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  1. That's one of the reasons I'm here if I'm honest. It's too hard for me to price. I've seen really rough projects for 2-3k, but no idea if they sell for that - or at all! My gut when I saw the car was that it was 4-5k, but without having it running and driving it's harder to guesstimate... and I could still be way off.
  2. I'll not be keeping it as I've got too many projects and an obligation to shift it! I've done cambelts before, but it's not the kind of thing I really wanted to do before offering it up. It might make sense given it's otherwise an unknown engine and box.
  3. I've got a pile of receipts from GST an inch high, so I'm pretty sure he will! There's a very extensive history along with what appears to be every MOT since new. I'll gets folder and put everything in chronological order.
  4. Managed across today to get some pictures. No bucket, sponge or hoover, so it's sitting as it has since roughly late 2015/early 2016 (i think). I took across what i thought was a fresh battery, but it turns out it wasn't, so i couldn't check electrics or see what worked and didn't work. The headlining has collapsed, the passenger door handle is broken, the carpet is faded and everything needs a good clean. Yes, that's rice on the front seat..
  5. noted! Thanks. I'll hopefully get a chance to go over and take another look at it over the weekend and get some pictures. I'll post them here in case there's interest or suggestions for things to look at more closely. It's not at my house, but if i decide to try and get it running then I could get it here, it isn't far. Desperately trying to avoid another project though!
  6. Thanks. I assume you mean accessory rather than timing? (haven't checked to see if these have chains or belts!). I don't have any pictures handy, but will get some now that I've cleared some space to work on it if required.
  7. Hi all, I stumbled upon this forum while trying to research some info. I have inherited a 1987 Excel which has been sitting unloved for 5-6 years. Prior to that i know it had been owned by an enthusiast active in the Lotus community, and i do believe it ran and drove well before it was parked up. I am not a classic car novice, but i know nothing about the Lotus and have enough projects of my own to be getting on with, so i intend to sell it. Given it has been sitting for so long i was going to go across to blow out/replace the fuel lines, dump out anything in the tank and replace with fresh fuel and a fresh battery to see what i have. I expect bushes will need replaced, brakes etc. I had thought about getting it ready for an MOT to increase it's value, but i appreciate someone that knows what they are buying might prefer i left well alone. At first glance i know the obvious brakes, lines, battery etc will all need done. The paint has faded now and some of the interior trim appears to have come unstuck! How would i go about putting a value on the car for sale, and should i make a stab at getting it roadworthy first? I expect there's a small market for these cars, but i think my mother-in-law would like it off her drive! Thanks for any advice
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