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  1. I'm quite tall, 189cm. When I sit normally in a comfortable driving position there is only one finger of space between my leg and steering wheel on the left (window side), while there is 3 fingers of space on the right. It doesn't bother me while driving, but it's a thing that I noticed. The seats are a bit wide, so I found myself moving to the left a bit. I never had to do that in any previous car. I think mostly my height is the issue here. I think it will be helpful when I drop the seat down a bit, I already have Tactical Lizards's rails at home.
  2. Very special day for me, it took long time and weather was hoooooorible for the first drive, but I just can't stop smiling. At dealership they made the experience really nice and I can't thank them enough for me. They also helped with getting the car on tow truck, which would be scary as hell for me as I haven't ever driven an Exige or ever seen one in my life prior to today. I've been vocal on these forums about being worried about my color choice, I don't have any regrets now, I've seen Daytona Blue and Vivid Green there - I like them, but I love the yellow! Stuff that surprised me: - It's a lot easier to get in and out than I thought it will be (I'm in my early 30s however ) - Seats are quite hard and wheel is noticable off-center - TFT screen is tiny.. it's big enough, just I didn't expect it. - The shifter click in soooo satisfying - Car feels very quick (not really a surprise) - Car is less spartan than I thought, it's quite a pleasant ride when you don't want a thrill. Even my gf said that - The cold-start roar!
  3. Now that you have mentioned... i also want a headless unit that fits under radio blanking plate.
  4. Looks like my car will be ready next week for pickup, Lotus factory has sent new non-blackpack parts and they are being these days. Do you have any beginner advices for new owner? It's going to be my first Lotus (I've only driven one Elise few years ago, I've never seen Exige in real life). It's going to be my first >200hp car. Sadly it's going to be parked in public, but quite empty and secure parking garage till the house gets finished (approx 1 year). I bought a cover for it (Stormforce). How is battery management during winter? I'm going to drive it winter a bit, but only with nice weather and when there is not too much salt out there. It's going to get PPFed in first month.
  5. Congrats on that, looks stunning! Liquid yellow right?
  6. I also think there will be plenty 430 FEs, car collectors will love the best and last of Exige/Elises. I wonder whats the split between 390/420/430. I think 420s will be the rarest. @jimichanga just to clarify, 170k€ french cars are listed for that price because france has huge tax on supercars, that 50k€ is prettymuch just co2 tax obligations. In other countries cars were priced normally. When I contacted dealer in Italy for any remaining stock (I found out about FEs few month late) they had only 240,250 and 390s available. I would probably go for 390 anyway, even if there would be 420/430 available.
  7. That AIM Dash on Bradford's 20th is not same as on final-editions. It's official AIM kit
  8. There is few Final Editions out there in unlisted colors. We are all aware of Davids Plum Crazy Exige, but I found out about another two still on sale in France. 420 in Championship Gold: 430 in Airforce Blue What do you think? I really like both ones and I'm also kinda sad that I didn't know more about Lotus colors before specing mine from configurator. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy with my choice, but there is so much more there
  9. 1. If your ECU has this switch supported, then it should be just plug n play. I don't know how to be sure if ECU will accept it. 2. Switch is located behind steering wheel on the left side, check this picture out (far left)
  10. Read through this tread: Some people just pop out the pipe and blank off both ends. Some people pinch it so it completely blocks passage and some people install valves. However in my opinion, the first thing you want to try is installing the "OEM" switch.
  11. It's been three weeks for me since I've received pictures from my mis-specced Exige. Since now I got confirmation that I will receive new parts (not repainted as they firstly suggested and later on figured out they can't do)and I still don't have an approximate date when the issue will be resolved. I want to drive it badly, but I'm willing to wait till it's same as I want. At least I'm getting rear transom in black like I always wanted, but none of the other black-pack parts.
  12. I don't know, I haven't received the car yet. Also I haven't got answer from my dealer about this issue. However there are few people on forum who already have it installed, there is someone who also was told by dealer that it can't be done. Maybe some cars have it, some dont as they could be using old stock from random versions of cars? Hopefully someone can help clearing up the situation.
  13. @ToqcarsApparently it can be easily installed. Switch text is even supported on TFT dash from factory.
  14. Both cars (Sam and David) look amazing. Have fun collecting miles and hopefully without collecting fines
  15. Oh no, why did I google that. Now I want that 420 color coded carbon spoiler! 🤣
  16. I think some people said it's possible and were quoted ~800€ for that "custom option". I wasn't aware of that at time of order, my dealer said everything or nothing when I asked about it.
  17. Teaser image, car was delivered to dealer today. Now I wait to hear from Lotus (via dealer) for answer about how they plan to go around fixing the spec (car was ordered without black pack). I'm not happy with current situation, but mistakes do happen and I believe Lotus will make things right. I already said that rear clam (transom) is fine as is, as that part is probably the most complicated (and expensive) to revert to non-black-pack. What would you insist on, if this happened to you? That yellow is sooooo yellow! I love it.
  18. Yeah that award is hillarious when you think about it. It's a slow year, they will manufacture probably around 700 cars. I don't know what criteria is there to be awarded "manofacturer of the year". Probably a PR stunt mostly. They need to get on peoples radars for Emira/Evija launches next year.
  19. I'm speechless... can't wait for proper photos in sunlight.
  20. @Brendonian can you share which parts (numbers or links) have you ordered?
  21. As you can read in this thread and the other one, there are few of us here who are experiencing same delays. My car was also scheduled for July, but it has been built at the end of September. Whole production got pushed back as a result of global parts shortage. I'm looking forward to you posting your beautiful Daytona Blue Exige when you receive it, I love that color.
  22. @David Standing yeah back panel was ordered in body colour, as they said they couldn't do just that in black. That part can stay, as I actually prefer it in black. As you've said, other parts are bolt-on and probably fixable. We'll see how it goes.
  23. Every other bit of spec is correct (interior stuff aswell, got photo of that aswell). And it's LHD. I doubt they photographed the wrong one sitting there.
  24. It's one of those days, when you get good and bad news together. I got info that my car was completed a week ago and awaing transportation. Car looks amazing, there is just something that bothers me. I ordered non-black-pack version and they built it with black pack. Tomorrow I need to talk to few people and figure out where it went wrong and if they can rectify this. I like the car, but it's just a sour feeling of spending this amount of money on the car and getting something else than you wanted.
  25. Even if Lotus would let AiM add functionality, what would be their incentive to do that? They can just push mx2e's now to final edition owners sadly There is still some hope that Lotus will do something, but I wouldn't count on it.
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