. I did test drive it. Had to put down a refundable £100 deposit first before I was able to book the test. Although it was never likely to be refunded as I was pretty sure before driving it I would love it; and I did. Off to pick it up in the morning, can't wait.
  5. I didn't want to tempt fate by posting pictures before I have it in my hands, but here it is
  6. Hello, Thought I'd say hi! Having desired one for the past decade or so and finally managed to be in a position to buy my first Lotus I have somehow managed to scrape together the funds for a Signature Blue Elise Sport 220! I was originally hoping to go for a brand new one later in the year but then they announced the FE 240s with the higher price tags it was clearly going to be too much of a stretch. So browsing the used cars at Lotus Silverstone drew my attention to a beautiful blue one. Long story short, I test drove it a week and a half ago and fell in love with it instantly. Scheduled to pick it on 1st April. Can't wait! Nice to meet you all
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