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  1. To be fair, us Europeans are having a nice time in Europe, also because of exploitation of countries that refugees are now feeling from. It's a cruel world and most of us here prettymuch won the roulette of life, which means white person born in Europe. If life was a game, we started on "Extra easy" difficutly level. And complain because people with no such luck are now trying to survive this game. This nice life was also by many lifes in these countries, so saying "paid by someone else" is not exactly fair judgement.
  2. Check out this thread of Kev doing some very nice looking seat rails for Exige. I also want to avoid Tillets, at least for some time.
  3. I've inquired with dealer again for my Exige. Original build date was sometimes mid-June, then it was pushed to July, now pushed to week 2 of August. Add few weeks for delivery and we are talking early September. In the other thread we were talking about late slots might getting cancelled, while I don't belive this will happen, there might just be some Eliges with built date in 2022 as it looks now.
  4. I also think it makes economic sense, however it also makes few really pissed off customers. I know if this happened to me (buying first Lotus), I wouldn't try to buy another car from them ever again. Well, maybe if they offered me discounted Emira as "sorry", I would think about it. Thankfully my car should finish production any day now, if it hasn't already.
  5. Yeah, but Red Bull getting one point is the same as Mercedes not getting a point in terms of constructors championship. He prettymuch just traded his point for one point less of Hamilton in Ham/Ver battle for championship. It didn't change Mercedes/RB score at all.
  6. Somebody keyed my GT86 few years back... just plain silly.. I'm a bit paranoid that it will happen to my Exige aswell, as it willl stand out even more.
  7. @jimichanga I don't know if they built more 390 than 420/430, but in Italy/Germany 420 and 430 got sold out immediately. While you can get still few 390s in each country.
  8. I also don't regret the decision, while I love the looks of Emira and I think I would drive it probably more than Exige. But if I wanted car like that I would probably buy Cayman before Emira was even announced. Man, I would regret that decision now
  9. Lovely car and some fabulous brackets. Does anyone know if carbon seats are mounted same way as standard seats in 350/390?
  10. Inversed

    Lotus Emira

    Some videos (Rory @ AutoTrades) say that I4 is the more powerful engine at 400hp, while V6 is 360hp. Interesting.
  11. I'll take that one for the team if necessary
  12. Amazing Fire Red look Matt, love it! I've just got news that there is 3-4 week delay in production, which means mid-august for me now.
  13. That's way sooner than I expected. I wonder if there would be announcement when they actually finish, with pictures of few last ones. I wonder if we will be getting final number count.
  14. Is production ending already for all models?
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