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  1. As an aside, after a few years off the road, the Silver Turbo at the beginning should be back on the road by next week! As to the content in any episode - take with a *huge* pinch of salt! Iain
  2. Brilliant - thanks Simon - working on it now - link helps hugely!! Iain
  3. Just had a new screen fitted to my S1 Elise by Autoglass. First thing - they've fitted the rear view mirror 2" too low - so she's got to go back (80 mile round trip from home). Just went to open front bonnet and the cables snapped! I'm assuming they'd have had to ope this to fit screen! Any thoughts on getting this open again? Iain
  4. OK - have some pennies put aside - and have PM'd Sparky to ask if he's up for having a 'play'. I'm sure I can find some Gin - if that's part of the deal! Next step - see if the brakes/clutch have seized... And get a new battery... And, no - I won't start her until new belts are done! Iain
  5. You were just behind us on the track Dragon - that's us in the Yellow Elise on the right. Iain
  6. Yup - biker since mid 80's and a bit of a serial collector/restorer of '80 machines... Current collection: 1985 Yamaha RD125LC - 1 owner from new - me! Finishing rebuild - son will get to ride when he's 17 - and has done some training. 1987 Suzuki RG500 2-stroke square 4 GP Rep - impulse buy off Ebay after Sunday night glass of wine 10 years ago. Usually a bad idea - but this appears to have been a good investment! 1989 Ducati 851 - sounds like a Sopwith Camel on steroids - bags of character and handles like a dream. 1987 Yamaha FZR1000 Genesis. 1985 Honda VF1000F-II Bol d'Or - the one I've generally been riding this year. 1986 Kawasaki GPz900R - nearly finished after respray/overhaul. Iain
  7. Hi Martin - we're Oxfordshire too - between Chipping Norton and Burford. Lovely looking car - must get my '83 back on the road - getting withdrawal symptoms... Iain
  8. Indeed - I'm not seriously looking at anything - just easily sidetracked... Iain
  9. Thanks for link - hadn't seen that... What does anyone think to the asking price on that, given the mileage? 213,000 - £8,490 You've just - randomly - sent me off looking at '60s Europas on Ebay Barry - you're a bad influence! Must get Esprit recommissioned and *not* get sidetracked. Iain
  10. As posted in the Lotus 70th thread - passed 260,000 miles/420,000 km last week - not looking too shabby for those miles! There must be some other high-milers out there? Iain
  11. There were certainly some of the later arrivals, at the back of the pack, that weren't aware that it was a record attempt and just thought it was a series of parade laps - they didn't get copies of the handouts that we were given when we arrived (both about the Record and the 'Contact me' sheet'). The accelerating/breaking was annoying - we were desperately trying to stay as close as we could to the gorgeous Mk 1 Exige in front of us - but it was obvious that some weren't fully 'briefed'. But, record aside, it *was* brilliant to be going around the track with so many other Lotus cars... As others have mentioned, signs said 'see you next year' - so perhaps another try - with clearer briefing notes to drivers? Iain
  12. Absolutely superb day - with brilliant people. Thoroughly reinforced why I've always believed Lotus as a manufacturer, Lotus owners as a community, and the relationship between the two must be almost unique in the automotive world. It would appear that Geely understand that. Great to make new friends and catch up with old. My 11 year old had his first exposure to Lotus (the company) and the community yesterday - although he's grown up with our Elise and Esprit - and I get the impression he was just a little blown away by it. Wants to be an engineer when he leaves school - and this was perfect inspiration. And good to see you again Bibs - must be 10 years since we last chatted - the display looked great! Special shout-out from us to Elisa Artioli who very kindly 'signed' our Elise... Oh , and we were interviewed/photographed by the guy from Evo - as were many others - hopefully a really positive Lotus 70th feature to follow in that mag. I've got a fair few photos - will hopefully be able to post later once my son has finished homework and I can get to the family PC. BiG thank your to Lotus Cars, Classic Team Lotus, Bibs and everyone that obviously worked very hard to put together a brilliant event. Iain
  13. I didn't even know that was a thing! #mustkeepupattheback Might be an idea, if they're interested I guess... Iain
  14. Cheers Bibs - that's another recommendation for @sparky then! Need to get some funds put aside - hopefully looking at March(ish) next year - she *really* needs to be back on the road! And promise to post on the forums more often - been sidetracked with 'life' last few years... Iain
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