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  1. Many thanks @ramjet - much appreciated!
  2. Thanks @TomE! Would be great to build that into the trip!
  3. Many thanks Alasdair! I'm planning to get it looked after at B&C so should be over sometime in the summer. Will be sure to let you know 👍🏎️
  4. Thanks all for your kind words, 'likes' and @TomE for the suggestion re Lotus in the Peak - definitely something I will look into. Ryan
  5. Hi All I’m the delighted owner of the Sport 420 Final Edition (Motorsport Green) pictured below, and have finally got round to putting this post on the Introductions section. I’m based just outside Belfast. I know there are a few owners in Northern Ireland and Ireland, but Lotus sightings on this side of the Irish Sea are unfortunately rare. The intention is that this is a “forever keeper”, and I do hope super unleaded will continue to be sold for many years to come. Back in the early 2000s I was a half-owner of an S2 Elise Sports Tourer (Cobalt Blue, with the long-tail roof), but after 2 years of ownership the other half-owner needed funds so the car had to go (really interested to know if that car is still about – NCZ 7060, in case anyone knows). I’ve had a 111 itch ever since and this was my last chance to address it! We don’t have any dealers in Ireland at the minute, but Jamie at Bell & Colvill was really helpful in alerting me when the FE cars were launched and securing a build slot for me. My 12 year old son and I made the 22 hour round trip from Belfast to Bell & Colvill and back in August to pick it up. The 430 mile drive home made a good dent in the running in miles! So much so that I was able to get the running in service completed in late October and I have been able to enjoy full throttle a few times now… 😊. A few forum members have been really helpful already - @Bibs in getting my profile fixed, @milesofsmiles and especially @tactical lizard who have both helped me with lower seat rails (I’m 6’ 3” so headroom is at a premium). I hope to get to some events over the next few years and if there are any NI-based members who meet up from time to time, please let me know! Cheers Ryan
  6. @Troyboy New Cup430 just posted on the Lotus For Sale thread
  7. Hi Kev. Great work on the seat position and thanks for posting! I'm 6'3 too (with a long back 🙄) and collecting my 420 FE in the next couple of weeks. I ordered the TALLRails from Inokinetic when I put my deposit down at the start of the year, but I'm a bit worried that they may not fit the newer seats/rails. They also make the drivers seat position fixed. So I might be interested in a set or two of your brackets if the TALLRails don't work out. I will know within a week or two so please bear me in mind and I will let you know once the TALLRails situation is clarified. Thanks again. Ryan
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