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  1. @HXT there has already been debate around this plug. We think Lotus used many different remaining parts to finish Final editions, thus every one is a bit different. Luckily for you, there is very simple way to check you car. Remove lower wheel shroud (4 screws) and look under dash. On my car and most of them there is loose wire with connector clearly labeled Exhaust Valve or something like that shortened. It's on the left side on my car, but my car is LHD and might differ. While you car is started, use bit of wire or something conductable to create a short contact between only two pins in there. The car dash should show text EX.OPEN or EX.SHUT bottom center with blue coloring. If it does that, you are in luck and you should order button part (60€) and install it there same way. I think you have around 50% chance it works, I'm one of lucky ones on my 390.
  2. @Jedifar do contact them and ask for export prices. I believe those pricese are with French road tax, which is quite big. However I don't think you can find 430 Cup for less than 120k€ (VAT excluded).
  3. I want to check my FE for harness holes, where are they located exactly? Any photos?
  4. I cannot say exactly for 350 as I own 390. I've noticed significantly highier idle revs aswell, rev limit is same as sport mode for me.
  5. First FE front splitter damaged? 2 bumps on right side, one might be mostly PPF, other is deeper. Made an error on track, after hitting grass three turns before I pushed too much on fast corner, overcorrected a bit and went on grass again. Front splitter hit some small stones probably, could have been worse. It's a track toy, I want to push it and expect these stuff to happen so no issue here. However as this is only carbon part on my car I was thinking of replacing it with non-carbon splitter for tracking. Any ideas where to get them from?
  6. Just update on this issue: I went on track this saturday and issue fixed itself. I guess the car just had abstinence crisis from track. Now I don't trust the system anymore, I hope Aim updates dash, so camera will be an option soon.
  7. After a sprited drive a week ago I almost reversed into parking garage wall because the parking sensor didn't engage. I distinctly remember it working during the drive when I was making 3-point turn. Usually there is a beep when you put it reverse, that is gone. Took car few times out since, still not working. Any ideas? Car is 390 FE. Official service is 250km away, if possible I would love to fix it before I take car there next year.
  8. I guess that would apply to 390 FE aswell right? I have FE forged wheels and I plan to swap to bigger tire size (410,430) for track. Fitting 285 rear and 215 front.
  9. There was a photographer on track last weekend which asked me if he can so quick photoshot with my car, here are the results. Quite amazing, just a tad too much bloom for me It was just after I was done with sessions, so excuse some rubber buildup
  10. Somebody needs to finance this. It's Lotus which should support their products for decent time after shipping them. Shouldn't forget about their customers. What message is Lotus sending to future Lotus owners if they never update the software... AiM shouldn't be blamed for this, dash is Lotus product, no matter which company actually coded it and provides it.
  11. I'm glad you are getting it sorted and there is also some interesting news for FE dash owners. Thanks for the update, I'm looking forward to FE dash upgrade if possible, I really want rear camera and few updates to shift lights would be welcome.
  12. I just looked at my track data again, I'm hitting 6800-7000 rpm regularly in Sport mode. I know Tour is a bit toned down, limiter is probably in the range you are noticing it kicking it in ~6600. Which mode are you testing in? The shift lights are really stupidly setup. The come on almost at same time way too late, I would love it if Lotus gives us way to adjust them, like people can on AiM branded dashes. Edit: I'm driving 390
  13. I think other driver needs at the track day needs to add his input here, he is on forums. I drove 40 laps in total, went to gas station after 30ish. He was out of fuel after 35. 35 laps approximates to 140 race kilometers, which I think is about normal. If you say 15% drop is normal in 7 laps, that would mean you can do 46 laps * 4.4km = ~200 race kilometers. Ofcourse it depends on track type aswell, this one is quite fast flowing, 2 times over 220kmh, never under 100.
  14. So I did look into the last stint + drive to petrol station and data is quite worrying. Here is a snippet of 7 laps, track lenght is 4.1km (time around 1:45). And then last long part is very chill drive to petrol station, also around 4km away. ECU FUEL LEV before lap1 was 37%, exiting track 23% and at gas station 4%. This prettymuch corellates with what I described in previous post. To answer Paul_D-s comment, there is no % view option on FE dash.
  15. I will cross reference AiM dump to what I know was visible state to see if display is heavily damped.
  16. I would offer a word of advice for those who plan to take their Final Editions on track. I don't know if MX2E dash or analog dash work the same way, but FE fuel indicator is lagging on track A LOT. Nowhere close to any car I've ever tracked. It showed 20% after stint, and I was thinking to do another short one before going to petrol station. Thankfully I decided to go to petrol station, before I even left the track the indicator was on 0%. I think the other FE Exige on track ran out of fuel on track while still showing 20%.
  17. You sir are correct, didn't realise PPS stands for that. And yeah, brake switch is there aswell. Thanks.
  18. Today I've connected laptop to my Lotus FE dash with GPS fitted via Race Studio app. Process is very simple and works really well. I would suggest changing wifi password or turning wifi off every time you are done, otherwise someone can troll you and lock you out of the system by changing password. When GPS09 module is connected car is constantly logging data apparently. "Lap" and also dash timer resets everytime car comes to full stop. I've downloaded few logs to check out what info we get. There is plenty of ECU data which is great, most imporantly: - rpm - vehicle speed - each wheel speed - current steering angle - engine temp - other variables (doors open, light settings, ecu mode, abs light, tc light and much more) Data from GPS: - location - GPS speed - sensor temperature - G-forces - orientation I didn't find % for throttle/brake application, probably not available. Here is a screenshot from random city drive today.
  19. I don't want to open separate thread for this, so I will just post some progress on my car here. As stickers got removed when they applied PPF, I had custom ordered new ones. I didn't like color mess on these side stickers, there was white, black and red on a yellow/black car. Dan from Divine Handcraft did an amazing job. Applying them was a bit of PITA due to small parts, but in the end it worked out. He also made rear SPORT text in black, to replace red one, but I haven't gotten to that part yet. If anyone wants them, feel free to message Dan. It should be cheaper for others as design is done now
  20. I did installation today + I have raised steering wheel for about 1.5cm (3 washers). I needed to sand some of top shroud part off for raise not to rub. It's a lot better. About GPS module, quite easy install, tricky part is removing binnacle. It just needs a good pull, a bit scary when you are doing it first time. I tightened up GPS module well with fingers, nothing really dramatic. Plugged it in while everything was still apart, it worked straight away. Track & GPS menu is selectable, looks like all tracks are already imported, but I'll have to delete most as they don't get sorted by proximity - quite silly. There There is notification about GPS signal quality always on dash. You can also enable Timer on dash, which shows lap number and time. If track is not selected, it still works. It just resets everytime car stops. Haven't tested it on track yet - there is trackday coming up next weekend.
  21. I paid for oil/filters, labor was free.
  22. I don't know where sound insulation is installed, I don't mind engine sound a bit. Road noise is where I could se improvements done. However it could be argued that I'm driving too slow, if I'm hearing road noise instead of engine
  23. Sadly haven't gotten to it yet, my car was on run-in service few days ago and I didn't want to poke too much into car before it passed that. Hopefully I manage to do it in following weeks.
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