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  1. That doesn't look promising. I wonder if Lotus will have any interest in updating FE dash in future. At least rear camera would be nice to have. Or option to flash it to AiM.. which looks awful (UI wise), but has loads of nice features.
  2. Cant wait to see pictures of that car, it's going to look crazy (plum). When did you get info about build week? Mine is also scheduled for next week, I wouldn't be surprised if there would be another delay thou. I'll ping my dealer early next week to get some info.
  3. 390 Solid Yellow - no black pack. I was deciding purely based on configurator at that time. Preferable colors would be Vivid Green (extra costly on 390) and I would probably go for Daytona Blue if I were to chose again. I just worry that the paint is going to be too plain, however I had solid red colored car now (Gt86) and I didn't mind the color too much. But now when I see these fancy metallic/pearl ones on these forums I wonder if solid yellow will be lacking some sofistication.
  4. My only regret is when they asked me if I want to take delivery in June or July (they had 2 slots), I said July would be perfect, June is a bit too soon to get things organized. Turns out I would have a car by now already if I opted for June one. I'm still massively looking forward to the day I go pick it up, no regrets. I might regret a color choice, but it's hard to say until I pick it up really. Gonna love it anyway.
  5. Question for 390 FE owners. Is anywhere in owners manual or inside door sill or anywhere in general stated that the car can be fitted with 420/430 CUP (215/45 + 285/30) tires.? Mainly asking because my car will be going through homologation when imported to country and this stuff needs to be in homologation to legally run those tires.
  6. I think prices are similar everywhere, these custom options are just bit overpriced. Metallic colors would be also around 1k here. Attention will be horrid anyways, I think it could be only Exige in a country. Sadly you can't get sticker for rear transom as its apparently painted, you can only get paint mask.
  7. Interesting details on passanger seats, didn't think that was the case. I only knew they are fixed anyway. I decided on Solid Yellow, just based on configurator looks (no black pack, gonna wrap rear transom). I was a bit rushed when I was deciding, I should've googled some colors beforehand. I would probably go for Daytona Blue if I had to pick again, it looks horrible in confgurator, but amazing on photos. I also loved Vivid Green, but it was 5k€, because it's not standard for 390. I just worry it's going to be a bit to plain, however I loved the solid color look on my GT86. I'm just overthinking it I'm sure I'll love it when I see it.
  8. Nice job on all three fronts! Now that you are happy with brackets, will you fit them also on passenger seat so you have matching seat heights? Also.. damn that metallic gray, looks better with each picture you post!
  9. Another 1 month delay here.. promised build date was June at start, now late September. They really seem to have a lot of issues with parts supply.
  10. That thread is very narrow.. something really weird going on there. Would it be possible that current batch of PS4 are wrongly dimensioned? Quite crazy thing to happen, but that doesn't seem too safe. I wonder if anyone with 420/430 FE can measure their fronts if those differ by 1 cm or 3cm.
  11. If official PPF is being offered, then you should hopefully find what parts are covered in this diagram:
  12. Is there any specific reason why would someone go for FE dash instead of AIM? FE dash seems to miss quite a bit of features... I would love rear-cam compatiblity or lap-timer.
  13. Thanks for info, I'm still waiting on car and I'm just overthinking everything, I probably won't even put harness bar in. I'm also 6ft3 with "optimal" inseam.. we'll see how I fit when I get it. I drove once elise in my life for 15 minutes and that's all experience I had in a Lotus. I honestly don't even remember how well I fitted in it. Your rails give me some hope for a comfortable fit.
  14. Fight for what? You are born into a country under occupation, you have never experienced freedom, your parents have never experienced freedom. You don't know what freedom looks like, you have no clue. Even if you fight, you don't know what are you fighting for. You just know you don't like it here, you flee. You don't go into war which probably got half of your relatives killed anyways. It's nice to judge from afar, looking at wikipage about Afghanistans history.
  15. That's great news, I hope switch on mine will also be possible to fit. I'm also happy to hear that speakers come installed even thou no radio was ordered.
  16. Nice updates Kev. I see you went to town with lowering seat, great job. 4.6cm is huge... but then 6.6 I'm not sure I would see over dashboard. Harness bar probably can't be installed when seat is tilted, right?
  17. Ceramic coating helps keeping car clean, while PPF keeps rock chips away hopefully. They complement each other well.
  18. I get that nowadays in covid times or other issues, but I meant if everything goes alright.
  19. Looking venomous! I'm curious, how long does it take Lotus to assemble one Elise/Exige?
  20. No, you can find it as option in official configurator.
  21. I'm envious of people who can have sun-cover on their Exige. It would cover my whole field of view I love vivid green!
  22. I know you plan to get 2 Emiras, but why wouldn't you go for luxury Emira + track focused Exige. I think that would make switching from car to car a lot more interesting experience. Go for it! 😈
  23. To be fair, us Europeans are having a nice time in Europe, also because of exploitation of countries that refugees are now feeling from. It's a cruel world and most of us here prettymuch won the roulette of life, which means white person born in Europe. If life was a game, we started on "Extra easy" difficutly level. And complain because people with no such luck are now trying to survive this game. This nice life was also by many lifes in these countries, so saying "paid by someone else" is not exactly fair judgement.
  24. Check out this thread of Kev doing some very nice looking seat rails for Exige. I also want to avoid Tillets, at least for some time.
  25. I've inquired with dealer again for my Exige. Original build date was sometimes mid-June, then it was pushed to July, now pushed to week 2 of August. Add few weeks for delivery and we are talking early September. In the other thread we were talking about late slots might getting cancelled, while I don't belive this will happen, there might just be some Eliges with built date in 2022 as it looks now.
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