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  1. Thanks for link - hadn't seen that...

    What does anyone think to the asking price on that, given the mileage?

    213,000 - £8,490

    You've just - randomly - sent me off looking at '60s Europas on Ebay Barry - you're a bad influence!

    Must get Esprit recommissioned and *not* get sidetracked.



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  2. 48 minutes ago, PaulCP said:

    Shame about the record but maybe some weren’t aware of the requirements of maintaining 15mph with a small gap.

    I watched it from the grandstand and saw a few, who were a very small minority :angry:, slow up to create a large enough gap in front of them so that they could accelerate hard in 2nd and listed to their exhaust.🎂

    There were certainly some of the later arrivals, at the back of the pack, that weren't aware that it was a record attempt and just thought it was a series of parade laps - they didn't get copies of the handouts that we were given when we arrived (both about the Record and the 'Contact me' sheet').

    The accelerating/breaking was annoying - we were desperately trying to stay as close as we could to the gorgeous Mk 1 Exige in front of us - but it was obvious that some weren't fully 'briefed'.

    But, record aside, it *was* brilliant to be going around the track with so many other Lotus cars...

    As others have mentioned, signs said 'see you next year' - so perhaps another try - with clearer briefing notes to drivers?


  3. Looking to put my '83 Turbo back on the road next year...

    Unfortunately, after spending a lot of money on her 2005/6/7 I drove her for a couple of years (<1k miles) - but she's been laid up in my garage for nearly 9 years.

    She needs a C Service (I'm not brave/competent enough to even attempt a cam belt change) and general going over/reconditioning.

    Have used Steve at SJ Sportscars in the past - but a fair trek to get the car transported - anyone recommend anywhere?

    Someone I know suggested Esprit Engineering in Downton, Wiltshire - anyone else used them/recommend?

    Other recommendations?

    We're out near Chipping Norton in West Oxfordshire...


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