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  1. Thanks for kind words guys... Managed another 1.4 hours navigation yesterday - followed by 1.2 hours in an ASK-21 with the RAF Gliding and Soaring Association - and my confidence has grown hugely As to laser surgery - my problem can't be cured with that. When small - because one eye was better than the other my brain trained itself to use the signal from the good eye and ignore the image from the poor - so even with correction - and even though the eye is otherwise perfect - the image is poor. Did find I have better peripheral than I thought... However - I may contact CAA medics ag
  2. As does the tin I bought - next to the chocolate fire guard... Iain
  3. Well - yesterday actually - but too pished to post last night - and it's still making me happy today Ever since I can remember I've stared skyward. Always had a passion for aircraft. Wanted to fly so much it ached... Then - age 16 - RAF said - 'sorry - eyesight no good'... Followed by asking about PPL - told - 'sorry - no way you'll get through medical' (one really good eye - one very poor - even with corrective lenses)... Told basically to give up on the idea. But the passion continued... Few years ago was nagged to have another go and went through the JAR medical -
  4. Bl**dy amateurs Elise now at 152000 miles and still going strong - no rebuilds or head gaskets. As said earlier - gentle warm ups pay dividends - oh - and regular use! Which is exactly where I'm going wrong with my Esprit - no use! Congrats on the 100K miles! Iain
  5. Yup - very positive interview IMHO - and nice to see that the media seem to have latched onto the Lotus F1 announcement in a very positive way... Even work colleagues are talking about it Iain
  6. Absolutely BRILLIANT news - all the inspiration I need to start following F1 again Big thank you to MJK from this Lotus nut! Iain
  7. Great to see coming the other way (I was in my Yellow Elise) - think it was an Essex Made my day! Iain
  8. Ta! Passing message to sister now! Iain
  9. Cheers Kimbers... I think my sister has booked us into Holiday Inn on the Ipswich Road?? Iain
  10. Thanks Andy, We've found somewhere! Norwich seems to be a popular place this w/e - not many rooms available! Iain
  11. Cheers Bibs - they're fully booked! Any others? Iain
  12. Thanks Bibs - much appreciated... Just need something that has clean/comfortable rooms - will only be sleeping there - if that makes sense... May be a bit too posh for what we're looking for... Iain
  13. Hi folks, I know there are a number of forum members from Norfolk - can any of you recommended (and cheap(ish)) hotels within 10 mile radius of Norwich? We're up on Saturday night to visit my father who's just been diagnosed with terminal brain tumor and he's having a big party 'celebrate life' on the Saturday night in Norwich - we normally stay with them - but logistically easier for us to make hotel arrangements... IIRC you guys have used the Wensum before? Wife Anne has Travel Lodge on the list... Any pointers appreciated... Iain
  14. Like others - made me sick seeing that - really glad you're unscathed... Been thinking about a plumbed in system - I may investigate a little further this week! Iain
  15. Hi Dave - really sorry to hear your news - sincere condolences... Iain
  16. Paul, I too am normally a 'keep it original' kinda guy - but I'm blown away by what you've done. Very nice car - and, yes, to my mind it looks like what a Giugiaro Turbo Esprit 'Evoluzione' - or whatever it Lotus would have called such a thing - might have looked. I guess that should really be 'Evolution' for a Brit car I still have weird dreams of mating a V8 chassis with a modded G car body - fortunately funds and lack of time will prolly never support such a project! Oh - and welcome aboard! Iain
  17. 0h dear Simon - is yours beyond hope? Iain
  18. Prolly not the Esprit we looked at then! Cotswolds - would that have been the Chipping Norton show? I remember talking to you - well done on coming back to the fold! Just need to get mine back on the road now! Iain
  19. But surely if a copper is bent - he doesn't need to see a car, or reg plate - just do a search on the database for relevant makes/models... Me - I'm a non fuzzed number plate - and proud! Did have a mate with a Sierra that got cloned though - an identical car with his plates was being used on Bank Jobs in London over a two year period - caused no end of problems!! Iain
  20. Hmmm... Any record of that car living in the Southampton/Portsmouth area of the world in recent years? Looked at a car just like that a few years ago with a friend who bought another car - it also had the window frames sprayed red... Iain
  21. Not sure what mode (Stevens shape)l - I was heading opposite direction into the sun in yellow Elise - waved as you passed... Not seen an Esprit in ages - so nice to see the car out and about! Iain
  22. Hiya Jonathan, It's not about witch hunts as far as I'm concerned - it's about people taking responsibility for their own actions - surely? Going back to original post - if I didn't believe I'd been speeding I'd contest it... Iain
  23. What Bibs said... The guy in my rant above was, I believe, charged with failing to declare who was driving - thereby being liable for far lower penalties than if we'd been able to prove it was him at the wheel. Dunno if you could still get away with that - but I guess he had a good brief... However - I suspect failing to declare in this instance probably attracts a lot more trouble than a normal speeding ticket anyway! Iain
  24. That works both ways though... Sh*t that deliberately rammed me on my motorcycle with his Range Rover back in the '90s got away with some *very* serious charges by 'not remembering' who was driving at the time... There were witnesses - but nobody got a clear view of his face... Another three people in the car and they sped off having deposited my bike and me very hard into the kerb - and me getting a lift in an ambulance. Vehicle tracked down half and hour later with warm engine and dent where my handlebars had 'interfered' with his progress - company car. Oh - and just after lunch
  25. Wanted - Web Developer Tring, Hertfordshire Working for a fast-growing email outsourcing and archiving business, you will be part of a team creating web-based applications needed to provide controls and registration services on an extranet. A good knowledge of XHTML and web standards is essential, along with exposure to modern techniques such as AJAX. Clicky Anyone out there? Iain
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