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  1. Many thanks to James Sylvester for confirming his repair, I fabricated my repair bracket out of a Hillaries blind steel bracket. I carried out this repair with the seat in place, prise off the outer cover gently the catches are very small so it does not take to much prising, unscrew the inner cover plate to access the broken carrier. I cut a bracket to sit between the two outer lips on the seat carrier and allowed the 90 degree bend to sit under the carrier to transfer some of the pull force, To get better bonding i filed off the raised ridges on the carrier to allow the bracket to sit flush with the carrier. I also fabricated a reinforcing plate to cover the outer clamp bracket. so with gorilla 5 min epoxy liberally applied into the rectangular slots i offered the fabricated bracket already reassembled as shown and held in place for 5 mins then taped the assembly overnight the glue took hours to cure but is now solid and the repair seems to be spot on "I was quoted £500 to do both seats"
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    I drove this car Jan 2019 and it really did exactly what I wanted after my 2008 Exige S, Unfortunately it sold while I umed and ahhed i was gutted, I was told it was bought as a keeper so I had missed the boat and didn't expect it to come up for sale, I have been looking at every other GT430 for sale since colour was a big factor in not buying sooner, I even speced a chrome orange GT 410 sport but it just didn't quite fit my need, Obviously as soon as this one hit the classifieds I knew what I had to do. I'm a bit sorry you missed out keep searching I did I have this and a 2003 VTR100 SP2 to keep it company I feel like a very lucky dude
  3. 2Hondas

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    I can still do the exige duck and dive but it's getting harder and who can resist a GT 430
  4. 2Hondas

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    Hi guys just a quick hello. I have finaly let my Chrome orange Exige S go, nearly 13 years and "asbo" is off to a new home. I have treated myself to an early 60th birthday treat ..... covid can do one 😊
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