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  1. Hi Bibs. Great news for all of us on this side of the Irish Sea and many thanks for posting the link. I hope that means we will seem a lot more Lotus here!
  2. I had the same on my 2021 Final Edition - full assembly replaced under warranty and the garage that fixed it said they had another similar instance on another car.
  3. Hi Nick. I think I recall reading somewhere that the "Do not remove the roof" message is really to do with the possibility of less aerodynamic stability with the roof off at speeds in excess of circa 140/150 mph. I'm sure you are not likely to be driving at such speeds 😉, at least not on roads in the UK anyway!
  4. Hi Andy Thanks very much for joining the group! I'm afraid @KeithK and I met for a great afternoon at Bishopscourt on Tuesday afternoon this week. We definitely hope to do it again but likely next year before we organise it again. I had never been to Bishopscourt before Supercar Sunday but must say I really like the track. From my own point of view, I have been lucky to take my car on track 3 times in the last month and want to give the tyres and brakes a rest after that 😬! I do hope to organise another run out for the group sometime in the early autumn. @Cooper on here also has an Emira on order and is also looking forward to getting it in the autumn. Hope you can join us at the autumn run out. Ryan
  5. Hi Nick Go for it - the 420 is absolutely fantastic and you won't regret it for a second. There is some good information on 3 way settings at I haven't had tried any of these myself yet, but starting to think about doing so. Ryan
  6. Great day out at the NI Supercar Sunday event at Bishopscourt today - 4 confirmed TLF members @RP420, @KeithK, @AR13 MEO and @Cooper and we all got a few laps in, as well as fielding a lot of interest in Lotus and getting a chance to see some awesome machinery both in the paddock and in action. There were also another couple of Lotus in attendance and hopefully they, and a few other very interested enquiries, will join this group. Many thanks to @Bibs for funding the purchase of the TLF and Lotus banners that we displayed - the banners. got home safely so will live on to advertise our NI group on future days! @KeithK is keen to have another session at Bishopscourt and I'm certainly up for that, now that I know which way the track goes! The first lap was fairly nerve-wracking as I had no idea where the track went, having never driven it before! If we could organise a track session there sometime, please drop a note on this thread if you would be interested in attending. Some Lotus photos from the paddock:
  7. Hi Johnny. Sorry for the delay in responding. The velcro does stick well to the overmats in my car so my footrest simply sits on top of the overmats. Pic below
  8. Great news Keith - thanks for letting me know. @1973 JPS Richard - apologies - just realised I didn't respond to you previously. Thanks for the update and hope you might be able to make it. Bibs has very kindly paid for a couple of logo banners (TLF logo and Lotus logo) which we can use to mark out our Lotus section in the display area. Gareth and I are meeting/departing from The Temple garage at 8.15 on Sunday morning to head down. Keith - you are welcome to join us there too if that suits, or alternatively we can meet you at Bishopscourt. Same of course applies to Michael, Richard and Andy if any of you are able to make it along. Fingers crossed for decent weather - current forecast is at least dry! Looking forward to a good day. Ryan
  9. Hi Michael Thanks for your note. Enjoy the jetski! (and still hoping we might see you on Sunday 🙂) Cheers Ryan
  10. Gareth - Sounds like a good plan - how about meeting at The Temple garage at 8.15 and heading down from there? Displaying cars are to arrive between 8.30 and 10.00, so if we meet at 8.15 we should be in Bishopscourt for about 9am. Andy - congratulations on the new arrival! Hope all going well? Hope we do see you, but totally understand if not. R
  11. @Mike150 @AR13 MEO @Cooper @KeithK @1973 JPS Hi All Hope you are all still able to make it to Bishopscourt on Sunday?! I have to let Aaron Cunningham, the organiser, know numbers. Could I please ask you all to drop a note on this thread confirming if you are still planning to attend? Many thanks in advance. Ryan
  12. Hi Johnny I fitted the footrest recently by just putting it down on the carpet. The parts I purchased included heavy duty sticky-back velcro and foam to prevent the footrest from chafing against the aluminium divider between passenger and driver footwells. I purchased parts 3,4 and 5 from the following page on B&C's DeRoure parts website Good luck Ryan
  13. Hi Richard Hope you had a great holiday and thanks for your note. Thanks too for the pointer to the Vintage Vehicle group - request to join submitted! Hope you can make it to Supercar Sunday! Cheers Ryan
  14. Hi All For those who plan to attend Supercar Sunday, if you haven't already done so please go ahead and buy your tickets via the following link Once you have purchased your ticket, please register your car at this link Registered Lotus will have a reserved parking spot in the display area and I believe you may have the opportunity to take your car on track too. I have asked Bibs about getting hold of some TLF/Lotus flags or banners to highlight our group display area and he has confirmed this should be possible. Fingers crossed for good weather and look forward to seeing you there! Ryan
  15. Great news Keith! Look forward to seeing you on the Sunday! R
  16. Great news Andy! Your GR Yaris will fit in well with the other Toyota engined cars 😉. Sorry I can't make the RMS Cars and Coffee this weekend as I'm away on hols, but have the 7th August in my diary! 4 so far! R
  17. Hi Gareth Didn't know anything about the Legacurry event - all these events happening but I'm oblivious! 🙄 I have started following Andy @Cooper's forum but haven't been able to make it to anything yet. Great that you could make it to the Sunday event too - that's 3! Ryan
  18. Hi Susheel. Sorry you can't make it - hopefully another time! Hi Mike - great that you would be keen to attend Sunday! That's 2 so far! Aaron, the organiser, said there were a few Lotus already registered - if no-one else here, then hopefully we can expand the group more.
