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  1. Ah that’s awesome! Yes would love to join if that’s ok? Would be nice to meet up with other owners
  2. Thought it was about time for me to introduce myself properly after lurking about this forum for the past year or so! I finally managed to pick up my first Lotus, was fortunate enough to pick up this rather special 2015 Exige V6 Cup from another forum user on Friday last week. First impressions - just wow! Really can't wait for the weather to improve and to both head out on track as well as get some road trips planned in! I'm based up in the Lake District, not sure if there are any other fellow Lotus Forum members up this way or in the North West? Would be great to meet up in the future... Anyways, some pics of the car in question:
  3. Well I think should probably introduce myself properly on here, I've just picked up my Exige V6 Cup (no. 123) from the original owner @Glynnsporton here. What a car! My first foray into the world of Lotus and couldn't imagine a better car for it. Just want to say a huge thanks to Steve, the car is immaculate and I for one can't wait to take it on some proper road trips later on this year! Some pics too for those interested:
  4. Hi Steve, dropped you a message on here about your car! Pete
  5. I was just driving through when this was coming the opposite way leaving Coniston today (19th May), glad I had the windows down as it sounded amazing just trundling through the village!
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