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  1. Same thing always happens. If Emira is better Evora, then Evora will keep falling in value. But when it will get 20-30 year old, it will start getting popular again The latter might work bit differently as we are transitioning away from ICE.
  2. Review like that make me wonder if I will see ordering Exige 390 over Elise 240 as a missed opportunity to own a piece of Lotus perfection at it's core. I just love the cars that make a lot of sense and everyone told me Elise drivetrain is better suited for a car like that. However coming from GT86 I just want something with loads of raw power. I never had car like that and Elise choice seemed as "more of the same". Even thou I drove Elise 220 once and understood that GT86 and Elise are on completely different level. I never drove an Exige, never saw an Exige. Hell... I never drove a 400hp car. I'm so excited for it.
  3. I know based on what people are saying on forums. Some dealers are able to do brake calipers, back pack should be doable by any wrap shop. I don't know about sound insulation and full carpets, I'm also interested as I ordered car without them. And I'm having second thoughts.
  4. I wouldn't say "we" are a dying breed. It's just that general public that wanted an expensive car was forced into race-car style of a car with Ferrari/Lambo and now there and other brands started to offer products more suited for them and less suited for factory test drivers. There will always be certain amount of people who will look for pure sports car. The problem is... can the market keep up supporting our niche, which was in the past sponsored by wider range of people.
  5. While you are checking stuff for us Would you mind measuring lettering on rear transom. I will be wrapping that in vinyl and I need to order font stickers. There are 3 different dimensions orderable (537mm, 550mm and 557mm). And guys at DivineHandcraft also asked if someone can measure character height, so they will have proper template for everyone who will order from them. Looks like you got one of the first ones and will be helping us prepare for our deliveries
  6. @390ja it looks amazing. Bold color choices that worked out brilliantly. I wish you many fun miles.
  7. So people are already receiving them? We want photos Also, can exhaust valve switch be installed easily?
  8. Tyres get harder as years go by. As they get harder they stop sticking and can get really dangerous on wet. I would say that no first world country should allow tyres older than 10 years. If car is staying in garage with consistent temperature, then tyres will degrade slowers. But if car is staying outside and rubber gets exposed to freezing and 30+ temperatures, tyres will get pretty bad in 10 years. However, I want to say that newer tyres seem to hold their composition a lot better.
  9. I think you are missing 7 years of inflation, at normal rate of (2%) that is 15%. So 10k there. And there was a quite huge price hike recently of everything, so we are probably talking at least 20-30% realistic inflation. Add bazillion of ECUs cars now require to meet all safety regulations. And at last, lets not forget that GBP lost 15% compared to EUR due to brexit drama in last few years. You can start to see that 20k price difference for a same car is quite realistic from 2015 to now
  10. Is there any sensible way to lowering seats on FE cars for highier people (I'm 6'3'' - 189cm)? I know about Tillett seats, but I would love if I didn't have to change them.
  11. My dealer told me its not possible to get only transom in black (Exige final). It's probably quite easy to remove that part and wrap it right? Can Lotus letters be removed easily on it?
  12. Maybe only 72 of 92 were sold to UK. Or did CoP reference UK models.
  13. I am starting to wonder how many of S3 Elises/Exiges or Evoras were even built. Is there any estimates what is the ratio of built Elise/Exige/Evora in past few years? What's the percentage of cars sold to UK vs rest of the world? I know they make around 1000-1500 cars per year lately. How many of final versions will they make? I know there is probably not a reliable number out there, but what are your estimates?
  14. I love travelling with a car, here is my 8 month trip from Slovenia over Iran to Kyrgyzstan. Did 28.000km and mostly slept in a 1991 Defender wild-camping. Here is me on Pamir highway
  15. If you are looking for one outside UK you should contact some dealers around, I think Lotus Italy have at least one available.
  16. Inversed

    Morse Code...

    Heh.. I'm scheduled to get vacination 10min before reveal. Coincidence?
  17. Credentials are probably for media to get early access and prepare articles that will be posted tomorrow when embargo is probably lifted.
  18. Oh that's quick, you will get one of the first ones at it seems. Metallic Gray is such an awesome color.
  19. Congrats mr.par. Would you mind sharing what kind of spec are you getting and what you wanted? Getting it soon?
  20. I'm so excited for my 390 FE. I've spent days looking at all elise/exige videos on youtube already It's going to be my first Lotus (coming from GT86). It's going to be a big step up in engine power. How is everyone holding their excitement down? Would you say that 390 FE will be least popular choice of all final editions? How many do you think they will produce? They probably wont number them and final count will remain unknown? Total count on TLF as far as I've seen is (sorted by estimated delivery): - Solid Yellow RHD in April for ShodanJAB - Fire Red LHD in May for TTim - Fire Red RHD in June for Matt - Daytona Blue in July for delta3 - Solid Yellow LHD in July for Inversed - Fire Red RHD in August for Matthew - ??? in ??? for DangerousDave
  21. To be honest I don't expect Lotus to make such a silly cars as Elise/Exige were. This Evija design is not my favourite. It will probably be faster, but I expect them to be a little less spartan and raw and at least 100kg heavier. 390 FE will be my first Lotus and I think I will enjoy the hell out of it.
  22. Please don't let me regret putting deposit down for FE 390 today
  23. That color is gorgeous, I wonder why they didn't include it in final edition options. I would probably prefer this to yellow.
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