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  1. RedS4 my door lock/unlock problem persisted intermittently until I finally ended up taking it to a mechanic who had to replace several components of the locking system in the door. My local Lotus dealer originally inspected the problem and came back with a quote of almost $1,500. My mechanic ended up doing it for around $900. It was a very annoying problem because my key fob would only unlock the passenger door so I would have to climb in the passenger side, manually unlock the driver's door and then get in the driver side.
  2. Thanks everyone for your helpful info. After leaving the car for just 7 days, again it wouldn't start, meh! I ended up replacing the battery and after a few starts all the warning lights have gone away except the airbag. Next time it goes in for servicing I'll get them to clear it.
  3. Thanks for your info on what the symbols mean and about using an OBD reader/scanner. I was thinking to get this: but I'm not sure if it will work with my Evora S. I checked the compatible cars list on their site but Lotus isn't listed. I've sent them a message, so we'll see if they respond. Also, Fasteddie posted this in April 2016: "I've got an OBD dongle with WiFi and dashCommand for the iPhone but it won't read my ABS fault code or reset the airbag light I've had on since the battery was replaced. What am I doing wrong? Do I need a different reader?" Another user replied: "On the Elise platform the ABS was controlled by a separate ABS ECU, that had to be talked to with the Lotus Tech2 tool. I would assume it's the same on the Evora. So your regular OBD2 connection isn't going to cut it." Anyone have any experience with this? If the OBD reader won't read or reset the airbag fault code do you think it's worthwhile getting one? It's only $39 so not too bad.
  4. Thanks for your replies. According to the NRMA tech, the battery still had quite a bit of charge - just not enough to start the engine. When starting the car and driving for the second time, the speedo and rpm gauges are now fine. However, since doing the jump start there two warning lights appear on the dash that were not there before. I've tried to find what they mean with Google search but no joy - anyone know what these warning symbols mean?
  5. I was away for two weeks and when I tried to start my Evora there was not enough charge in the battery to start the car. This has happened before. As I had previously done, I called the NRMA and they connected a power bank and I was able to start the car again. I took it for a drive to charge the battery and as I was driving I realized the speedometer was reading 120 kmh even when stopped, and the RPM shows 4,500 when the engine is at idle. And there are some other lights showing that weren't on before. Has anyone experienced this before? Any ideas what's causing this or how to trouble shoot it?
  6. thanks for your feedback Bibs. what are the "pins"? do I need to take the door apart? are they easy to get to? I'm pretty sure its 2013, but could be 2014 model.
  7. About a year ago I purchased a Lotus Evora S 6sp 3.5L SC in Australia. The car drives well and I'm very happy with it. But I have a problem with the central locking system. When I press the button on the key fob to lock the car, both doors lock as expected. But when I press the button to unlock, only the passenger door side unlocks. One press should unlock the driver door and another press should unlock the passenger door. It doesn't matter how many times I press the button the driver door remains locked. Occasionally, about 1 in 10 times it actually works correctly - the first press unlocks the driver's door & second press unlocks the passenger's door. Anyone experience this problem or know what's causing it? Is it more likely the solenoid/actuator, or am I likely looking at replacing the whole central locking system control unit? Also any advice on how to access and check the actuator.
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