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  1. Great pix - what model of Kwak - that top image is stunning! Don't get any time for track stuff these days (and have too many other things to spend my money on) - but I rate Cadwell as being one of the best for bikes - it's just the weather thats a bit of a lottery! Iain
  2. Hiya Jonathan - apologies - missed that comment first pass... Yes - Brands - Nothing special - just a track day in about 1999 (ish). Wsa up there with a freind that, at the time, had a Westfield Seight (I think that was the model - 3.9 V8) - subsequently steered him in the path of the tru believer and he chopped it in for an Elise, then Exige, then Noble (that thing really was a poorly built piece of junk IMHO) - then another Elise which now sports 300hp of Supercharged Honda Type R engine - up for sale if anyones interested.... No - haven't tracked the Esprit - too precious - although t
  3. Yeah Mark - What you all said! Oh - like your quote too - "What did you want to do when you grew up?" - can *really* relate to that!! Iain Thanks Dave, Even though I haven't seen it 'in the plastic', so to speak - it looks like that deep metallic finish that changes under diffent angles/lighting... I was looking originally for a red one (I thought they were faster I guess ) but the Silver really suits the G cars as it highlights the many curves - more so than many of the other colours. No problem if you can't get the paint code - but it's giving me ideas!
  4. Dodgy - your quote: "rules are for the interpretation of wise men and the obedience of fools" Is that really a Chapman original - I can remember being quoted that on an RAF Officers course many years ago - but it wasn't attributed to anyone. I've been quoting it ever since as it's a great quote. It's now an even better one if it's a 'Chunky' original!! B) Iain
  5. Used to wear Her Majesty's blue suit (part time - Flight Lieutenant RAF VR) and had some fun playing in some RAF Regiment vehicles out at Akrotiri in Cyprus in the early nineties (I think they were Spartans IIRC)... Pretty rapid for an AFV - almost felt like we were pulling Wheelies at times as the driver gave it some beanz Great fun... Iain
  6. Hi Jimmybondi - have to admit I'm coming to the same conclusion Thanks - they help hugely!! Iain Nooo.... Why???? She looks a stunner - really like what you've done... What paint? Thanks! Iain
  7. Thanks for the Welcome Wayne Yellow Beach Buggy? Poor Liz - you'll hurt her feelings! Elise for everyday - Esprit for special occasions! B) Iain
  8. Thanks Jon, I thought it looked a little deeper/darker than the standard silver... Perhaps if I go for a full respray in a few years time - can't really justify it at present as the bodywork is, in the main, pretty good... But, yes, very nice! Iain
  9. Wow - that looks stunning! B) Thanks for that.... Iain
  10. OK - Mechanically Steve @ SJ has gone through my 'G' Turbo and pronounced it fit.... So - we're now at the cosmetics stage. New carpets, door handles, aerial etc., etc on the way - but what should I do paint wise? As an early car it has black bumpers - would you guys have them re-sprayed black, or colour coded to match the car? Am tempted to go the silver route - but as I used to be indecisive - now I'm not so sure! B) Same goes for mirror shells - mine have been (poorly) sprayed silver - but I believe early cars were Black. I fancy silver... And, finally, my car has sm
  11. Yep - good handling machine - although, IIRC, a bit twitchy at times on the Queens highway as (certainly on the ones I rode) a somewhat 'hard' rear end! B) 916 - nice bike - I rather like Dukes - great handling - and the NOISE!!! Never really been into the Custom Thang - although I'd love to have a go on a Truimph Rocket III - all 2.3 litres of the thing... Saw them being tested prior to launch up at Bruntingthorpe (we were doing some pre-season testing with a freinds Radical) and boy were they flying round the track - sounded like the engines were just ticking over! Have fun
  12. Thanks for the 'heads up' on a possible 07 event - I'll have my car back by then - so if it happens - I'll be there!! Going up to Hethel is always like coming home - used to live nearby when I was a nipper - perhaps that's when I got 'infected' B) Iain
  13. Hiya Mat - no - you're not mistaken - a 1:32 Fw 190D-9 to be exact Iain
  14. Erm... Bit like Kimbers (is that a ZRX750? - I rather like Cadwell!) - I like my bikes - I have nine registered bikes - but three of those spares for the other six! Honda VF1000 FII Bol d'Or Yamaha FZR1000 Genesis Ducati 851 Monoposto Suzuki RG500 sguare 4 two stroke GP replica Kawasaki GPz750 Unitrack RD125LC (owned from new - my first bike!) Here are some of them: Then there's the modelmaking - mainly aircraft: Plus lots of others - here's my site Have fun! Iain
  15. Title says it all really - gutted I missed this - any chance of a repeat in '07? B) Iain
  16. Here's another few shots: And - guess the circuit? Iain
  17. Yup - just had new alloy tanks fitted to my S3T by SJ Sportscars - so they still do them! My old tanks were fine but I thought it worth it for peace of mind Iain
  18. Yup - I think the Elise/Esprit combination is perfect - both different - but both clearly sharing the same Lotus DNA (and driver's grin!) Had the Esprit 11 years, the Elise 6 and I wouldn't part with either of them... I'd be tempted by a Twin Cam Se7en as an addition though But I suspect I'm going to have to start saving for the new Esprit! Oh boy - the Saint - do you realise that has plagued me since I was at School - and I *hate* XJSs! Actuerly... Can I blag that image as my avatar?? B) Have fun!! Iain
  19. Hiya Graham, Thanks - having seen the car again for the first time in nearly 3 years on Saturday - I'm starting to get quite excited! I did tell Steve I was in no particular hurry whenm we started! Here's generally what's been done so far: Well
  20. Hi all, Just catching up on all things Esprit and found out about the forum from the uklotusesprit mailing list - so signed up and here I am! Had my 83 Turbo Esprit for 11 years now and she's just going through a bit of a restoration down at S J Sportscars. All mechanical work now done (about
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