  19. Hi Jimmy @blindside Sorry to hear you are unavailable and I hope you have a great holiday. Will definitely put up pics following the event. I think I recall you are going to the Lotus in the Peak event soon. Hope you might put up pics of that trip in a thread too?! Hope we can catch up before the end of the summer. R
  20. @5pence @blindside @Tris... @SSurpal @AR13 MEO @Cooper @Mike150 @KeithK @1973 JPS Hi All Hope you are all well and enjoying your cars in our fine summer weather... Perhaps we might have had the best of the weather on our previous run in April! I'm sure some of you have attended the NI Supercar Sunday events in previous years ( in aid of the Air Ambulance Northern Ireland and the Eoin Henry Foundation. I reached out to Aaron Cunningham, the organiser of this event, this week and co-incidentally he was also just about to put out a call to local car clubs. Aaron is keen that car clubs display at the events over the weekend - and yes, it's not actually just a Sunday event but there are a couple of Saturday events too. The full itinerary is at, but in summary the schedule is: Sat 30th July, 9am - 1pm : assemble and display at NW200 Pits Portstewart Sat 30th July, 1pm - 5pm : drive Causeway Coastal Route to Larne, then A8 to Belfast and A24 to Newcastle, arriving at The Slieve Donard Hotel at 5pm Sat 30th July, 6.30pm : Gala Dinner & Auction at The Slieve Donard Hotel Sun 31st July, 8.30am - 10am (latest) : Displaying vehicles assemble at Bishopscourt Racing Circuit, Downpatrick Sun 31st July, 10.30am - 4pm : Bishopscourt event open to public, including static displays (car clubs and private individuals), live circuit displays and passenger laps available to purchase Sun 31st July, 4pm : Event closes I wasn't aware of this event in previous years so have never been, but I'm keen to attend this year - perhaps both the Saturday and Sunday car events. I might even be able to persuade my wife to go to the ball if there was enough interest for a table. Keen to know everyone's thoughts and availability. Could I please ask you all to respond on this thread - and please pass the message on to any other Lotus owners you know who would be interested in joining us. Thanks Ryan
  21. Hi Guys I purchased the Inokinetic TALL Rails for my 2021 Exige 420 FE last year - direct from Inokinetic in California. They were a great product - but unfortunately TALL Rails don't fit Elise/Exige which are MY17.5 onwards as Lotus redesigned the seat runners and changed the position of the screw holes to attach the runners to the chassis - see picture below which shows the TALL Rails in my car and why they are now too long for MY17.5 onwards: Happily for me, I was able to sell my TALL Rails on to @milesofsmiles (Alasdair). I'm sure Alasdair would be able to give you an update on how these have worked for him - also see his latest post on the subject here. If you have a MY17.5 onwards car, then @tactical lizard (Kev) might be able to help you out. Kev designed and had fabricated some lower moveable seat rails and then some even lower fixed rails specifically for MY17.5 onwards - see Kev's thread here. I have Kev's fixed rails in my Exige and they are fantastic. Good luck! Ryan
  22. Hi Richard Thanks for joining the Northern Ireland group! I haven't heard any mention of Kilbroney on TLF. I have just checked the Kilbroney website and see that entry was only open to cars from 1997 or earlier, which rules out the rest of us in the group as we are all driving Elise/Exige/Evoras. I see that entries also closed on the 18th May. Have you entered? Not sure if anyone else in the group is planning to visit?
  23. @KeithK Thanks for joining the group Keith. Great to meet you last Friday and great to see another Exige v6 on the roads 😉. Look forward to hopefully meeting again over the summer. Ryan
  24. Hi @Mike150. Thanks for joining the group and sorry you missed the meet last night. We will likely arrange another get together in the summer - possibly at the Supercar Sunday event at the end of July. Whatever the plans, all members of the group will be notified and hopefully you will be able to join us next time. @AR13 MEO and I discovered last night that we both live in the Legacurry area so not far from you. Will be keeping an eye out for your yellow Elise on the local roads! Look forward to meeting you. Ryan
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