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  1. Good luck with the project - keep us posted! Not that I'm biased - but I have a thing for early Turbo Esprits B) If you need any ref pix let me know - mine is pretty original - bar sunroof... Iain
  2. Iain

    CPC 884Y

    Typical... I get my first 'spotted' and... a. I miss it... and b. It's a 'virtual' spot ;o) Thanks for the 'heads up' though - I suspect it's gonna get repeated a lot ) Iain
  3. Hiya Vin, Obviously a man of very great taste! B) Ditto what others have said re. prices - and also that fact you can get a later 'S' car for similar money (although I'm a dyed in the wool 'G' man myself). Your price range should get you a really nice car - but bear in mind that expensive things can, and do, go wrong - so budget a few k's as contingency. Also echo the comments on higher priced 'G' cars - I've spent
  4. Ditto - about 7 miles 'tother way... Bl**dy inconvenient! Iain
  5. Hi again Mark, Thanks - yes - I'll test the tyre/rim when the weather warms up... Won't pressure go up as the tyre warms? As to Roller - yes - dark red coupe - lovely condition. He was quite chatty - hadn't driven the Roller for 4 months so was running a little lumpy... He comiserated that I lived near Chipping Norton (and a certain Top Gear Colleague) 'Oh, bad luck!' I had to help buddy do some soldering on the aeroplane - so friend Kate got a ride from him in the Roller to other side of airfield to collect pump - and a taxi ride back to our hanger in in his aeroplane.
  6. Hmmm... Didn't check the pressures - just visual - so you may have something there... Just strange the way it seemed to happen suddenly - I'd have expected to notice the handling being off in the previous 60 odd miles if pressure was abnormally low... Mr May was in his classic Rolls - think it was a Corniche - but I'm no Roller expert. His aeroplane is rather nice too - with very apt registration Iain
  7. Iain

    I am Cold

    Bl**dy cold here too (up near Chipping Norton)... If I can pass on some advice to any budding barn conversion owners - don't! I don't know what builder did the original conversion - but insulation doesn't seem to have been a top priority. I guess we're the wrong shape to keep warm - long and thin - running east/west - so when the wind comes in from the North it has 100 odd feet of roof to get underneath.... Oh - and having a boiler that's on it's last legs doesn't help! Brrr... Dunno what outside temp is - but it's bl**dy cold in the house - Anne and I are sleeping in the
  8. Hiya peeps - sorry - long time, no post... Now - interested in thoughts re tyres deflating randomley - 'cos it's got me scratching my head. OK - Took Lottie out Sunday - 60 mile run down to airfield. Tyres fine when I left... Come off slip road to Maidenhead and steering suddenly feels heavy - thought it was just the non-slip coating on the road and continued. Got another half mile - traffic lights change and I have to stop sharply - front left locks (well - it was -2!) and front undertray hits ground! Just around corner from airfield so continue to carpark where I find front
  9. University Challenge?? Anyone else remember Scumbag College? Clicky
  10. Hi Nij, Welcome to the asylum! Got any pix - we like pix! Whereabouts in Warwickshire? Iain
  11. Apparently Colin Chapman said 'Simplify and add diamonds'
  12. 46 here too... And, yes, some Chinese manufacturers I've never heard of!! Iain
  13. Hmmm... LEF run to Birmingham this weekend anyone?
  14. Hey - that's Lotties l/h drive evil twin! :P Thanks for link!
  15. Hiya Mark, Mods aside - it does look to be in lovely condition Good luck! Iain
  16. If it's a 'genuine original UK car' - why has it got a Turbo body kit??
  17. Photo's you say... May be just a few! I normally take hundreds - plus this year I'm going to do some video - will post here when they go live. Last years can be found here (these are all around my main interest of 1:32 aircraft - but I'll capture more this year): '07 Competition '07 Club Stands Have fun! Iain
  18. Hmmm... Infamous would be a better description... Methinks they're finding it hard to shift. As a donator to the 'cause' I find this hard enough to stomach... If I'd been one of that great team that did all the work, well, words fail me...
  19. Iain

    WELL ?

    Personally I'm delighted... I'm sure I'm not alone in my respect for the US waning over the last 10-15 years. I hope Obama will will bring a more intelligent/considered attitude to US foreign policy and help reduce some of the 'tension' and conflict around the world. Iain
  20. Hi folks... Well 45 seconds of 'fame' and I didn't get to see it it on telly! Oh well... Yes - new format. I was told prior to filming that there wouldn't be an interview/test drive - I think the want to concentrate more on the project car in future progs. Have been given a copy of the first half of the programme by the producers - but I'm hoping I might be able to get some more footage of my car from them - we spent all day filming... Have fun! Iain
  21. We have a '96 V8 Discovery that was converted before we bought her 6 years ago... As has been said - consumption a little worse than petrol due to lower calorific value. Performace - when tanks are full - not a lot of difference. But, as the gas level drops off - then so does performance. We bought her at 40k miles - she's now done 110k - no real problems apart from the odd backfire if you switch to gas too early before she's warmed up. This is partly a function of it being a fairly old gas unit - later ones are better and also more efficient. A flame trap/arrest is normally fitted on
  22. Hi gang... Well - I put some feelers out and here is a response from a very knowledgeable source - a model maker in the US named Bill Bosworth: Hi Iain, The Monogram kit (2798) was a Turbo Esprit (US market) left hand drive car. I believe Hasegawa did do a right hand drive version for their home market and may have tooled a new dash (only) basing the rest on the Monogram pieces. I'll check my old Hasegawa catalogs and get back to you. They (Hasegawa/Monogram) had trade/distribution agreements back then. I don't think your photo attachment has been reversed. The Monogram kit is one
  23. Good piece of viral 'watch out for motorcycles' video... Got my attention! Clicky
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