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  1. said 84500 when I looked, it was a yellow one? never looked at collecting cars fees, but that would be mad if there was a £5k fee on top Edit: to add that I just looked into collecting cars and discovered the "buyers premium" it is literally bonkers. The buyer pays 7.2% on top of the auction price, doesn't even include storage or transport of the vehicle.....
  2. I almost bought one with very few miles this time last year, azure blue from a place in Scunthorpe, but I deliberated too long and it sold. it was up for £69k as I recall. I don't think theres much data on the 390 certainly in the uk because I don't there were that many made. indicates there are currently 27 cars registered, I don't imagine many have changed hands.... I think the idea of paying over list for an Emira is ludicrous personally, it's not like it's a limited run or hard to even place an order car like a Porsche GT product, just wait it out and save the ££'s. I see one on collecting cars went for 80 odd rather than the 105k being asked on Autotrader, which isnt quite so bad, but you've still got to really want one right now to be paying that in my view. At least the Exige isnt being made anymore, so there is a reasonable chance of that alone keeping prices up for good examples, I don't think the Emira is a competing product either really so that doesn't hurt it really....
  3. Agree the 410 rides better, you'd hope so on those lovely Nitrons Thats not the issue for me though, I've found the exige a very solitary experience, the other half doesn't like travelling in it, comfort/space/noise etc. so its become a bit like owning a motorbike in that regard, its fine as long as its just me.... I want us to do some European road trips, hence looking at something else. I knew this before I got the exige, but I just had to scratch the V6 Exige itch I've had since the moment they came out 10 or so years back. I'll come back to it in spring I think and see what the market is doing generally.
  4. Agree, this is mine, I think it's crying out for a smaller front plate.... I've noticed Bell and Colvill have one and the same colour in stock, slightly newer, but slightly more miles that they've listed over 62k. I don't think I'm quite ready to sell it yet anyway, I dont really know what I want to replace it with, and its the wrong time of year. Agreed on all fronts, I almost bought a red 420 for low 80's and decided a 350 would be more than enough for what I wanted (road use). - If I knew what I wanted next I'd probably list it for late £50's and see if I got any interest. PX right now seems to be circa £50k from the few I've talked to. Some serious margin in that if the current retail prices (or near) are achievable. Not Lotus related but another car on my list since 2008 was always the Nissan GT-R...... almost bought a year old one for £65k in 2019, same aged GT-R would be £100k now, crazy. I dont know who is paying these prices, but you can get into a lot better cars than a GT-R for £100k, or maybe you can't. I think for now I'll sit on the sidelines and see what happens. Still love the exige, I was just thinking of some road trips and a GT car being better suited. I might keep the Exige and supplement it with something else "interesting" for a bit less money. I want a V8 again before they are totally outcast and taxed even more, maybe a cheaper v8 mustang or something totally different.
  5. Anyone know if you can buy just the storage bag for the covers? my exige came with the green indoor soft cover with this forums logo on it from the previous owner (although its for an Evora according to the latel, but it does the job). I'd quite like the storage bag to keep it in when it's not on the car. I emailed the store on here some months ago but heard nothing back. Its no big deal If not I'll just buy a draw string bag to stuff it in from somewhere else, but I'm stickler for trying to keep things original
  6. Market seems slow at the moment doesnt it, time of year + economic conditions but lots more cars hanging around, and the price premium for 410’s seems to be slowly eroding. I’ve been toying with whether i should move my 2020 Sport 350 on over the last week or so. Bought it from Hendy in Southampton early this year as an approved used car, had the main mods i wanted already done too AIM dash, soft top and PPF around the front end. First one they’d sold from the new dealership apparently! I got it with best intentions of doing chunky road trips and weekends away in it as my 6th lotus after a 10yr gap. i’d wanted a v6 exige ever since they were announced, and now I’ve got one i think my requirements have changed slightly and think I’d be better served with something more GT like. In reality I’ve been treating it like a motorbike than a serious car for travelling in. Ie. Infrequent B road blast for a couple of hours on a weekend and then back in the garage, it’s fantastic for that to be honest, all exiges drive so well. Not sure it’s the right moment to list it for sale though, everyone’s worrying about Christmas, mortgage rates and energy bills just now. Be interesting to see what happens to the market in spring both for exige and generally with other marques too.
