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  1. Thanks Tony D, Fit the door beams first.... Then slide the doors over the beams... I never would have thought of that.... I may need to get some new window regulators... I'll put a current through them and see what happens. The other door beam was only half as bad as the one pictured... most of it was still intact and probably less than a quarter in the bucket. Good to see the bolts are metric... much easier to source... Whatever were Lotus thinking. The front seat frames are about as salvagable as the pictured door beam... I measured the seats in my wifes Mk1 MX5.... dimensions very close... I was able to source a pair of black leather seats with blue alcantara inserts
  2. The doors didn't need removing... the hinges had siezed and had been opening and closing on what remained of the side intrusion bars... until they fell off. The first pic shows the stripped out doors with the replacement side intrusion bars. The first pic shows the orginal passenger side S I bar... half of it is still intact (more or less) the other half is in the bucket. Need to do some work on the window frames. Acquire one new interior door catch. Assorted bolts and weather stripping for the windows and doors before reassembly. If anyone can give a suitable or workable sequence for reassembly that would be helpful.
  3. Got carpet on my garage floor... not all of it... about 2/3... doubles as a gym and workshop... with occasionally one end of a car inside when work needs to be done and the weather is real crap... Er the carpet wasn't new... taken up from our dining room... It does get vacuumed occasionally 🙂 heh heh heh.
  4. To Tar, Bibs, WindyMiller, Exeterjeep.... and Andy Clements.. thanks for the encouragement... The car is basically in three pieces at the moment... the car itself and two doors separated from the car. I have a pair of powdercoated side intrusion beams... one hinge pin... I would have had two, but lotusbits had used one of the pair they had in stock just the day before. Got a pair of seats today... measured up my O/H's MX5 seats and they were a close match in dimensions... so bought a pair of black leather with blue alcantara inserts from ebay... not perhaps what purists would approve of.... but the original front seats are totally rusted and falling apart... the steel content only useful as iron ore. The rear seats though badly faded from the original black to a sort of indigo-greenish colour are fine... though were (past tense) covered in cat fur... now all clean and freshened up. The key to the whole project as I see it is the doors... disassembling and rebuilding them... oh and I got one nearside window frame... the other 'appears' serviceable... If the doors are doable then the rest is doable... just a case of searching and acquiring appropriate bits Bought a pack of 'rivet nuts'... 120 assorted sizes from amazon... all M or metric sizes... metric bolts are easiest to acquire... the rivet nuts... not seen them before are a sort of crush fastening into holes, recesses and form a sort of captive nut... saw them demonstrated on you-tube.... they look ideal for a lot of applications when reassembling body parts etc.
  5. I know that Lotus were masters of the art of utilising parts from other manuf... I've seen a pdf file somewhere ... someone has taken all the trouble of compiling a spreadsheet of crossover parts for various models... but I can't seem to relocate it or recall on which site I saw this. Anybody know??
  6. This is an old thread... but a current topic for me... I have two new powder coated beams and would like to drill / tap and fit grease nipples... but where?? Also the new bushes... do these need to be pressed into the beam before fitting the pins... answer may be obvious to some, but just starting out hence the question...
  7. At the moment I'm just stunned...let's hope we can make it 'stunning.' If you get my drift. Quite a lot of parts either missing or need replacing... starting on the doors / replacement side intrusion bars and new hinge pins this weekend.... On the hunt for all sorts bits from anywhere I can source, haggle, even scrounge.
  8. Less than ten probably... Anyhow I'm Mike... recently acquired a Lotus Elite 501 that was advertised as a barn find.. more of a paddock find... Obviously a non runner... The first job is doors and hinges... actually that is the third job... the first was to get air in the tires... one needed a new valve (old one broken off) so that it can be pushed about... the second is to dismantle the steering shroud and disengage the steering lock so that it can be pushed about and steered. .... Doors and hinges... have acquired a pair of powder coated side impact bars, new hinge pins and one new, well replacement window frame. If it is ever going to move again under its own motive power a lot of work and a lot of parts needed. Hope ALL are well in these strange times.
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