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  1. Big bill lighter - but new Bilsteins/springs all round and new rear discs/pads (EBC) - car transformed dynamically - almost feels like new again! Bilsteins far better than the SPAX adjustables that had been on there last 18 months and will stick to these in future. SPAX units were way overdamped - even on softest setting - for the back roads where I live. Iain
  2. Not far from us Dave - but don't think that was us that time... Thinking of spraying the wheels satin black (they could do with a clean up anyway) - what's everyone's thoughts? Iain
  3. Navy Blue hopo - which suits the silver nicely IMHO... Iain
  4. Not an Evora owner - but as a long-time Lotus owner I like to think the brand is generally regarded as an 'enthusiast' marque - rather than a poseurs one - if that makes sense? I've very rarely had any negative comments/abuse - but always had a lot of interest and smiles Iain
  5. What Simon says - on face value it looks restorable... Certainly better than most results of an Esprit fire!!! Iain
  6. It's good to dream eh Simon - but *one* day... Don't worry Phil - she's a keeper - just wish she was a road going driver also... Iain
  7. Have been so tempted to sell her over last few years as she's been a bit of a hangar queen whilst all my money has gone on flying. Got her out of the garage for first time in ages the other weekend - and looking at her on the drive I'm so pleased I didn't. Maybe back on the road next year - we'll see... Iain
  8. OK - so she's now blown another damper - and I have a warped rear disc that needs replacement - but not looking (or driving) too shabbily for her miles. Looked after last 13 years/207,000 miles by Simon Scott Russell at Brooke Kensington in Bicester, Oxon - *very* highly recommended! Who says Lotus cars a fragile and don't last eh? Have fun! Iain
  9. 4 years doesn't mean it's necessarily shuffled off this mortal coil and gone to the great canning factory in the sky - my Esprit has been off the road 5 years - and is still in fine fettle. Fingers crossed that she's out there!! Iain
  10. 213,000 on the Elise now - and still smiling! <bit of a numb bum tho> Iain
  11. Nigel - and neither did I - and I suspect it will go down well in places like USA were they like things like V-Rods. My beef is it may wear the badge, but it doesn't appear to embrace the philosophy. I shall bow out now 'cos I'm sure you're all fed up with my ramblings - I couldn't afford one anyway! Just sooo wanted to see a mould breaking superbike worthy of the name... Advantage - Ducati Monsters handle brilliantly? And my 851 is one of the best handling bikes I've ridden? Iain
  12. Yebbut - that's the point - it looks like this is 'bling' rather than something that's exceptional to ride - that's why I don't like this use of the logo on this bike. If it has Lotus on the side it should be an amazing pice of kit to pilot! As said - prolly just me... Iain
  13. I went for 5 years once - was awful in the spring when everyone was out playing... I do get what you're saying - but I do believe that the Lotus brand is a very strong one - that goes back to Colin Chapman - performance through light-weight and innovation. Agreed that the Lotus logo should be attached to new and edgy things - but they should, IMHO, follow the above mantra. My take on this new bike at the moment is that it doesn't - and that's what I meant by 'diluting the brand'. Anyone can hang a frame around a 200ps engine and claim they have a fast bike - but if it doesn't
  14. Nice one Bibs! I'll have to call by more often (sorry!) Iain BTW - Elise is now at 213,000 miles and still making me smile
  15. Eh? Anyway - what bikes d'ya ride then Advantage? Iain
  16. That wasn't a factory bike that sold for £85k - IIRC - it was built by an enthusiast as a one off and given permission to put the Ferrari badge on it. And as for that design concept - isn't that just drawn up by a Ferrari enthusiast as a 'what if'? Noting: "Ferrari does not want their name attached to this motorcycle concept and told Amir to take it down from his site so I guess we'll just call t
  17. Just thinking out loud - this thing has had a bit of a gestation time in arriving at yesterdays' release - do arrangements for use of Lotus name go back to a certain Mr Bahar by any chance? Iain
  18. @rocket63 - couldn't have said it better! IIRC they are building a limited run of 100? And I haven't seen the price - am sure it's *very* high - but I bet they'll sell them all - to investors - and to mainly be sat in heated storage rather than the roads. For Kodewa it probably works - but for Lotus cars it dilutes/'fuzzies'/confuses the brand IMHO. Iain
  19. ...and poor 'brand' management skills IMHO. Iain
  20. My understanding is this bike is neither designed, or built there and there has been little/no input from Lotus - simply a badging exercise where someone has arranged to licence the Lotus logo/brand. Other's will know more... My expectations were something very sporty, extremely lightweight, short and nimble with superlative handling - maybe hub centre steering like the Yamaha GTS1000 - mould breaking bodywork/shape (not ugly - although I do see they've tried to have some F1 car type shapes in there - but failed - to my eyes anyway). Oh - and Bibs - have tried to edit my old sig bl
  21. Funnily enough - I like the Tron bikes! This was me taking a test ride a few years back Iain
  22. I must be in a minority then! Nigeninja - agreed re. needing something different to modern performance bikes - and I was expecting something pretty radical - but besides it's looks - it looks to have a pretty long wheelbase and raked out front forks - which would suggest a lazy, cruiser style handling. Not something I'd expect from something bearing the Lotus badge... Iain
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