  7. Well I’ve destroyed the first decal, measured up as best i could and then went for it…… i couldnt get the decal to stick to the transfer sheet instead of the backing and then it ended up just bringing the backing sheet with it in the shape of the decal so didnt stick….. ordered another one for another attempt next weekend, any tips? I tried rubbing the back of the decal first and warming it up a little and trying to peel at a sharper angle, but no joy
  8. Bought a replacement Exige Sport 350 decal for the rear clam. Before i have an go at it by using online images as a frame of reference, does anyone know how to measure for OEM position? couldnt find anything online, thought i’d ask here…. Thanks
  9. Thanks Ryan, That's more or less exactly as far as I've got, but the carpet overmat in my car is full length, so wanted to find the shorter version designed for footwell equipped cars. Velcro doesn't hook into the overmats in my car, although it does stick to the main carpet underneath really well. I found this out when fitting a small subwoofer in the footwell and ended up velcroing it to the carpet at the far end of the footwell. I'll have to revisit that as part of fitting the foot rest. Does your velcro stick to the overmat or the base carpet? I didn't buy the lotus velcro, I bought heavy duty 3m branded velcro from amazon, I assume its just the same hook/loop stuff? Theres loads of short mat part number from Elise/exige over the years, but I'm not sure which (if any) fit the open gate cars. I'm not sure why lotus stopped fitting the footrest, I can only guess it was a cost saving, it gets pretty uncomfortable as a passenger on longer trips without this imo.
  10. Hi All, Trying to find a short mat to retrofit the passenger footrest into my 350 which also has the full carpets. From memory on my Elises back in the day you had to order a slightly narrower mat. All I can find on the B&C parts site is A120V0059K from the V6S parts list, does anyone know if the open gear linkage has a different footprint to the v6s that would make this mat not fit, or better still a part number for the correct short/narrow mat for a 350? I'm guessing someone must have tried this retrofit by now if not I'll order the mat and try it. Thanks all
  11. My 350 did this, I cured it by sticking another rubber spacer on top of the one that presses down the switch in the front access panel. No issues since.
  12. solved it, received the suggestion on Facebook to hold down the 2 left buttons on the dash after the update which seemed to reset the unit in some way. posting it here in case anyone else comes across the same problem and finds this thread.
  13. I updated my MX2E to 02.34.75 a few weeks back and then the speedo stopped working. Aim released 02.34.76 which according to the notes fixes this. For some reason my car won't update to it though, it either crashes during the upload process, or gets to 97% then screen goes blue and says firmware upgrade briefly, then goes to configuration update, and then boots up back to the 02.34.75 version Anyone had this? or can anyone send me the zip file or a link where I can find it from the firmware directory on their race studio for 02.34.66 which I think is the previous release? Thanks in advance for any tips
  14. Sytner were a little odd to deal with weren't they on the gold one. Still, it was a cracking deal for someone looking back now as long as they didn't have a PX, like you I had the same experience of a poor PX.... I enquired on the JCT car, but it got reserved before they came back to me. The first buyer then had a funding problem so it came back on sale, then while I was talking to them about it and getting details on condition (pics they sent me attached when I asked about the carbon), the same buyer then reserved it again with his own funding, and then pulled out again, so they came back to me again!. No idea if its him again, but it was all a bit odd. I'd mentally lost interest in it by the time I'd done the sold/available Hokey Cokey twice anyway to be honest so didn't go back to it. They were firm on price on their blue 20th, they only offered £600 off after I'd already said I'd pass on it. Completely agree with you on the used prices at the moment, that's what pushed me to consider the 420's while they are still there. The used prices are getting ever closer to new ones especially when you consider new vs. used APR's if you are funding on finance, was even closer when 50/50 was an option, and when there eventually isn't the option of a new one, what are you left with.... The orange Oakmere car that we seem to have all missed out on was the last 410 I would have definitely bought but was too slow on I wanted a new 390 ideally, but I underestimated the demand for them and the low number that would be built so failed on that front too. In a bid to do at least some interesting driving this year I've decided to save £20k+ and put a deposit on a used 350 which seems to have been a garage queen from the pics and description, going to look at it tomorrow. Not what I was originally shopping for, especially when you consider the prices this time last year, but I decided I need to suck it up If I want to do some driving this year, and maybe I'll use some of the 20k on some upgrades....
  15. Old thread, but been looking at the blue 20th at JCT. This car has been on and off for sale a while. I asked for close ups of the splitter yesterday which they sent me a low resolution video, so still couldn't see, but even on that and the pics if looks like theres a biggish chip, was that what you meant or was there a big chip on the carbon service panel? car was 78k currently, but it sold while I was deciding if I wanted to make an offer or not, apparently its back available again today for some reason..... not sure how you get chips in 1800 miles... unlucky I guess Beginning to regret not buying the autumn gold 410 in April last year at 66k.... thought sod it early in the month and tried to just go for a 50/50 deal on a 420, but they ended 3 weeks ago lol....
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