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  1. Thanks all for your input... My purchase has, in the end, been dictated by an accidental spotting in Kidlington Sainsbury's last night when calling in for my Friday evening bottle of plonk whilst on the way home. Well - spotted in the electrical section (which I never normally look in) was an empty compartment labeled 'Sony Camcorder'
  2. Bl**dy H*ll... I had one of those - the 2 litre version, 1979, Red... Bought cheap -
  3. Hi Atle, Pity - perhaps next year? Love your ship models - I'm just plucking up courage to start my Trumpeter HMS Hood with the White Ensign photo etch - then I have the Nimitz with lots of brass in the to do pile... Oh - but I am making slow progress on Revells 1:72 Type VII U-Boat - just opening up all the vents in the hull at present. Happy modelling! Iain Visit My Website
  4. Hiya, Well - I just realised you're right - original kit just a Turbo IIRC... It's always possible to make the relevant parts to convert it to an SE - nothing some basic modelling (and possibly casting if others were interested...) Yup - will let you know about the Hasegawa connection... Iain Visit My Website
  5. Wish I still lived in those parts... My father lives on Sprowston road still
  6. If anyone's going I'll have my usual stand for the weekend and happy to meet up for a beer! For anyone that's never been - if you want to see some of the best scale models in the world you should come and visit. Real works of art - especially on the competition tables. Lots and lots of trade stands for retail therapy and I believe Mat Irvine (the special effects models guy) will have the original Doctor Who K9 at the show...
  7. Hi Jamie, Strongly suspect that's the Monogram kit re-boxed for the Japan ese Market - something that Hasegawa and Tamiya do a lot. I'll put out some feelers and confirm... EDIT - Yes Monogram kit was originally a Turbo: On Ebay at present! Clicky! Iain
  8. Edit - image removed to respect their copyright... Me rather likes this! Watch the vid - looks amazing! Clicky here...
  9. Thanks JB! Haven't heard of AIPTEK before now (wanders off to have a lookie..) Have been looking at the Panasonic SDR-H40 this afternoon... Russell - thanks for input - Sony also on my list atm... Iain
  10. And, I strongly suspect, more cheaply owing to economies of scale... As to the V8 in my Elise - YES please We'll - they did it with the GT1 racers...
  11. Thanks, But HD probably beyond my budget atm... I would like top get into editing the stuff - already have a copy of Final Cut Express for the Mac - so would like to be able to have a play... Iain
  12. Ooooh... Whisky... Me *likes* Whisky: Bit of a Western Isles man in my tastes - strong and full of flavour - if not generally as smoth as the Speyside malts... My faves? 1. Bunnahabhain 2. Caol Ila 3. Lagavulin 4. Talisker 5. Laphroaig Used to think single malts was all snobbery and affectation - but no - each has their own distinct character... Hmmm - no such thing as a bad whisky? Depends on whether you regard that cr*p Bells rubbish as whisky I guess! Iain
  13. Hi folks, Bit of a video noob here - want to get a video camera to record my 18 month old growing up (which seems to be happening really fast now!). I'm pretty up to speed in the stills camera world - but video seems to come in all shapes, sizes and formats! Anyone have any recommendations? Image quality prolly most important - but also budgets limited... Any help appreciated!! Iain
  14. Nice sidecar outfit you have there Mark - very impressive! What engine? CBR900? 1100? Never had the b*lls to have a go in one of those...
  15. Eric - can't speak for Owen's - but there is the Airfix model kit... Airfix kit at Hannants
  16. Always used the pump the brake pedal route on my cars and bikes - has worked every time and is the simplest as everything is already connected and ready to go! <embarrassed> I can remember my fronts seizing after a two year stint sat in the garage - drove down to the garage - though something 'wasn't quite right' - and spotted smoke coming off the brakes! </embarrassed> Iain
  17. Well - I have a draft copy of part one (my car is in it at the beginning - a days filming for 45 secs in the programme!) B) Haven't seen part two - but part one is *very* positive about the Esprit - apart from the fact that Ed doesn't fit in there! The production company - Attaboy - are a great bunch and I've kept in touch as we've been discussing some non-car ideas for the future... Iain
  18. Iain

    Car show!

    Not a million miles from me - I'm in! Good lad - very enterprising...
  19. Hi there... I have a '99 Elise (140,000 miles - 224,000km!) and swopped to EBC discs at around 45k miles. They give better feel IMHO (using EBC Green pads) and have lasted way longer than the original Lotus discs... Iain
  20. Hi Dean, Great news that you've decided to put her back together - am amazed at the progress you seem to be making! If you do have time pictures would be great - for reference purposes you can never have too many pictures of Esprits in bitz Iain
  21. Welcome aboard - you'll find the natives very friendly! As has been said - feel free to post some pix of your car - we'd love to see Iain
  22. Happy Birthday LEF! Sorry I missed it at the beginning - I was on all the old Esprit mailing lists and completely missed LEFs birth as my car was in deep 'open wallet surgery' at the time... Only discovered as Lottie was nearing her re-birth - and wished I'd found LEF earlier... Bibs - great resource, great community spirit... Having run similar things, albeit on a far smaller scale, I understand the work that must be involved - well done Bibs - and all the mods... You ARE appreciated
  23. Iain

    Bigsi's new car

    Thanks for posting this Bibs... Have to admit I felt very uneasy about what was happening. I feel (like I'm sure many do) disappointed... But long may the spirit of these forums continue - they are a special place.
  24. Hi again Ambrose - what are the cylinder bores like? It could well be that it won't need major work - apart from head skim. Crankshaft endfloat and bearings worth checking - but if within tolerances... New oil seals/gaskets an imperative - but bearings/liners/crank may all be fine... May be worth replacing some of the ancilliaries whilst engine out - water and oil pumps for instance. Iain
  25. Hi folks, Thanks for the replies! Here's a little more info - and, yes, Beta Test places still available! With regards to what happens if something breaks at our end - well - the system architecture is designed in such a way that pretty well the only way you'd lose your data is if someone placed a bomb directly under the servers! As MessageBunker is hosted in a former USAF Nuclear Bunker down at Greenham Common - now a data centre run by The Bunker - it should be pretty safe... B) I'm not a techie - but I'm told it's all pretty impressive stuff! I'm archiving my home mail
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