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  1. Absolutely awful looking thing - no thanks. From the Press Release - "Are you ready to roar?" No - I'm ready to be sick! Completely unworthy of the Lotus badge. I'll stick to my Ducati thanks (and my two Lotus cars). The idea of a 'Lotus' bike sounded sooo appealing - yet this is a badge engineered mongrel that looks like a Hardly V Rod on a bad day. And that wheelbase/front end rake - looks like it's going to steer like a bus. Just my 10p. Iain
  2. Cheers Bibs - wish I could do more miles in the Esprit though iain
  3. Ta da! Who says Lotus cars are fragile? 200,000 miles (320,000km) and still going strong! Here's to the next 200,000 miles (perhaps with a more comfortable seat though ) Taken on the way home this evening: Have fun - and stay safe! Iain
  4. 197,778 as of earlier today - almost 200,000! Any others? Iain
  5. Have been using Toyo T1Rs for last year and a half (20k + miles) and they're pretty good. Handling was crisper with the Advan LTSs - but as others have said, huge price difference made me change. Iain
  6. I'm now running SPAX Adjustables (via Brooke Kensington) as the supply of Bilsteins via Lotus has been non-existant of late. Can report that so far they've been excellent! Iain (197,778 miles and currently worrying about chassis corrosion)
  7. My boss came back from holiday and threw his copy at me with a smile saying 'I think you'll like that'... And I did Iain
  8. No... You confuse my thoughts on automotive design/excellence (for which I've always considered Lotus to offer exceptional value) with the modern idiom of 'aspirational brands' and overpriced clothing. All IMHO of course - others' mileage *will* vary! Iain
  9. Some of us like our cars without the overpriced tat/bling. Lotus has always been a marque that appealed to real driving enthusiasts - the thought of where DB has been leading the company (and target markets) leaves me cold - as does this launch. Sorry - had to say it... <wanders off to fettle his cars and mutter 'humbug'> Iain
  10. Sorry - just saw post! Soo out of date - 190,000 now and still going strong... (Did have her first ever head gasket replaced at 186,000 miles though...) Iain
  11. Cheers Rich - might be an idea - may even be able to patch the one I've got temporarily with an ally T piece as it's gone on a T joint between two pipe sections... Iain
  12. Hi folks, My 175,000 mile Elise blew the above hose at the weekend and I'm drawing a blank on getting one from the main suppliers as none have it in stock and won't be able to get until next week - then there's post delay before it gets to me. As the Elise is my main car (hence mileage!) I'm a little stuck. Any pointers to a supplier that might have one on stock? Part number is A111K0004K Any help really appreciated! Iain
  13. Iain

    Esprit Videos

    Hi folks, When the site was Esprit only there was a section for Esprit Vids (OK - I *may* be losing it) - is there still an area somewhere for these - not found anything yet? Iain
  14. Bog - I knew there must be a reason for me to keep up with the forums - sounds like I missed a good do! Iain
  15. Iain

    Hi folks...

    There ya go - far too easily sidetracked! <waves> Esprit not brilliant - all tucked up in garage for last two years. All my money has gone on flying - but perhaps we'll get her back on the road in the spring. Getting deep Esprit withdrawal at present. Elise still performing like a trooper - even in these sub zero temps. Heading for 175,000 miles now. I hear there are un-educated people out there that think Lotus cars are unreliable. Think again! Iain
  16. Iain

    Hi folks...

    Cheers Andy - gimme a shout if you'd like to come and fly! Iain
  17. Iain

    Hi folks...

    Hi all, Hopefully some will remember me - '99 Elise (170,000 miles and still in rude health!) and '83 Turbo Esprit (Classic and Sportscar feature and Wheeler Dealers). Been away from the forums for far too long - family crises and getting Pilot's licence to blame - but back now! <fx waves> Brilliant news from Lotus - really pleased! Just need to raise enough for a new Esprit now! Iain
  18. I can recommend this wholeheartedly - they used my Turbo Esprit at the beginning of their Esprit feature and it was a hassle free and very worthwhile experience. Great bunch of people too! Iain
  19. <deleted> Original response deleted as it may offend. Iain
  20. Erm... Is there an emoticon for sheepishly embarrased Bibs? OK - yes - first time I try and post in yonks and it's like extracting blood from stone - so hence my rather unfair post - symptom of frustration... But I have been putting off posting since the re-vamp 'cos it did put me off - all corporate all of a sudden and diluting the essence of Esprit community (I know - I'm sad and conventional!). If you're going to have to source better hosting I'd better let the moths out of my wallet and chip in - is membership still on same format as before? Iain
  21. Or is anyone else bogged off with new format and lack of 'performance'? Haven't bothered posting for ages 'cos I've either dived in all positive - then lost will to live - and then, when I do post - the site is so flaky that, well, perhaps I'll just get my coat... I know - I'm prolly being really unfair - but preferred this when it was an Esprit only focus (even tho I do have another Lotus). Iain
  22. Ouch!!!! Iain
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